Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage With an unplanned baby on the way a newly wed daughter whose marriage is already in trouble a teenager who won t eat and doesn t think there s anything wrong with her and hiding secrets from each

  • Title: Love and Marriage
  • Author: Patricia Scanlan
  • ISBN: 9781848270701
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With an unplanned baby on the way, a newly wed daughter whose marriage is already in trouble, a teenager who won t eat and doesn t think there s anything wrong with her, and, hiding secrets from each other, Barry and Aimee are on a rocky road When love flies in the window ex wives can cause a lot of trouble.

    One thought on “Love and Marriage”

    1. Well I have to say smugly it was a very satisfying read and I enjoyed every last second of it. It is the last in the trilogy and this author just keeps getting better! It took me a while to remember all the characters that played throughout the series but once that was achieved I just flew through it. The book deals with true to life events, the recession, marriage seperation, death, teenage anorexia and of course love. I really looked forward to coming home after work and curling up with a coff [...]

    2. E gostei bastante deste último livro, um final interessante para as personagens que acompanhei ao longo desta serie.Uma serie sobre o ambiente familiar, com tristezas, ódios, alegrias ,arrependimentos, desculpas e de continuar em frente em busca da harmonia e da felicidade.A procura da realização pessoal,bem como a interacção entre as pessoas que nos são próximas.Procurar o melhor em cada um, tentar perdoar para seguir em frente com o sentido do dever cumprido.Um serie que aconcelho a le [...]

    3. I've really enjoyed this trilogy and this book in particular as it continued the stories of the Adams, Davenport and Baxter families and developed their links to each other. I don't know if there are any more books in this series planned but I would definitely read them if there is. The characters were well developed and you wanted everything to turn out well for them (apart from the nasty ones of course). All in all a very enjoyable read that had me hooked.

    4. Having read the other 2 books in this set, I was happy to get my hands on this book. I really could not wait to find out what was happening to the characters lives. I feel it wrapped up the characters well, and I enjoyed it. I can always rely on a Patricia Scanlan book, for a cosy comfortable read, and this did not disappoint. Recommended.

    5. Patricia Scanlan has now released the final part of her trilogy entitled Love & Marriage. The first two books were Forgive and Forget released in 2008 and Happy Ever After released in 2009.We again meet the same characters and their daily struggles. Bryan and Debbie are now newly married and feeling the pinch financially. Their marriage is already looking uncertain and as things get harder Bryan tends to bury his head in the sand even more.Connie who has done her bit for her daughter Debbie [...]

    6. Em Segredos do Teu Olhar temos o final desta trilogia em que acompanhamos várias famílias, cada uma com os seus problemas e as suas divergências, mas que se encontram ligadas de alguma forma. Neste livro acompanhamos os problemas que já vinham de trás e ainda mais alguns ligados à recessão que se viu na Irlanda há uns anos atrás. A pouco e pouco vão-se resolvendo problemas, vão-se criando pontes e relacionamentos entre pessoas e onde não é possível que isso acontece há ruptura. Fe [...]

    7. I enjoyed this book more than the second in the series, but I found that it was quite dragged out but not about the enjoyable parts of the plot, more about the depressing financial sitatuations (it was as if she was trying to name as many companies etc. who had shares fall as possible) and I found half of Judith's storyline completely irrelevant (a chapter about her going to visit a therapist whom she finds completely unhelpful and ridiculous - did not move the plot along at all). However the la [...]

    8. GreatThe last book in this trilogy and I think the best out of the three, you have laughter, sadness and joy. Tackling issues such as anorexia ,I don't think can be easy but was handled very well in this book and the loss of a loved one too, brought back memories for me ,all in all a very enjoyable read.

    9. This wasn't my favourite of the books in the trilogy- but it was a great read. It was nice to catch up with the characters and see the storylines tied up. It deals with extended families and different ralationships.Patricia Scanlan is one of my favourite authors and looking forward to picking up the other two waiting for me.

    10. This book is a continuation of Patricia’s last book and the conclusion of the series.When I got to grips with this book, I did enjoy it, however there were so many Characters, I had trouble remembering which is which, It was a very long book, so I was glad to get to the end.

    11. Apesar de toda a série ser interessante (ainda que não arrebatadora) este livro foi um excelente desfecho.O cruzar no final de todas as personagens e o "felizes para sempre" que se aguardava foi bonito.Vou continuar a ler esta autora.

    12. BORING!!!!!!! it was like reading someone's diary - where they write too many insignificant details because nothing's going on!!!!!!how did it get to be a number 1 best seller?maybe people like reading how boring other people's lives are because it makes their won feel more interesting!

    13. Not my usual read- but nothing else in the house. Despite myself I did enjoy it- I don't realise it was part three of a trilogy- stood on its own two feet though.

    14. Loved this mystery book by Patricia Scanlan and I haven't enjoyed all her books but would rank this the best. Kept me guessing and intrigued. A really good page turner.

    15. Last in the series and a very good ending all the characters had a conclusion so your not left asking for moreHope this author will now bring out a new series just as good

    16. Pure fluff, but I love her books. You can zip through them in a couple days, and they're just happy and fun.

    17. Had a hard time getting into this book and knowing who the characters were. Then I discovered it was the third part of a trilogy. I had not read the first two so it was not a great read for me

    18. Have read all the books in this series. This was a good ending. Enjoyed very much - great characters that I had gotten to care about over three books. Good to sit down and relax with.

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