Betting on Hope

Betting on Hope When her father loses the family s ranch in a poker game Hope decides to win it back from Mafia boss Big Julie Tanner whose shady past is all behind him honestly wants to pull her out of deep water

  • Title: Betting on Hope
  • Author: Kay Keppler
  • ISBN: 9781466130142
  • Page: 162
  • Format: ebook
  • When her father loses the family s ranch in a poker game, Hope decides to win it back from Mafia boss Big Julie Tanner whose shady past is all behind him, honestly wants to pull her out of deep water and into his life When they both wind up in the Big Game with Big Julie, only one can win And whoever wins the pot will be the biggest loser Can Tanner show Hope that loveWhen her father loses the family s ranch in a poker game, Hope decides to win it back from Mafia boss Big Julie Tanner whose shady past is all behind him, honestly wants to pull her out of deep water and into his life When they both wind up in the Big Game with Big Julie, only one can win And whoever wins the pot will be the biggest loser Can Tanner show Hope that love s not a gamble

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    1. Having read my reviews, anyone would think that I am a bitter, hateful old hag with nothing better to do than to criticize other people's work. Actually, I'm 25. The rest is true.I'm kidding - the truth is that I really only bother to review a book when it sufficiently irritates me. And this book has earned my ire, although not for the reasons most people would think. The slightly daffy heroine does not particularly bother me. Nor does her idiotic ten-year-old niece (one of her first lines is "W [...]

    2. Hope McNaughton hasn't seen her father in years but he can still create havoc in her life. He has lost the family ranch in a poker game.Hope thinks that just can't be true but she finds out her father got the house in the divorce and they have been renting from him all these years. Hope learns he lost it to New Jersey Mafia boss Big Julie Saladino. He happens to be in Vegas hosting some private poker games so while she hasn't played cards in quite a while she thinks with the right help she can w [...]

    3. This book was very entertaining and funny in a madcap adventure kind of way. I could really visualize the mobsters bumbling around. The book made me smile."No, you’re the muscle,” Tanner said. “You’re the one supplying all the gravitas.” “Gravitas?” Marty asked. “I thought that was a smoked fish.” Kenji smiled. “A smoked fish,” he said. “Good one.”

    4. I totally could see this book as a movieDont know why, but with every scene, as it had humor, drama & all leading to the big build up of a big card game, I just saw it becoming a movie on a big screen I think it would be a good one too :)This is the story of Hope & her family, whose ends up loosing their ranch when their gambling father looses it in a bet. Hope calls her "uncle" who are also known as the Jersey Mob & they come immediately to her help. To win the house back, Hope need [...]

    5. Make sure you're wearing your big girl disbelief suspenders It's an average book for the genre. Hope calls In her honorary uncles (otherwise known as her dad's gambling buddies) to reteach her the rules of high stakes poker. Her dad, it seems, lost the ranch in a poker game with a mafia boss, and she intends to win it back. Hope says she wants nothing to do with card players, but Tanner seems to make her want to break all of her rules. Tanner sometimes cheats at cards, and sometimes works for th [...]

    6. This book is about several women who rent a dilapidated ranchhouse from their father/ex-husband. The fellow loses title to the property in a poker game and one of the daughters (who is a SFO at an software company) decides to win it back in another poker game. Great premise.I only got half way through this book before I gave up. Maybe the second half was an improvement but there's much better books out there so I decided to look for greener pastures. As these women should have done once the ranc [...]

    7. This story is about a down on her luck girl, Hope, who gets some bad news. Her gambling addicted father has lost the family ranch to a mafioso, and she, her mother, younger sister and niece are about to lose their home and livelihoods. So what does Hope do? She decides to call in old debts, learn to gamble, and win the ranch back!This book is great! The story was different and very humorous. I laughed at the antics of the bumbling Russian gangsters, especially Johnny Red. And I liked how Ms.Kepp [...]

    8. Once again , I really wish that you offered 1/2 stars - I would give this one 3 1/2 stars. This book started a bit slow for me, but I found myself enjoying it more and more as I read on. I found the "slap stick" comedy to be a refreshing change of pace. The Russians reminded me a little of the Three Stooges (but more of them). I enjoyed the relationship with Tanner and Hope and found Baby and Big Julie to be hilarious. The development of the other characters was a bit soft and the storyline too [...]

    9. Hope's father lost the ranch in a card game. Hope calls in her "uncles" to help her hone her poker skills and try to win the ranch back.The story involves multiple characters that are interesting, but perhaps not believable. Thus strange relationships evolve. Mix that with danger, mystery, threats and love. This was a free kindle book. The price was right.

    10. This was a pretty good book! I don't know much about gambling so those parts were lost on me but I like Hope and Tanner was great! I did find it strange that he was supposedly a player but then he didn't act like one. I also didn't like the intimate scenes, a little too much for me. Good story though

    11. Kindle freebie.Fairly standard romance with a lot of side plots and characters. If you like that sort of thing this might be for you. I could have done with simplifying the side plots but that is just me. It was an okay read since it wasn't exactly my thing.

    12. Better than I expected. I was pretty tired of the "uncles" saying some of the same things over and over and becoming this one line type characters other than Marty the Sneak, but the rest of it was interesting.

    13. I didn't bother to finish this one. There was a lot of filler and because of this, it moved at a snails pace for me. Also, I couldn't make a connection with the characters. They weren't well developed. Such a shame. The story line had promise.

    14. I thought this book was good for what it was. I found it entertaining and it didn't really bother me that I knew exactly what was going to happen. It was a quick read, I think I finished it in a day.

    15. I loved this book! It was so good, I read it in one setting! I truly enjoyed the characters, plus it had me laughing out loud in places. If you are looking for lite read that's has a feel good ending, you will really enjoy this book.

    16. I enjoyed reading how Hope had to overcome obstacles and learn how to play cards. Her sitting with her uncles was enjoyable. Ryan's character was well developed, but I feel like the attraction between him and Hope could have used work. The writing was weak on this.

    17. I liked the idea of this story, but it had many editing issues, and a sex scene that was too much for me. A few cuss words, but not many. Many situations were unrealistic. Over all, I think I would not have chosen this book, but I think it was a freebie somewhere.

    18. This book was so much fun. Cheaper than a trip to Vegas, but you end up feeling like you are at a casino and the best part is not losing money in the process. :-)I loved the quirky characters and how Hope handled her situation. Sexy, sassy and so sweet.

    19. excellent gym faire. read it for free on my kindle while working out. not too deep. some sexy time for sure. satisfying ending.

    20. I really enjoyed this book. For one thing, it was pretty funny - I can imagine this book as a movie and I would go and see it. Second, I learned a lot about how to play poker! :)

    21. Pretty good book. I liked the interaction between everyone. Mostly clean - just one descriptive sex scene - could have done without it.

    22. This was one of the best free kindle books I've read which isn't saying a ton but I basically enjoyed it. I do feel like there were a ton of characters and too many storylines going on.

    23. This was a cute (and funny) chick lit book. I liked that the author kept the book fun. From Tanner and Hope's relationship to the Russian mob guys, it was hilarious. Will definitely read again.

    24. When I purchased the book, I thought cheesy cover not going to be a great story. I was highly wrong and ABSOLUTELY loved the story. Characters and story felt realisticworth the read

    25. Loved this book! It was funny and I was never bored reading it. The Russian mobsters and big Julie and of course Baby were my favorites! It also made me really really want to go to Vegas!

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