Bound to You

Bound to You A thrilling bind up of two classics from New York Times bestselling author Christopher Pike Epic love crosses space and time in these two sexy suspenseful stories from bestselling author Christop

  • Title: Bound to You
  • Author: Christopher Pike
  • ISBN: 9781442459717
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • A thrilling bind up of two classics from 1 New York Times bestselling author Christopher Pike.Epic love crosses space and time in these two sexy, suspenseful stories from 1 bestselling author Christopher Pike In Spellbound, weeks ago, a girl s body was found in the mountain stream after a freak animal attack The only witness to the tragedy was her boyfriend, Jason.A thrilling bind up of two classics from 1 New York Times bestselling author Christopher Pike.Epic love crosses space and time in these two sexy, suspenseful stories from 1 bestselling author Christopher Pike In Spellbound, weeks ago, a girl s body was found in the mountain stream after a freak animal attack The only witness to the tragedy was her boyfriend, Jason Now, Jason has a new girlfriend Cindy wants to trust Jason but as secrets start to come out, she doesn t know what to believe And the truth just may be horrific than anything she d imagined In See You Later, Mark has fallen hard for Becky even though she already has a boyfriend He s close to giving up when the mysterious Kara arrives, determined to bring Mark and Becky together But why does Kara care so much And just how far will Mark go for the girl he loves

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    1. I liked both stories, the writing is good. And the stories took a turn I didn't expected. I loved the characters and the creativity of this book. I read it in a day, so it is an easy read. It kept me on the edge of my seat, wondering What would happen next. This is first time I read a book from Christopher Pike and I think I will read his other books, I like his writing style.

    2. See you later is interesting story until the middle.It is not intriguing ending to me.I'm getting tired of repeated reading the author's version.

    3. Nothing to say here except 'read this book'. Both stories blew me away way beyond expectation and believe me, I had HIGH expectations.

    4. Giving an average mark to the two novels appearing in this anthology, Bound to You gets 2,5 stars. And let's make three because he's Christopher Pike. Spellbound ★★★★Even if this novel is almost as old as I am, I guess it still is a good one. I've read an Italian translation around 1994 and it just confirmed that Christopher Pike was my favorite writer. Now I've decided to slowly read all his books in English because most of the Italian edition were somehow fitted in order to focus on a [...]

    5. Bound to You by New York Times Bestselling Author, Christopher Pike takes us on two spellbound journeys through the strange happenings of a boy and a girl. The first short story Spellbound is about a girl named Cindy who has Jason as a boyfriend who is blamed for killing his last girlfriend by the falls. Events become even stranger as animal attacks continue to appear exactly where the last girl was killed. Will she find out the real truth about what exactly happened that night between Jason and [...]

    6. Kevin McFadden is my favorite author. I must admit that this book is not as amazing as the 'Thirst' series and not as exciting. But the ending of the two books inside this volume didn't fail my expectations. Both stories touched my heart at the ending that made my waterworks into action once again. I like the way Christopher Pike/Kevin McFadden ends the story with a love that will never end (a love that will never end in an ending lol). Just like Thirst did, these two stories touched my heart.Ok [...]

    7. I thought the book was good. I'm a fan of Christopher Pike's books because they always have me on the edge of my seat, thinking, "What's going to happen next? What's going to happen next?" But then there are times in the book when I'm thinking, "What the heck is going on here?" And no matter how many times I re-read the part I'm confused on, I can't make any sense of it, so I shrug and continue reading. There are two stories in this book: the first one is about some mysterious murders going on t [...]

    8. Becky and Mark are destined to be togther in Kara's eyes, but why? Mark soon discovers that Kara is from the future and is there to bring Mark and Becky together, and that Becky and Kara are the same person. Kara needs to get Mark and Becky together so that Becky does not end up with Ray who is really Frederick. As time passes Mark and Becky grow more and more apart with the lies and Becky's love for Ray. Will Kara succeed in getting Mark and Becky togther? Or will they all die in the end? "I qu [...]

    9. They were alrightither stories were great and I didn't really like either if them. I'm actually really surprised on all the great reviewsI mean the writing was pretty good. Though I prefer in the first person writing but the stories I thought were kind of mediocre. I liked spellbound more so far I thinkI'm only half way through the second one and it's hard to get through it so far. It just have lost my interest. Maybe it's the video games and computer stuff. Or the fact that the main character m [...]

    10. I enjoyed both stories in this book, but See you Later was by far my favourite. I was surprised at how immensely profound it turned out to be. It's the kind of story that really makes you think about our mysterious universe and how little we understand it. I love pondering about this and this is the the main reason I gave it 5 stars. It was also a page turner. I read it in one sitting!Spellbound was also very intense and I enjoyed it. It was a little strange, but I still enjoyed it.Both the stor [...]

    11. Seriously? This book is so damn weird. But I really like it! Maybe I am a weirdo, haha, but I had never read story plots like these before! The two stories in this book are so enchancing and exciting, and things just happen the way you will never expect them to happen. Although there are some parts which are quite confusing, I really like how things turn out in the end. Sometimes when I read I just feel that the story is just a tragedy, but there are times when it really made me very delighted. [...]

    12. I think the book was well thought out and the authors way of sharing the story is unique. At times you will think you who is the killer and just like that a twist is thrown in.spoiler alertI was honestly thinking someone was a vampire, and i found it surprising that Joni is a vulture. Unlike many books Joni has a life worth telling. I think it would be intersting to read more about her life prior to Balas villiage and how she got up to this point. I understand Bala explained in detail,, but you [...]

    13. I feel as if I should review this two separate times. The first book, Bound to You, SUCKED!! It was terrible. All the kids are super hot, drive amazing cars, and their parents let them do what ever they want all that crap really took away from the story and I had to force myself to finish it.Now See You Later, was a great book! At first you don't think it's a super natural story but at the end you find out it is. It really is a great story and I don't want to go to into it, because it will ruin [...]

    14. I liked the first story 'Spellbound' but not the second 'See You Later'. Spellbound was unexpected (I guessed only a part of the mystery before it was revealed) but See You Later was a bit drab to be honest. Pike has done this theme before, much more successfully in my opinion. I also did not feel the two stories merged well together and think they should have been packaged separately. Either way, the Kara/Mark storyline did not captivate me and did not feel well explained (I suppose if it had c [...]

    15. This book includes two short stories. Spell bound and see you later. Spell bound was amazing and very intense. See you later however, left me very confused. Wasn't a huge fan of that one. It has to do with the future and I feel he didn't explain it well enough. It left me with a question mark. But still, Pike is by far my favorite author. He knows how to include romance into a book without going overboard. He knows how to include suspense without making it sound really fake and made up. Well don [...]

    16. This book was super strange for me, but not in a bad way. The book consisted of two different stories that were both good. The first story left me going "what?!?!" but it kept my attention and was a quick read. The second story was a little mind bending as well but I really liked it and found it to be more believable than the first story. All in all I found myself thinking how weird this book was yet I couldn't put it downgo figure. I give it four stars for creativity, solid plots, strong charac [...]

    17. There were two completely different stories in this book. They were both fantasy but except for those parts it was like realistic fiction. They were really instresting but i don't understand why the author put those stories in the same book. They aren't really realated except for they both have the idea of love in them. I don't really have much to say about this book. It wasn't amazing and it wasn't bad, in my opinion it was pretty average.

    18. Until The End, Christopher Pike's other double saga novel, was worse than this one. Bound to You had one really good story, See You Later. Spellbound is older, so maybe the writing style became a little cheesy for me. It was okay, but the story wasn't the best and I've heard of things like this before.See You Later on the other hand, was fantastic. I loved the characters, especially Kara, she had that whole kick-butt attitude going on and I just loved her! Pretty good!

    19. Christopher Pike is my favorite science fiction author ever. His books always creep me out or leave me with disturbed feelings. I like that his books never really have an "end". It's usually open ended and you can decide for yourself what you think. I think he has a great balance of science meets religion in his books to satisfy everyone. I look forward to reading more from him.

    20. Pike's book contains 2 complete novels within this book. The first one, Spellbound, was intriguing and I was captivated by the story it told. However, the second one, See You Later, was very much a sci-fi novel. The storyline is good, however, I'm just not a sci-fi fan. The story was good but was a bit hard to follow at times. Overall a good read!

    21. Christopher Pike has an amazing imagination extending to other worlds. I loved the first book in this book of two, which was more or less had a crime setting. The 2nd book was also good but didn't hook as the first. This was my first piece of his writing, but you can bet your buttons I'm looking forward to more.

    22. I thought the book was THAT good but to be honest, I just wanted to finish what I started reading. I finished the book just because I don't want to leave the book unfinished, and not because I really got hooked to it. The stories were good in a way, but not my cup of tea. Perhaps, others would find this nice but for me, uhm

    23. Like the other Chritopher Pike's book I love the first 100 hundred pages not to mention the tittles. Those were easy read- narratively easy to understand but kinda disappointing as you go through the next hundred pages.Spellbound was so so but really it's better than the 2nd one. I guess I'm not into Sci- Fci which goes on the second- See You Later.

    24. Spellbound repackaged with See You Later.The "time travel" and "sci-fi" labels pertain to See You Later only. I gave it a "horror" label too because of this one sceneSee separate reviews.

    25. I love this book. The plot was so mind blowing , i did'nt expected that it will come. The first story is really good , but the second one quite confusing but never thought the ending will be like that.

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