The Trees Have Hearts

The Trees Have Hearts Mom s Choice Award Winner Inspirational MotivationalReaders Favorite International Award Winner Children Inspirational Children s Literature Independently Published Principals Award Finalist

  • Title: The Trees Have Hearts
  • Author: Mrs. D.
  • ISBN: 9781469134796
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mom s Choice Award Winner Inspirational MotivationalReaders Favorite International Award Winner Children Inspirational 2014 Children s Literature Independently Published Principals Award Finalist2016 4th Annual Beverly Hills International Book Award Winner In this lively text with its beautiful illustrations, you ll read the touching story of a young girl, friendlMom s Choice Award Winner Inspirational MotivationalReaders Favorite International Award Winner Children Inspirational 2014 Children s Literature Independently Published Principals Award Finalist2016 4th Annual Beverly Hills International Book Award Winner In this lively text with its beautiful illustrations, you ll read the touching story of a young girl, friendless because she cannot speak a new language It will transport your child into the imaginary world of a little girl who has moved to America from a different country Unable to speak English, the lonely girl cannot find friends at first She lives in an old house with a small garden, where three lovely trees and the mysterious wind become her first imaginary friends The garden friends develop a wonderful friendship with the girl and help her to overcome her fears and worries They teach her how to make real friends and help her to cope with difficult moments while adapting to her new surroundings Unforgettable characters open a beautiful imaginary world to young readers, inviting them to share the fears, tears, and joys of a little girl The story teaches the true meaning of friendship, while showing readers the beauty of nature It reveals an enchanting imaginary world as seen through the eyes of a child

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    1. What a charming, heartfelt story. “The Trees have Hearts,” by Mrs. D, is a wonderful chapter book for any young reader, or a parent reading to a child, or anyone going through difficulties moving or making friends.The story is well thought out and developed, from the relatable character, a young girl who has just moved and is suffering the difficulties of making new friends and adjusting to the move, to the depth of the story. We do not only see the difficulties that the girl has, but we tra [...]

    2. This was an enchanting story, charming and full of wonderful life lessons. I related to the subject matter being an immigrant myself. My parents immigrated to the US when I was a baby. Their parents immigrated from the Ukraine(then Russia) to Argentina. Even though I was surrounded by a loving family, I was an insecure, shy little girl -a little girl that dressed funny, ate "weird" things at lunch, and had a strange name. I lived my childhood with one foot in America and the other in Argentina, [...]

    3. This book is beautifully written and illustrated. The delicate colors and fine lines will prove satisfying to the eye just as the lyrical language is soothing to the ear. I urge the reader to pay particular attention to the Preface in which the author reminds us that we should look at things through the eyes of a child and enjoy this period of wonder and imagination because it is a fleeting moment in time which soon disappears.As the story begins a sad little girl is gazing out her window at the [...]

    4. A real life fairytale, which stays in readers' hearts forever!Marvelous book! Beautiful illustrations! An amazing story about a little girl and her imaginary friends, three caring trees and joyful old wind. This sweet children’s book charms readers' hearts from the first page and does not let go until the last word. My children and I were completely plunged into the magical world of the imaginary characters, providing a great deal of love and comfort for any age. Full of kindness and compassio [...]

    5. 1 new country + 1 new home + 1 new language = one sad, lonely little girl.This solitary little child watches the other children play, but from the safety of the trees that hide her from their sight. She would love to join them, but, since she can’t understand them, she stays in her sanctuary with her wishes and dreams.What a surprise, then, when the trees speak to her–in her own language! The magnolia, the weeping cherry, and the plum tree comfort her and welcome her into their leafy homes. [...]

    6. Mrs. D. has written a warm and heartfelt children's story that perfect for its time. In a world where children sometimes find it difficult to find a friend, this book reminds us that there is always a friend among humanity and nature. Even though the little girls seeks and finds refuge, acceptance and love among the trees, she later discovers that there are other kids who long to find friends just as she does.There are so many rewards we were blessed with by the end of this story. In our family, [...]

    7. Mrs. D. has written a sweet tale about the pains of a young girl growing up in a new country. Singled out and ostracized because she speaks a different language, she turns to the trees in her garden for friendship and comfort. They communicate through a universal language, one that emanates from a spiritual connection of the heart. The tree friends provide a refuge from the rejection she experiences at the hands of the other children in the neighborhood and help to compensate for the loneliness [...]

    8. This is a delightful book. First of all, the illustrations are absolutely stunning. They definitely help bring this fantasy story to life. The storyline itself is sweet and touching. It manages to teach wonderful lessons about true friendship and adapting to change without being preachy or overdone. I'm not sure if the author meant it to be, but I also felt like this was a story about growing up and maturing over time. I felt like the main character really grew and changed throughout the story. [...]

    9. Any adult or child that has felt the pain of leaving friends behind when moving will relate to The Trees Have Hearts. The little girl moved from another country and doesn’t speak English. Her sadness lifted when she played in the garden and made friends with the trees and the Old Wind. Interestingly, there are three different trees, Sassy the pink magnolia tree, Chance the purple plum tree and Shadow the weeping cherry tree. Even the variety of trees in the story carries the same message of ac [...]

    10. THE TREES HAVE HEARTS - Beautifully Illustrated picture book for children of all ages, which teaches children very valuable lessons about friendship, love and acceptance. This book is a creative way of expressing that we should be happy with who we are. I have followed MRSDBOOKS for some time and bought her books CARLO THE MOUSE ON VACATION and THE CITY KITTENS AND THE OLD HOUSE CAT. I was quite delighted when I read THE TREES HAVE HEARTS. Great story, written from the heart of a mother trying t [...]

    11. It is Spring - Sassy the Magnolia, Shadow the weeping cherry, and Chance the plum tree befriend a lonely little girl who has just moved into the neighbourhood. The girl is happy to have these new friends as the local children don't speak her language. When the little girl takes the wrong bus, it is the wind that helps her to find her way home. She leaves for summer camp without saying goodbye to her friends. It is the old wind that seeks the girl out and takes messages back to the trees. While t [...]

    12. The Trees Have Hearts is beautifully written and beautifully illustrated. To me, Mrs. D's story is a reminder that friends come in all shapes and sizes, which is a wonderful lesson for children to learn. It also teaches children that there is always a place for them to fit in. The love that the characters have for each other is so uplifting to read, especially in a day when we're more apt to see some terrible in ways in which people can treat each other than the good that people do. I would reco [...]

    13. Exquisite detailed illustrations enhance this thought provoking tale of a small girls journey to develop friendships in a new country is enchanting without being cloy or dishonest. This gentle tale of the how power of a child's imagination can sustain her while she builds her language and makes friends in her new world is relevant and realistic in today's diverse multi-cultural society.This tale of a mothers love and child's innocence help remind each parent that childhood is fleeting.Through, t [...]

    14. This is a delightful short-story chapter book that any 10 year old girl would enjoy reading. I love the fact that it talks about friendships ,and how valuable it is among young girls while growing up. Another lesson it showed is even if you go away from your old friends you can make new friends ,and still be friends with your friends you knew no matter where you are I also love how Mrs. D gave the trees personality showing that the trees are very much alive. I would definitely recommend this boo [...]

    15. My girls really enjoyed reading it. They are more fond of a story when the theme moves around with a girl. It was worth reading

    16. "The Trees Have Hearts," written by award winning author, Mrs. D is a story I enjoyed very much. This book contained easy to read fonts, along with descriptive words that readers will enjoy. A young girl meets a garden of friends, Sassy, Shadow, Chance, and of course the funny and protective Old Wind. There is a quote in the back of this book which I believe sums up this story. "When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile." Unknown(I received [...]

    17. The Trees Have Heartsaginary friends from Nature fill a little girl's life."When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile." (Unknown) This is clearly the underlying message of this book. After we see the importance of her imaginary friends, the trees and the wind, the main character, a lovely little girl, must move away and leave them. She is heartbroken. She feels that she has reason to cry, but these friends embrace her as only they can and h [...]

    18. It is a true testament to an author when I read one of their books and it leaves me wanting more. It is what caused me to go in search of yet another book by Mrs. D. There are several factors of why I would recommend this book, but I shall leave you with two and my summary.First of all, Mrs. D has an eloquent way with words. She has the power to conjure beautiful images within your mind. This eloquence in no way deters from the story’s readability, in fact, it enhances it by pulling you into t [...]

    19. In the lovely garden the trees see a beautiful little girl sitting nearby and she is crying. As she moves closer to the trees they try to comfort her. You see, she just moved to America and does not speak English and she would like very much to play with the children on the other side of the fence. The little girl and the trees have something in common they both have hearts. The little girl becomes close friends with the trees. She learns many things from them like the many changes they go throu [...]

    20. Have you ever moved to a new place and felt all alone because you had no friends? That’s what this beautiful book is about. This young girl was not only new with no friends, she couldn’t speak the language of those in her new hometown. This girl finds comfort in the beautiful garden at her new home, the mysterious wind becoming her first imaginary friend. As she spends time in the garden, the trees begin to talk to her, and these three trees became her friends as well. This leads to a beauti [...]

    21. How many of you had imaginary friends growing up? You were lonely and maybe you didn't have many kids in your neighborhood or perhaps like this little girl you found yourself unable to communicate with other kids and therefore alone and needing friends. This little girl easily captures your heart and sympathies as she makes friends with the only "beings" around. 3 Trees each with their own personalities are in the garden and she friends each one of them. The story takes place over a year and as [...]

    22. “The Trees Have Hearts” by Mrs. D. is another wonderful tale by this talented author. Written in her typically unique style, this tale will capture your imagination as you enter the world of a lonely young girl who has been uprooted from her native country, and relocated to a new land, a new town, a new school, and no new friends… yet. While she waits for time to teach her a new language, she befriends a trio of trees growing in her backyard. Her vivid imagination is so typical of the very [...]

    23. What an Incredible book for all children that are learning a new language! It is the amazing story of a little girl and her tree friends and the wind. Again, Mrs D. takes us on another adventure that provides the readers on a great trip. The book is filled with peaceful illustrations, intense feelings, with the wisdom of nature and teaches us life lessons.I was struck by the beauty of the illustrations and the story itself. Being an English Language Learner teacher, I can say that I have seen th [...]

    24. The Trees Have Hearts is a loving and gentle story of a magical friendship that blooms in a little girl's garden. A little girl moves to a new country where she doesn't know the language and longs to have friends like she did back home. One day, as she sadly watches the other children playing, the beautiful trees in her garden speak to her in her native language. Shocked by the voices she hears the girl looks around the yard only to realize it is indeed the trees that are speaking. The girl is o [...]

    25. Sassy is a magnolia; Shadow the cherry tree and Chance the plum tree.One day, a new little girl moves into the small house that overlooks the garden with the three trees. She can’t speak the language, but she discovers three who can!The little girl creates a fast friendship with the three trees, who are warm and welcoming. They assure her that she will make friends with the other kids and create a strong bond with one another.One day the trees begin to worry about the little girl, and the Old [...]

    26. A lovely story of how a little girl copes with being different when she moves to a new place. She can't speak English and cannot make friends easily. She makes believe that the trees are her friends and enters an imaginary world where she learns about true friendship. As she attends school and learns to speak English she gains confidence and friends.Her friendship with the trees enables her to deal with being lonely and helps her to accept yet another move to a new home. This story is a wonderfu [...]

    27. I really liked this book with it's beautiful illustrations. A young girl meets Sassy, Shadow and Chance who are trees in her backyard and her first friends when she moves to a new home. I liked the story and the pictures and think this would be great to read as a bedtime story. I wish the story would have been more adventurous but still believe it was done beautifully.

    28. This is truly a very well written book that touch me by it of a heart felt story of a little girl long for friends after coming to new place not understanding a language where she moved to ,and found friends in the trees of life that comfort her in her lonely days.This is well written story that will move any who reads it.I highly recommend this for all !

    29. I think this is a wonderful story for children. And for Children that are getting ready to start something new and wondering if they would fit in.I gave this book to my sister so she could share with her children.

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