Blade Song

Blade Song Kit Colbana half breed assassin thief jack of all trades has a new job track down the missing ward of one of the local alpha shapeshifters It should be a piece of cake So why is she so nervous It p

  • Title: Blade Song
  • Author: J.C. Daniels
  • ISBN: 9780615690100
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Trade paperback
  • Kit Colbana half breed, assassin, thief, jack of all trades has a new job track down the missing ward of one of the local alpha shapeshifters It should be a piece of cake.So why is she so nervous It probably has something to do with the insanity that happens when you deal with shifters especially sexy ones who come bearing promises of easy jobs and easier money.OrKit Colbana half breed, assassin, thief, jack of all trades has a new job track down the missing ward of one of the local alpha shapeshifters It should be a piece of cake.So why is she so nervous It probably has something to do with the insanity that happens when you deal with shifters especially sexy ones who come bearing promises of easy jobs and easier money.Or maybe it s all the other missing kids that Kit discovers while working the case, or the way her gut keeps screaming she s gotten in over her head Or maybe it s because if she fails she s dead.If she can stay just one step ahead, she should be okay Maybe she ll even live long enough to collect her fee

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    1. ● BR with Angela, Brigid, Marta, Robin, cathepsut, Jessica, Jo, Catherine, Lege and the BBB gang ●DNF at 52%.Be happy little vultures, we have another addition to the DNF graveyard! And let me tell you, this one is a real winner.Before I start, I would like to point out that I'm in a very lenient mood today so I won't even mention the Kate Daniels similarities here. Besides:1/ The book is bad enough as it is.2/ I don't have all day.► And the Most Boring Book of the Year Award goes to {cue [...]

    2. My rating: 1/5 starsFirst line:“My sword arm is mighty.”Favourite quote:“I will not falter. I will not fail. My aim is true. My heart is strong.”Song of choice: Happy Pills by Norah JonesLet me start by saying this: I did not like this book. If I would’ve had a shelf named Biggest Disappointment of the Year , this book would’ve taken the top place. I heard wonderful things about it, but the most deceiving one was that this book strongly resembled the Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andr [...]

    3. I liked it.Sorry to everyone that I have just disappointed.So, it's not perfect, but it does have some Kate Danielish qualities. There is a girl who is not quite human, who has an unnatural relationship with her sword that is hired to help a shifter pack find a missing shifter kid.The shifter alpha is a female jerk who is completely bat-shit crazy and will possible kill our girl. The shifter second is a complete dickhead guy who is with her 24/7 and is an abusive jerk.ok, so maybe not the most o [...]

    4. 3.5 This one is promising!I missed UF. A lot.Glad to find a series that has potential! True, I've kind of seen it all before (outcast, bad-ass, harsh past etc.), but the writing is pretty good and the plot raises my interest, so I'll stick to it, see what happens. And I admit, I love myself a tough chick who can kick serious ass. Oh, and one more thing. I DID NOT expect thebad guyto actually be a bad guy! Boy, do I absolutely love surprises! It's why I gave it 4 stars, not 3. It managed to so th [...]

    5. This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.When I first sat down to write this review, I realized that I had a bit of a problem — how on earth was I going to rein in my inner Fangirl long enough to put together coherent sentences on just how fantastic this book was? I’m still not certain that I am able to do it justice, but suffice it to say, I loved this book. It easily ranks right up there with my adoration of Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series, Jeanien [...]

    6. Blade Song is one of those rare creatures. Just when I think I can't possibly take yet another Urban Fantasy, kick ass female investigator working amongst pushy, powerful Supes - this one comes in and knocks me around.In an overcrowded market of very similar stories, Blade Song manages to be fun, entertaining and highly enjoyable! Especially for fans of Kate Daniels waiting for another novel.Kit is an intelligent, strong protagonist - Damon's your usual alpha male hunk and there is mystery a'foo [...]

    7. Read This Review & More Like It On My Blog!No. Just no. Am I reading the same book as everyone else? This was awful across the board. A smattering of a (very) few good ideas, scant worldbuilding (and what is there is very unoriginal), and very poor execution coupled with two unlikeable protagonists make for a very unsatisfied Jessie. This is not going to be pretty. I'm pretty damn disappointed with this novel, as well as being supremely frustrated with it. I had passed this over several time [...]

    8. Oh dear.Where do I begin? I was not impressed by this at all. I'm actually quite annoyed by it, because I feel like it took every Urban Fantasy trope and cliché and exaggerated them until it was a complete mockery of itself, more a spoof of my favourite genre than anything else.Completely unauthentic and unoriginal. Yes, there's the blatantly obvious Kate Daniels rip-offs as others have mentioned, but that's not the only familiar thing I noticed by a long shot. I also saw some 'borrowed' elemen [...]

    9. 4.5 StarsOK, Urban Fantasy fans, listen up. I have a premise for you. It involves a woman with a magical sword. She is part human, but has supernatural blood in her veins. Though she is not as strong as some of the paranormal beings around her, she is more than she appears. She is often underestimated. She's a bit cut off, emotionally. Her childhood was miserable, filled with training and bloodshed. She's sort of a gun for hire now well, a sword for hire. And her life begins to change with the a [...]

    10. This was a fabulous story. I loved it. It's exactly what I needed. It has some dark moments due to Kit's past but it also has some good moments. Definitely has a slow burn romance just not one that spans the series. But it was done so well it had that same effect as if I'd read about the romance in 3 books. Damon is the Alpha's second? I'm not sure. He says he's just and enforcer so. Who knows. But the Alpha of the cats is bat shit crazy. Damon hires Kit on her behalf. Her nephew is missing. Kit [...]

    11. This was a very pleasant surprise. I liked Kit almost immediately. she's completely out of her league in the monster arena, but she knows that and plans accordingly. It was also surprising that I didn't mind her lipping off all the time. There were definitely times when she would have been better keeping her mouth shut, but I couldn't help admiring her determination to stand up against evil and call it what it is.I'm having trouble writing about the other elements of the story. The magical being [...]

    12. Sucked in to this book from the first page. There's a free sample here on GRs and I hadn't read maybe 15 pages when I knew I had to buy it. This was brilliant urban fantasy. It had the basic three groups, shifters, vampires and witches. An added race was a nearly extinct and forgotten race of non human assassins called the Aneiris. The heroine was half Aneiris and half human so she was considered worthless to the Aneiris. She now worked as a private investigator. The story involves her being hir [...]

    13. 5 starsAn amazing start to what looks to be a promising urban fantasy series.Kit Colbana is a PI working out of a shifty part of Orlando. Now what most people don't realize is that she is not fully human, she is also part aneira, a warrior race (thinks s, only more cruel). Their motto goes something like this:My sword arm is mighty.I will not falter.I will not fail.My aim is true.My heart is strong.She has some issues of her own, but nothing beats being summoned by My Lady, the alpha of the cat [...]

    14. Meet Kit Colbana – a half human, half Aneira assassin and the newest, baddest UF heroine to hit the block! In BLADE SONG, JC Daniels introduces a new paranormal world where shifters, vampires and witches roam yet Kit remains the most dangerous person of them all.Fans of Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs and Keri Arthur will get a kick out of his brand new series. With the prefect mixture of whip-smart dialogue, fuel-charged action and dynamic characters, only Daniels’ vast imagination can limit [...]

    15. Ugh. The repetitive dialogue drove me nuts, the same words and thoughts regurgigated ad nauseum throughout the book. If someone said "damn it!" one more time, I was gonna scream. Or commit murder. Or both. And don't even get me started on Kit & Damon's relationship. Blech. I didn't like them. At all. This book has been compared by some to the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. Yeah, in its dreams maybe. There's no comparison between the two. None, whatsoever. Kate wins, hands down, every [...]

    16. Kit Colbana is a private investigator in the grand hard-boiled tradition. She's struggling to make ends meet, but refuses to take work from any quarter which she knows will only bring more trouble to her than benefit, like the vampires. She also generally avoids were-cats, but when the case that's brought to her – by a drop-dead gorgeous shapeshifter named Damon – involves a boy, a sixteen-year-old in the throes of his first change, which means he's a mess – and now he's missing. She shoul [...]

    17. Rating: 3.5Orlando, Florida, Modern DayHalf-breed Kit Colbana, an investigator, needs work desperately to keep her business open. A job walks through her door and her gut warns it’s bad, bad, bad! The Cat Pack’s Alpha teenage ward is missing and she wants him found immediately. Kit has a soft spot for children, and taking the Alpha’smoney requires a successful recovery if she wants to live. Resources from her runaway past connect this case to several missing changeling children. With the h [...]

    18. 2.5 stars. I picked this up because of the reviews comparing it to the Kate Daniels series. In fact it's a very pale imitation. (Almost a rip-off in fact.) There is little world building, minimal action scenes, the villains were unconvincing and the major one was killed off-page in one of the most anti-climactic endings I've read in a while. The first half of the novel is overwhelmed by the heroines constant, repetitive, angry, defensive inner monologue and her memories of her abusive grandmothe [...]

    19. I wanted to like like it but just no. 1. The world building: it's a world similar to Kate Daniels, full of witches and vamps and shifters but so uninspired and dull that it was boring as hell and unoriginal. 2. The characters: he is an asshole and she is an idiot pushover. 3. Which leads me to the romance: not romantic.DNFed at 55% because of the above mentioned idiocy that you will find in this book.

    20. SpoilersKit Colbana is half human and half aneira (amazon warrior), she is an investigater but is struggling to find work. Enter Damon, a werecat who offers Kit a job to find a missing boy. Kit is reluctant to work with the insanely dangerous werecats but can't afford to turn down the money. The cat alpha assigns Damon as Kit's bodyguard and warns Kit that if she should fail in finding the missing boy who happens to be the alpha's nephew then she will be killed. Kit and Damon form an uneasy truc [...]

    21. *Rating* 3.5*Genre* Urban Fantasy*Review*"My sword aim is mighty. I will not falter. I will not fail." Kit's mantraTruth be told. I haven't read any of J.C. Daniels/Shiloh Walker's previous novels so I can't compare them to any other author I do follow regularly. However, after reading BLADE SONG, and hopefully it's sequel called NIGHT BLADE, I will end up going back and revisiting her other works sometime in the near future. Daniel's world building was actually pleasantly surprising and interes [...]

    22. I’m going with a 4 on this new series about a half breed assassin Kit Colbana. I received a pre-editing copy from Netgalley which had some technical issues that I hope get resolved for the final book and the 4 is contingent on that.The story revolves around a half breed for hire assassin Kit Colbana. Kit is half aneria (a breed of warrior women) and half human. She ran away from the aneria because of the abusive leader of the aneria, her grandmother, never accepted her human side and tortured [...]

    23. Guys, I was blown away by this book. I stayed up reading until I literally couldn't focus anymore, grabbed a few hours of sleep and finished up as soon as I woke up the next morning. I was completely in love with the total snark that Kit and Damon were tossing back and forth. I was completely in love with the tension - OMG! THE TENSION - between the two of them. I loved the way the snippets of Kit's life as a child were dribbled to us to help us understand why she's as reckless and driven as she [...]

    24. Blade Song was crammed into a huge pile of Kindle freebies I have. Who knows when I would have picked it up if I didn't need a book for a challenge (and I was on vacation so my options were somewhat limited).For a novel that was a freebie and is self-published, Blade Song was not bad at all. At the beginning I felt like the story wandered around and it took some time until the plot focused. But when I got into characters, the second half of the book was so much fun: action, mystery, kick-ass her [...]

    25. The worldbuilding and the pacing were perfect so I flew through this book. This world is really interesting, if only I could say the same for it's cardboard characters. Maybe they get better as the series progresses. I hope that the number of plot holes diminishes as the series goes on. Since this was an engrossing read, I'll look into the second book and hope for the best.

    26. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: A dark and gritty tale of an assassin in a desperate search for a missing werewolf teenager.Opening Sentence: My sword arm is mighty.The Review:Warning: This book is not filled with roses and hearts. It is gritty, dark, and vulgar. That being said, go out and get this book! I haven’t enjoyed a story this dark and edgy in awhile. If you like Tuck’s Deacon Chalk’s toughness and Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels’ depth and sass, you are gon [...]

    27. This is a special anniversary edition of Blade Song that doesn't just include the first book in the Colbana Files but also has several short stories, novellas and deleted scenes too. A Stroke of Dumb Luck and Bladed Magic are both available to purchase separately but this is the first (and currently only) opportunity fans have to purchase the novella Damon (a Damon POV story) outside of J.C. Daniel's (AKA Shiloh Walker) Patreon campaign and the deleted scenes and shorts gathered together with th [...]

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