The White German Shepherd

White German Shepherd Dog The Happy Puppy Site Mar , What can you expect from a white German Shepherd s looks, besides a sea of snowy white fur A solid white German Shepherd adult dog can range in weight from to pounds, with adult males outweighing adult females As adults, the white GSD will stand anywhere from inches to inches high at the shoulder. German Translation of white Collins English German German translation of white What is an emphasizer An emphasizer is a type of word commonly u

In the Absence of Horses

In the absence of Idioms by The Free Dictionary In the absence of familiar cues, including the artist s previous work, we are tugged between gut reactions of amusement, disgust, pleasure, and a critical objectivity with respect to the bizarre narrative direction in which Dunham is taking us. In absence of someone, WordReference Forums May , In Mark s absence tends to mean he s not here right now During Mark s absence could mean the same thing, but it can also be said while he s standing right