A Sending of Dragons

A Sending of Dragons Teens dragon master Jakkin and beloved healer in training Akki hide in mountain cave network beside Heart s Blood warm hatchlings exchanging mind picture sendings But who could leave a huge pile of s

  • Title: A Sending of Dragons
  • Author: Jane Yolen
  • ISBN: 9780152051280
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • Teens dragon master Jakkin and beloved healer in training Akki hide in mountain cave network beside Heart s Blood warm hatchlings, exchanging mind picture sendings But who could leave a huge pile of stripped dragon bones neatly interwoven The monstrous secret is bloodier than they could imagine Can they save anyone, even sacrificing themselves

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    1. The main characters Akki and Jakkin, living in the mountains with Heart's Blood's offspring, discover a secret no one else on the planet appears to know. It's an obvious homage to The Time Machine and yet it works pretty well; Yolen has sorted out how her surprise could be the way it is and what the ramifications are. More of the story follows Jakkin than Akki, which is kind of a shame since Akki probably has a lot more that could be told about her. Akki still contributes a lot, though, and they [...]

    2. Read this series (then only 3 books) when I was a kid back in middle school -- I absolutely loved every page. I plan on going back through this series eventually, especially since there's a new book (as of 2009); we'll see if I enjoy it as much as an adult.

    3. Disappointing. The plot felt rushed and choppy, never seemed to find a rhythm or establish what direction the story was trying to take, and left any number of loose threads dangling. For instance, the possibility of the (view spoiler)[ Cave-men, armed with their metal,(hide spoiler)] emerging to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting outside world is never referred to or discussed after the first time it is mentioned. After all the horrors they experience, and the suggestion of worse to come, Jakkin an [...]

    4. Jakkin and Akki go from one danger to another. Fleeing from both the Wardens and the Rebels, they make their way into the system of caves in the Astarian mountains. There, they make a sinister discoveryI have mixed feelings about this series. The writing is fairly utilitarian, but the plot moves quickly, so once I get caught up in the story, I find them quick and engrossing reads. There's not a lot of depth to the characters, and I could use a bit more explanation of how certain elements of the [...]

    5. Pit Dragon Chronicles, book 3.Jakkin and Akki are presumed dead, but thanks to the sacrifice of Heart's Blood, a mother dragon, they can now survive the cold of the wilderness and communicate with dragons by sending mental images. When a helicopter flies over the cave where they are living with Heart's Blood's five hatchlings, they push further on into the wild, desperately seeking safety. They discover a cave entrance that leads deep into the bowels of the earth. Once below ground, they lose to [...]

    6. This one was just weird. It tried to address the more brutal parts of the world that was taken for granted in the two previous books, but it didn't do it effectively. Also the last ten pages were just a big infodump on what was happening in the rest of the world during the entire book, but that was more interesting than the weirdness that happened to the Jakkin and Akki. I'm no longer enjoying these, and if I didn't have to write an essay on all four, I'd quit reading them.

    7. Yolen keeps the story moving along. This book was like a detour on the path, both interesting and disturbing.

    8. Jakkin and Akki are living in the mountain caves to hide from rebels or wardens who might blame them for the bombing of Rokk Major. With them, are the five hatchlings of Heart's Blood. Jakkin still grieves for Heart's Blood who saved their lives. And they have undergone a change. Because they hid in Heart's Blood's egg chamber after her death, they now can survive the cold of Dark After and can mind speak with all creatures. But, a copter appears one day and they must flee from this make shift h [...]

    9. “A Sending of Dragons” by Jane Yolen, the third part of the Pit Dragon TrilogyJakkin and Akki are now living in hiding with Heart’s Blood five hatchlings. But why are they living in hiding? And from who are they hiding? These five dragons grew to be very big, responsible, and Jakkin and Akki can talk to them with actual words. You want to know how? Read the book!! The rebels were searching for them with copters, or so they thought. They were so close to being discovered, but they were save [...]

    10. "Like his mother before him, and like [sister] Sssasha, [eldest, biggest] Sssargon was mute But his sendings were always louder than necessary, like a young boy clamoring for attention" p 34. Sendings have sound, even if voices do not. Author misleads by calling them "pictures", confused me for weeks. "Out loud, in imitation of Sssargon's sendings, Akki announced in a deep voice "Akki sleeps" p 59. Dragons can joke; Sssasha plays trick with "Splat!"Three smaller "remarkably alike" p 28 browns T [...]

    11. This book starts out where it last left off where Akkin and Jakkin live in a cave with Heart Blood, a dragon and her babies. Jakkin is determined to train the babies so that they are able to protect and maneuver themselves in the new world they arrived into. In this book, Jakkin and Akkin raise the dragons and soon the dragons develop ways of reaching each other. As a result of this sudden action, mountain drakes and other creatures are able to connect with them and kill them. "He didn't answer, [...]

    12. Well, we've come a long way in these three books, haven't we? First we're fighting to get ahead in a dragon-exploiting society and then we try to start a revolution in that same society. This book is far too short for what it is trying to accomplish. And the cover art sucks, but that's hardly the author's fault. Some readers may find the Austarian's use of dragons uncomfortably like the way we use and abuse livestock -- and that may be the point.

    13. Book three of Pit Dragon Trilogy. A story of a young couple on the run with dragons. They escaped to a land so inhospitable that anyone staying there for very long would die of the cold. But they live there because they are hunted at their home; a home it appears they will never be able to return to. Suddenly a chopter shows up at their makeshift home in a cave and in their attempt to escape it find themselves captured by a community of srtange semi humans living in a cave network with a couple [...]

    14. I didn't like where this went, it seemed to me the story was weak, looking back on the previous two books. To put these characters into this book's situations and ultimate 'resolution' was not what I would have expected or wanted. What I mean is it didn't seem to fit the world they inhabited and seemed to me to be a 'wild card' kind of move. While I think there is some very good creativity I find that the plot takes twists and turns as a 'weakness' instead of continuing something more 'logical' [...]

    15. While technically science fiction, too many elements feel more like fantasy in their execution, so it's kind of a hybrid. Still, this story was a good completion to the original Pit Dragons trilogy, with some interesting tidbits and payoffs for the careful reader.In this book, the central characters are in hiding after being framed for a terrorist-style event. They are successful mostly because they shouldn't have been able to survive their escape, according to what everyone in their society has [...]

    16. Third installment of the Pit Dragon trilogy. Jakkin's thoughts about his life—past, present, and future—make him a complex character; it's an interesting way to show how a character grows and figures out what is important to him and the type of person he wants to be. Also, a neat message about the power of words, specifically human speech. Mental bonds are intimate, but speaking is a natural human act that helps Jakkin and Akki feel more closely bound together and more human than beast or fa [...]

    17. The one got even weirder than the others, but was still interesting. The series is not the most captivating in the world--I probably remembered nothing of the latter two books because I probably only read them once--but there was nothing really wrong with them. They're all a good diversion, if that's the type of book you're looking for (I reread them while I was sick on the couch one day and it was plenty satisfactory for me).One great thing, however: even though the protagonists tell each other [...]

    18. I actually read this series when I was a kid, and decided to reread it before suggesting it to the girl I nanny for. I quickly found myself engrossed once again with Jakkin and his adventure to steal an dragon egg and train his own dragon. Jakkin is a wonderful character, set apart from the others but always willing to help anyone he considers a friend. Really this series as a whole, including the more recently written 4th book, are great for kids who love the fantasy genera. These books are not [...]

    19. Each book in the Pit Dragon Chronicles has focused on something different: Book 1 introduces Austar as we learn about dragons and pit fighting; Book 2 is concerned with politics and the city of The Rokk.; Book 3 explores a new world as Jakkin and Akki hide in the mountains and their adventures there. The desert-like planet of Austar reveals deeper riches and mysteries. (Even if you've read books 1 and 2, still read the introduction, supposedly from an encyclopedia and telling about Austar. Altho [...]

    20. Ok, so I got my wish. Last book was too political, now this book was pretty much devoid of it. Yay!! Although it took a very different turn that I didn't expect.*Spoliers!!*So mongoloid, dragon-eating cannibals living deep within mountain caves? Yup, didn't see that one coming! But Jane did a pretty good job making it a strange, suspenseful story arc as Jakkin and Akki try to escape and save a female dragon from the tribe's next, bloody ritual. I did wish for more of Heart's Blood's children in [...]

    21. This book was a COMPLETE break from the first two. The main characters have been turned into something almost-but-not-entirely human, and they're living in the wilderness with five growing dragons. And there's an underground society of revolutionists, and medical treatment for dragons, and even MORE dragons that have to be rescued. I truly wish Yolen would continue this series because the end of the book seems to have the prison colony about to join the rest of the universe, and I would have lov [...]

    22. It gave the series closure. Once again, I found myself ratherxed because Akki is a really annoying character and the romance was a detriment to the actual plot. The ending was weaker than I'd have liked, and overall I feel that the series went downhill after Dragon's Blood. I still recommend the trilogy, if only for Yolen's superb writing.

    23. I hate blood sports, and yet I love Jane Yolen. What's a reader to do? Well, I read the first in the Pit Dragon Trilogy (a fourth is on the way), and sadly put away the other two which I had already bought. I loved the dragons too much to fear for their lives every time they fought. And there was something a bit worrying about the bonding Jakkin has with his dragons. He fights their fights in his mind (literally), and so the bloodiness became even more disturbing to me.

    24. A Sending of Dragons by Jane Yolen picks up beautifully from where the last book left off. The story continues to follow Jakkin and Akki as they survive in the wild with their newfound abilities. Many different obstacles face them as they try to stay away from civilization, just to find a new people altogether. The story isn't quite over yet, and I look forward to seeing what happens in the next installment.

    25. could have been a 5. the second was rounded up, this one was rounded down. same result. i normally balk at what i consider to be environmentalist messages. not this time (it's hidden, but i believe clearly there). that wasn't the point, it was more sanguine than forced messages are. the end was well written and made sense. if you cared for the first book, see the series through to its conclusion.

    26. A Sending of Dragons has a COMPLETELY different feeling compared to the last two books! Now that Jakkin and Akki have their new 'gifts' (thanks to Heart's Blood) it greatly changes them as characters and how the plot will carry onI was a little sad that this book didn't continue where volume 2 had left off There isn't any rebel chasing in this book like I had hoped. :( But the idea of that dragon cult thingy was pretty cool and creepy!

    27. A great 'conclusion' (it's a trilogy, but Jane Yolen is supposedly going to write a fourth book). They end up in this weird series of tunnels and caves in the mountains when they are running away from the people trying to kill them from the second book, and there are creepy cannibal people who live there and take them hostage. The people in the caves are cool. They're kind of like zombies, but they aren't the living deadif you get what I mean.

    28. Much better than the second book but the setting was too sci fi for my tastes I prefer a more traditional or fantastical element for a dragon book and was somewhat put out by the cave men. Overall though it was a much better book of growing up and showed the different dragon/people interactions and less of the annoying and not so greatly woven political drama.

    29. With a few interesting new twists and turns, Yolen managed to finish her trilogy fairly well. There were some fundamental flaws mostly stemming from a common YA trilogy issue (not knowing where things are going from the beginning, new inventions that change things in the world, etc.), but overall it was fairly well written and certainly easy to read.

    30. This one had a surprising twist, right at the start the plot goes from being chased to discovering a whole new subculture living under the mountains. This was *wonderful* and unexpected, opening up whole new avenues for the book to go forward in and deepen the understanding of the world.Didn't realise there was a book four til I reached the ending, will have to try to find it now.

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