Marked Sixteen year old Kara Nightingale s ordinary life is suddenly turned upside down when she dies in a freak accident and she wakes up in a strange new world with a new career as a rookie for the Guardi

  • Title: Marked
  • Author: Kim Richardson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sixteen year old Kara Nightingale s ordinary life is suddenly turned upside down when she dies in a freak accident, and she wakes up in a strange new world with a new career as a rookie for the Guardian Angel Legion Kara hurtles towards dangerous missions with the help of her Petty Officer and friend, David But when she discovers a Mark on her leg, the entire Legion accuSixteen year old Kara Nightingale s ordinary life is suddenly turned upside down when she dies in a freak accident, and she wakes up in a strange new world with a new career as a rookie for the Guardian Angel Legion Kara hurtles towards dangerous missions with the help of her Petty Officer and friend, David But when she discovers a Mark on her leg, the entire Legion accuses her of being a Demon spy Angels are dying, and David begins to pull away from her Can Kara prove her innocence as she becomes the Legion s only hope It s going to take a miracle to save the Legion, and Kara s luck has just run out

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    1. No, monkey, NO! Do NOT mislead the readers!I give up. If you asked me whether gauging my eyes out with a spoon would be less painful than the thought of finishing this book, I'd be inclined to agree.Well, not really. But still. I read 50% of this book, and I can't read any longer. This book is just bad. Badly plotted, badly written, and just plain bad. The dialogue is immature, and the story is stagnant. The concept is inoffensive yet unoriginal: A girl dies and is recruited to become a guardian [...]

    2. I started this book without reading the GR synopsis for it and so I wasn't prepared for what happened.What I liked about the book: Almost 5 pages into the book and the MC died.e actually died! The story started with a bang and it just got better. The world of the Guardian Angels is a beautiful and strange place and the author describes it well. Additions like, the primate elevator operators and avian bus drivers only made the world unique. Instead of all angels being perfectly sculpted and inhum [...]

    3. No.“I don’t speak to traitors— I kill them.”I didn't like this book. The only reason I decided to read it was because it got a 2011 Readers Favorite awardI know I shouldn't judge anyone for liking this, but, I mean, I'm at a loss. It's probably meant to be read by pre-teens and not those of us trying our best to forget we were ever awkward teenagers. I don't know, but people need to raise their standards.Fuck, that sounds so mean and, again, people are entitled to their own opinion and m [...]

    4. Marked is another example of why the self-published route is so flawed. It had a good idea behind it and elements of the story were well-imagined. However, it was in dire need of an editor to take a red-pen to it. Kara was a promising protagonist, but her voice got lost. She tended to think in witty-one-liners which were often so incongruous to the situations she was in that it was hard to take her seriously. Her character tended to take even the most bizarre situations with a flippant acceptanc [...]

    5. I pride myself on reserving judgment on novels until I've finished them. Leaving books unfinished leaves a bad taste in my mouth until I get around to read them in full, and I don't think it's fair to review a book you haven't completely read, just in case the end compensates for some of the flaws.But for once in my life, I find myself unable to make myself finish a book. It was that bad. I'm 83% through it and i just can't make myself finish it. First off, there's no content in this book. It al [...]

    6. This is possibly the hardest review I've had to write. Not because the book was bad, in fact I was rather impressed by it. No, the reason that it's been hard to review is that it's closest book I've come to on my review blog that could be classed as "chick-lit". It's unfamiliar territory for me.But don't let this stop you from reading it! The majority of my blog's readers are male, but I would still say that they should consider this book. Especially if they are looking for a light, easy read.Bu [...]

    7. Marked was a great read with a fun character, Kara, who used to live a rather mundane life that consisted of painting and eating ice-cream all the time before she's hit by a bus and dies. Waking up she finds herself in an elevator, light engulfing her as she's taken to Orientation. Pretty soon it becomes clear: prior to her birth, Kara was marked and now she's dead and alone in Heaven, waiting for her apprenticeship to begin. David is supposed to teach her how to be a guardian angel, which is th [...]

    8. This book is terrible. In its defense, it's not offensively terrible, and it has a certain "so bad it's good" amusement level, but there's something very immature about the whole thing, as though it were written by a sixteen-year-old instead of simply starring one. All of the characters behave in an extraordinarily melodramatic fashion, making most of them come off as cartoonish caricatures, an impression not helped by the sheer silliness of some aspects of Horizon. All dialogue is riddled with [...]

    9. Okaaaaay.This was passionless.The story itself is pretty interesting and could be made into something freaking amazing,but the charactersJesus Christ.The main character,Kara,is okay,I have to admit that.She can be funny and caring,but for a leading lady,she's nothing special.Her knight in shining armor-David-is an asshole.An ignorant douche full of himself.He won't leave the archangel Gabriel alone,he has a mortal enemy Benson and is a some kind of trainer to our Kara.The ''romance'' between the [...]

    10. I got stuck in an airport last weekend, so I downloaded several free books on my Nook. I sometimes like to live dangerously!So basically, Kara dies and becomes a guardian angel. She's partnered with David, who's been a GA for quite awhile.The things I liked about the story:1 - BAM! The main character dies immediately. The story starts out amazingly.2 - the elevators in Horizon (level of Heaven) are run by primates. Kind of nasty primates. Funny.3 - guardian angels aren't all perfect and beautifu [...]

    11. Opinião completa: pepitamagica/2016/()Começo por dizer que gosto das cores da capa e este livro fazia parte daqueles livritos grátis da amazon, e foi lido numa daquelas alturas que não nos apetece ler nada de mais. ()Este livro é tipicamente YA e talvez tenha sido um pouco infantil demais para o meu gosto. Gostei da premissa inicial, de proteger as almas, mas achei que faltou um pouco de substância ao livro. Até gostaria de ler os seguintes, mas havendo tantos livros que me agradaram mais [...]

    12. My thoughts going into this were: Oh god, another angel book where the main girl clearly will end up with the main guy after some sort of incident where she nearly gets killed after her abandons her because of some misunderstanding. Yeah. I was pretty spot on for the most part, but some things where better then I thought, and I ended up liking it a lot more then expected.Like, I enjoyed that she wasn't some fluffy angel that didn't have a real point for her being an angel, except that angels are [...]

    13. Marked by Kim Richardson is the first book in the young adult series call Soul Guardians. Kara Nightingale is sixteen, and on her way to being a great artist, if she can just get to one presentation. However, an accident introduces her to a new job as an Guardian Angel trying to save souls from those that would like to destroy them. She must adapt to a strange new world, to she has to help her is David, a Petty Officer in the ranks who becomes her friend. But, when unusual events led to thoughts [...]

    14. I can't finish this. If this book has gone through the hands of an editor I'll be very surprised. If it has the editor needs to be fired.The writing was juvenile and stilted, therefore preventing the story to flow. It got worse as the story progressed; useless details were thrown at the reader while at the same time having serious pacing issues.We meet the main character Kara running towards her own presentation when she gets hit by a bus, goes to Horizon and then becomes one of the guardian ang [...]

    15. Repost from Review:I wanted to like this book more, I did. I liked the characters and the story. It was well-written and in a lot of ways, I found it hard to believe this was a first novel. I think Richardson is a talented author and I will be reading the next book, for sure. But the biggest drawback of this book is that it is so HARD to connect with a character that has no backstory. And baby, I mean NONE. I know nothing about her going in except she has brown hair that hangs down her back, sh [...]

    16. I almost didn't finish the book. I try to make a point of never doing that and I believe that sometimes you can be surprised by how much better a book gets. That didn't happen here.It may have been a new approach, but it was somewhat offensive to anyone who is a Christian because a lot of the terminology (angel, archangel, soul, guardian angel, demon ) have basic understanding and roots there and yet they are twisted and combined with beliefs that have nothing to do with it. Somehow a Chief is s [...]

    17. Omg loved this book so much! (view spoiler)[ when David and Kara kissed I was just like OMG yesssssss!!!!!!! Then I was like noooooo you idiot when he didn't believe her about the mark (hide spoiler)] I hated the ending but loved it at the same time I felt sorry for David having to pretend that he doesn't know her and that she recognise him but she can't remember anything at all like she never left in the first placesically it's about a 16 year old who dies and becomes a guardian angel and attra [...]

    18. The plot (as in what happens) is pretty interesting. With so many YA angel books out lately, I was expecting a rehash, but I was pleasantly surprised. The end was satisfying, while also leaving the reader wanting to read the next book, though I would have liked to see Kara struggle a little more.However, the pacing leaves much to be desired. It feels rushed and slow-moving in different parts.See the full review at: siftbookreviews/2Review by: Sarah of Sift Book ReviewsSift Book Reviews received [...]

    19. Not sure why anyone would say this book was horrible. I landed on this book after looking for a different book under the same title. It grabbed my attention immediately and held on to it until the last page.

    20. I have read this book and it is definitely a teen read. I stepped out of my comfort zone and read the book. I gave it a 5 star because I kept wanting to go back to find out what happened next. It kept my interest.

    21. Creí que soportaría este libro, pero, oye no, es que no. Lo dejo acá, con apenas 40 páginas, porque dudo poder leer más.Debería empezar hablando de la trama, pero creo que es de suma importancia mencionar el POCO trabajo editorial que tiene este libro, ¡¿es que nadie lo reviso antes de ser publicado?! ¿nadie?, faltas de ortografía, mal estructurado, lineas de dialogo poco claras, es que todo en cuanto a trabajo editorial respecta esta mal en este libro.Ahora, la trama, por favor, por f [...]

    22. ----------------------------------SPOILERS---------------------------------------------------------4 stars is due to the amount of imagination needed to write this book. Even though the main story is a bit usual (sixteen-year-old teen being undoubtedly attracted to the first hot guy appearing in front of her), I think the whole guardian angel idea is pretty amazing.All of us certainly have read at least one book about angels/demons. And this one is no different. But I really like the ideia of el [...]

    23. Alors qu’elle a à peine seize ans, Kara meurt, renversée par un bus.A sa grande surprise, elle se réveille dans un ascenseur dirigé par un singe, qui la dépose dans l’Horizon. Puis elle apprend dans la foulée qu’elle est devenue un Ange Gardien.A peine peine arrivée, elle se voit assigner un superviseur, le charmant mais plus que prétentieux David, et une mission qui consiste à sauver une vie.Ce qui va bien bien sûr rater puisqu’elle ne commence son entrainement qu’après ce [...]

    24. The price I paid: £0.00 The price I would willingly pay: £0.50Would I buy as a paperback: NoThe Bad:1. Blocky, things happened with no build up, they did not transition smoothly. Made reading it awkward and just could not really get in to the story.2. The characters were shallow, they weren’t developed enough, I found it very hard to care what happened to Kara or David.3. Why was it so easy for David to change his mind about Kara. If his feelings were truly that strong why was there no disbe [...]

    25. Great book, read my blog for a long review. Overall, loved the originality of the world it took place in and the light-hearted aspects of the various side characters: the simian elevator attendants, the forgetful oracles, and David, the Guardian Angel that has an addiction to winking at pretty girls.Kara Nightingale, is a painter in highschool who gets hit by a bus on her way to a major presentation. She finds herself in an elevator with a talking chimp and after disembarking discovers that her [...]

    26. Kim Richardson brings something new to the paranormal angel genre, at least new to me. I really liked the vision of guardian angels and elementals that she brought to life. At 34 years of age, I might not be the exact target audience of this book, but it was enjoyable. I thought Kara was a strong female heroine, although she was still a realistic teen. As frustrating as her actions were at times, it fit with her character and age. I am looking forward to the sequel and discovering more about ele [...]

    27. The next book of many of my favorite series are either coming out in Oct or *gasp* next yearat I'm searching for something new. Rather than follow in the footsteps of Fallen or Unearthly, Marked takes the ya angel craze and twists it on its ear. The books opens with our MC, 16yo Kara talking on her phone, while running late to a class and ends up dying in a freaky bus accident. Obviously her death is just the beginning - Kara awakens to find she is to be a guardian angel.if she can survive weapo [...]

    28. I really liked this book and gave it 4/5 stars mainly due to the fact that there were a few editing issues.The plot was gripping and exciting and kept my attention throughout. It is the first in a series that I fully intend to continue reading. This book works well as a stand-alone as it is a complete story with no loose ends but it leads into the next book by your own desire to see how the main character's life pans out and what other exciting things are going to happen to her.The main characte [...]

    29. So in an effort to finish reading books I started but did not finish I read this book & let me say this book was really good there was a part of the book that suddenly felt rushed, about 60% into the book, but given that this book is a series I don't think it was that bad. I did enjoy the characters and I am anxious to see where this book series will go. I enjoyed the twist and turns that happened & I am curious to see if an actual character is dead. No worries I am not spoiling anything [...]

    30. Dire que je n’ai lu ce livre qu’il y a deux mois et j’ai déjà oublié de quoi il s’agit ! Cela n’augure rien de bon ! Après relecture de la quatrième de couverture, quelques vagues souvenirs me reviennent, pas très positifs j’en ai peur… Le sujet n’a rien de très original, c’est assez mal écrit et plutôt infantile, les dialogues sont proches du ridicule… Pour couronner le tout, les personnages ne sont franchement pas très charismatiques et leur comportement est assez [...]

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