Last Train from Cuernavaca

Last Train from Cuernavaca In the Christmas season of Grace Knight s elegant old hotel on Cuernavaca s main plaza is the place to see and be seen Mexico s landed aristocracy members of the foreign community wealthy tour

  • Title: Last Train from Cuernavaca
  • Author: Lucia St. Clair Robson
  • ISBN: 9781429996044
  • Page: 198
  • Format: ebook
  • In the Christmas season of 1913, Grace Knight s elegant old hotel on Cuernavaca s main plaza is the place to see and be seen Mexico s landed aristocracy, members of the foreign community, wealthy tourists, and young army officers with their wives flock to the Colonial Under the ballroom s hundreds of twinkling electric lights, they dance to old Spanish tunes and to the nIn the Christmas season of 1913, Grace Knight s elegant old hotel on Cuernavaca s main plaza is the place to see and be seen Mexico s landed aristocracy, members of the foreign community, wealthy tourists, and young army officers with their wives flock to the Colonial Under the ballroom s hundreds of twinkling electric lights, they dance to old Spanish tunes and to the new beat of ragtime.Outside the city, in the shadows of the valley s two volcanoes, a company of federal soldiers raids the hacienda of Don Miguel Sanche, hunting for men sympathetic to the cause of the charismatic rebel leader, Emiliano Zapata In a hailstorm of rifle fire, sixteen year old Angela Sanchez s life takes a horrifying turn After the soldiers leave, she returns to the ruins of her family s home She collects her father s old Winchester carbine, gathers the survivors among his workers, and rides off in search of Zapata s Liberating Army of the South.Last Train from Cuernavaca is the story of two strong and ambitious women For the sake of love, honor, and survival, they become swept up in a Revolution that almost destroys them and their country.At the Publisher s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied.

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    1. I learned alot about the Mexican Revolution throughout the reading of this novel tho it did get a bit confusing at times. There are at least two different groups of revolutionary farmers, a group of federales, a group of renegade federales, and then some bandits thrown in here and there and after a while, I couldn't tell who was killing, looting and raping who. After a while, I started to feel every single group was in the wrong, but I did like Angela aka Angel, a woman that dons a pair of pants [...]

    2. A fairly interesting historical novel set in and around Cuernavaca and Mexico City during the early twentieth century. Three major characters and a beliveable romance that actually is romantic. Plenty of adventure, and try not to read the author's note until you finish the novel itself, it's worth it. Four stars overall, despite the simplistic writing style. Recommended, and my entry for Mexico in the around the world challenge.For the longer review, please go here:epinions/review/Book_L

    3. Nobody does historical fiction like Lucia. Her metaphors and similes are guaranteed to bring a smile when they spread across the page smoother than a whore's patooty. No, she does it better. The story unfolds in slow, gentle increments that don't sacrifice romance for action, but paces each so that each is integral. Lots of vivid detail about flora and fauna until I feel like I'm there. No stereotypes, no quick solutions, just careful pacing and tight historical facts that let me know I was read [...]

    4. Well, this book didn't go where I wanted it to go. The romance was too easy. I was going to give it a lukewarm review but guess what?I was reading the last 20 pages on vacation in Idaho. I was impressed that the minute I picked it up, I felt like I was right back in Mexico. I think I may have been. As I was wrapping up, my nephew came up to me and said, "How do you stay so calm?" I asked him what he was talking about. (It's not hard to stay calm while reading a book.)He said, "Didn't you see the [...]

    5. A fairly formulatic story, however, it is based on the true story of two women during the Mexican revolution, an English woman who owns a hotel in Cuernavaca and the daughter of a Spanish-Mexican and Indian woman from a middle class family who fights as a man leading a guerilla ban fighting with Zapata. Lots of love interests. The setting and history made it worth a quick read. (@Cynthia I picked this up because of Cuernavaca in the title)

    6. I bought this book because I was headed to Cuernavaca, Mexico for vacation and it turned out to be so much more! The book is based in historical fact and is mainly about two women and their very different lives yet sharing the characteristics of and bravery and brains in the early 1900's. When I found the existing building from the description in the book that had been the Bella Vista Hotel (built and run by the Inglese) it was awesome. I found the plaque saying it had been the Bella Vista and w [...]

    7. Last Train From Cuernavaca won the Spur Award, awarded by the Western Writers of America. This is notable because the novel does not spend one moment in any part of what would become the United States, and it takes place in 1913, the last gasp of what would generally be considered the Old West. Most notably, the book really isn't that good.Set during the bloody Mexican revolution, Lucia St. Clair Robson would seem to have researched her topic well. I'm no expert, so I don't know if everything is [...]

    8. Set against the backdrop of the Mexican revolution, Last Train from Cuernavaca, is the story of two very different women, the men they love and their deep feelings for Mexico: Grace Knight, a widowed British ex-patriot, has fallen for Captain Federico Martín while he was billeted in her Hotel Colonial where the Mexican elite and foreigners meet and mingle and sixteen year old Angel Sanchez whose intrepid nature and love for Antonio has led her to join the rebel forces of Emiliano Zapata. At a p [...]

    9. Lucia St. Clair Robson has long been one of my favorite authors. I read historical fiction almost exclusively in middle school and high school, and her novels Ride the Wind, The Tokaido Road, Light a Distant Fire, and Walk in My Soul are treasures in my vast book collection. It was so much fun to curl up with a bit of my past for a few nights as I enjoyed Ms. Robson’s most recent novel.Last Train From Cuernavaca is a light read full of great characters and fascinating historical detail. Robson [...]

    10. As an historical novel, this doesn't deliver much in the way of actual history. It is historical in the sense that the locations and many of the major players are historical. Otherwise it's about as historical to the Mexican Revolution as Gone With the Wind is to the American Civil War (though perhaps not as epic). Really, it's a pretty high quality historical romance. It's well written and full of adventure and drama. Last Train from Cuernavaca is a love story in a war setting. The main love st [...]

    11. A fictional historal romance that covered two romances, put a revolution. What amazed me wasn't so much the romance, or the violance, but it seemed that everyone changed sides at least once.Both sides of the war seemed hell bent of destroying their own country. I felt sorry for the Mexican people who were forced out of their homes, and forced to fight for whichever side happened to take over their villiage.

    12. When I'm travelling I like to read fiction set in the place I am visting and this winter it's Mexico. This work of historical fiction is an well-told tale set during the Mexican Revolution in and near the city of Cuernavaca, 85 kilometres south of Mexico City. There is a nice romatic angle as well as the horrors of armed conflict. Highly recommended.

    13. Good historical novel. Shows the Zapatista aspect of the Mexican Revolution from the inside: both from the point of view of the peasants who supported Zapata and from the view of a wealthy British widow who owns the best hotel in Cuernavaca and who fears the Zapatistas and falls in love with a Federale officer. Reads like a movie: a good movie.

    14. Lucia Robson’s latest historical novel Last Train to Cuernavaca is entertaining and fast paced! The human tragedy and the heinous political unrest of the Mexican Revolution is reflected in the lives of two young beautiful women, English and Mexican. This action packed adventure is filled with heroes, soldiers, battles, conflict, allegiance and romance. Definitely a great read!

    15. Loved this book! It's a historical novel that takes place during 1913 in Mexico. A little bit unbelievable in some places, but a good story about how hard it is to tell who are the "good guys" and who are the "bad guys." With a nice love story, too.

    16. Interesting historical novel in what I consider my hometown. Learned a lot and specially about to actual women who I never heard about before.

    17. I enjoyed this book. I would have liked a bit more history or back story. some was explained in the afterward.

    18. Historical novel based on events and people of the Mexican Revolution at the turn of the century 1900. Fast read, well written and quite interesting. Will keep your attention to the end.

    19. Historical detail by this author totally blows me away, which allows you to become totally immersed in the time period. Great cast of characters too.

    20. I loved reading a historical novel set in Cuernavaca, since I have been there several times. The details were great, and it was romantic.

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