Glory Main: A Story of the Sim War

Glory Main A Story of the Sim War For decades mankind has been at war with an enemy that resembles the human race so closely that they are known as the Sims Both sides battle for control of habitable planets across the galaxies maki

  • Title: Glory Main: A Story of the Sim War
  • Author: Henry V. O'Neil Vincent H. O'Neil
  • ISBN: 9781468107449
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • For decades, mankind has been at war with an enemy that resembles the human race so closely that they are known as the Sims Both sides battle for control of habitable planets across the galaxies, making this a limited war in some respects Enter Lieutenant Jander Mortas, new to the war zone but eager to prove himself There s just one problem Something happened to the shFor decades, mankind has been at war with an enemy that resembles the human race so closely that they are known as the Sims Both sides battle for control of habitable planets across the galaxies, making this a limited war in some respects Enter Lieutenant Jander Mortas, new to the war zone but eager to prove himself There s just one problem Something happened to the ship transporting him to his first assignment, and he awakes to find himself marooned on a habitable planet that appears deserted Most of the other passengers died in the crash landing, but he s left with three members of the Human Defense Force Captain Amelia Trent, a psychoanalyst who is better at treating combat stress than experiencing it Chartist Gorman, a conscientious objector concerned with preserving his soul than saving his life Corporal Cranther, a bitter veteran of a brutal slave scout detachment who values his own skin above everyone else s Thrown together, they must battle the elements, the enemy, and possibly each other.

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    1. Picked up this book at a science fiction convention. I have a soft spot for hardcore military science fiction, and this book did not disappoint. The first chapter was a wee bit choppy getting into the protagonist's head, but then it worked and what a ride! The characters felt real, and its depiction of survival on a harsh, enemy-infested alien world worked, and the big coup d'etat at the end was also gritty and realistic like a good military scifi novel should be. There is a surprise twist at th [...]

    2. I'm not normally a science fiction fan, but I love a good military story where there is a good chance that the good side wins in the end. I loved this fast paced read. Enjoyed all the characters. Got it wrong on the female possible romantic interest character. Darn! But I love twists in the plot and this twist surprised me. Hope you will enjoy this. I'm looking forward to the 2nd book in the series.

    3. REVIEW SUMMARY: A strong military science fiction debut. MY RATING: 3.5 starsBRIEF SYNOPSIS: Lieutenant Jander Mortas and three other shuttle crash survivors seek escape from a harsh alien planet that may be even more dangerous than they first assume. MY REVIEW PROS: Satisfying character arc, interesting and original aliens, gripping fight for survival, lots of potential for future entries in series, killer ending. CONS: The story would benefit from stronger characterization. BOTTOM LINE: Henry [...]

    4. The following is Andrew Kerber's review of GLORY MAIN:This is a well done military Science Fiction story, especially for a new author in the field. O'Neill started out in the mystery genre and has graduated into Military Science Fiction. O'Neill brings those skill he first showed in the Mysteries such as Death Troupe into the new genre, creating an exciting and interesting page turner.The story starts with our hero crash landing with 3 other people on a planet thought to be uninhabited. Our her [...]

    5. I feel guilty that I've had this book for two months and had not gotten around to reading it. My excuse is that I owned it and the library stack had to be read first so I wouldn't have to pay late fees. The stack finally became manageable and I sat down to finally read "Glory Main". Science fiction is not a genre that I normally read, but I really enjoyed this. The story kept my interest and I could totally relate to LT Mortas' feelings as an unproven leader, albeit his circumstances were much m [...]

    6. Stranded on an Empty Planet with an odd mix personnel after a crash, Lt. Mortas has to try to find a way to let the Earth know he's not lost and defeat the Sim threat. The author knows his military and the book is very enjoyable military science fiction along the lines of some of the older space adventures or maybe the movie Enemy Mine. The ending was a surprise but I won't ruin it for you other readers. Where's your hot chow?

    7. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/Glory Main is a fairly short but riveting science fiction/survival read with quite a few plot twists and very interesting world building. Diverse, distinct characters with a compelling plot, non-stop tension, and plenty of surprises all add up to one heck of a great book.Story: Young, newly minted lieutenant Jandar Mortas, son of a high ranked politician, joined the space military to prove himself and fight the alien Sims. But on his [...]

    8. Lieutenant Jander Mortas is a newbie dreaming his way into his first Infantry platoon in anellar warwith a race of biped mammalian clones that really seem to be pretty much like humans. He makes all kinds of newbie mistakes and only barely manages to maintain his focus on surviving and protecting apparently driven by all the war zone hero stuff he grew up with as a kid in place of other things a child could use. The reason he has to focus so hard on surviving is that he and three others have cra [...]

    9. The following is Desmond M. Hassing's review of GLORY MAIN from the site:"Glory Main" is an enjoyable and well crafted Military SciFi novel which does an excellent job of mixing elements of classical Military Scifi like Robert Heinlein's "Starship Troopers" and "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" and Joe Haldeman's "The Forever War" (In which Governments and Political Movements are rarely a Grunt's best friend) with the more modern approach to Military SciFi embraced by author's like Rick Shelley - [...]

    10. I received this book as part of GoodReads First Reads giveaway.That was great! Glory Main is the story of how the survivors of a (space)ship wreck evade hostile aliens and connive to escape back to the sector headquarters (the eponymous Glory Main). Along the way, the four strangers become a tight knit squad.The author did an excellent job of conveying the desperation of the main characters. First how they had to search for food and water and then solving the mystery of what happened on the plan [...]

    11. I received a copy of Glory Main by Henry V. O’Neil for free through First Reads.This is a Military/sci-fi/alien novel. This isn’t my primary genre so I may be a bit inept in my review. Humans are at war with the Sims, an alien race that mirrors mankind. Both races are at war for control of habitable planets throughout the galaxy. The primary character is Jander Mortas. He is an eager newbie from officer training on his way to his first assignment. He finds himself on a deserted planet with [...]

    12. O'Neil has joined my list of favorite military science-fiction authors. He joins my previous favorite David Sherman and Dan Cragg - also military veterans who wrote the STARFIST series. Or the best of Heinlein - STARSHIP TROOPERS. O'Neil describes a future where future humanity is locked in a long war with the Sims, an alien race that closely resembles humans in almost every superficial way. The young LT Mortas (great name) is stranded with small group of unlikely survivors after they crash land [...]

    13. This is a strange one for me. I obviously like the book (I read it in 3 days), but I can't give it more than 3 stars Everything is well done, the writing, the pacing, the setting but the actual story is a little to much on the introspective side for my taste. The novel is about a small group of army personel that as to survive (and try to leave) an hostile planet after their transport crash landed. There is no big action set piece and all the action is kept to subtle and tactical skirmishs. Ther [...]

    14. un petit livre dans le genre sf militaire, bien écrit, avec moults rebondissements et des caractères bien trempés Un page turner que j'ai dévoré qui m'a ouvert l'appétit pour en savoir plus sur l'univers créé par l'auteur. C'est donc une introduction rythmée qui donne une furieuse envie d'en lire plus avec comme axe central une guerre dans laquelle le héros, naïf au début,s'engage mais ouvre peu à peu les yeux comme il nous ouvre les nôtres, les évènements étayant nos propres r [...]

    15. GLORY MAIN was an entertaining read. It's blurb reads like it is Military Scifi but it's a bit more than that. The wordsmithing is excellent. The characters are sympathetic and likable. I think regular scifi readers might want to consider it. At the basic level there as story of survival on a less than habitable planet. There's more than that but I shan't disclose even a hint because a short review I read sort of ruined the plot for me by merely calling out to my>>adjective omitted>> [...]

    16. This is a very different book. I liked it. It didn't fit with the other novels I've read by the author, Henry V. O'Neil or Vincent O'Neil. I loved the mysteries from the Frank Cole series. This science fiction/fantasy novel was a new genre for me. I thought I knew what would happen at different points in the book. Not true. My expectations for the ending were not confirmedbut that's what makes it so good. It wasn't what I thought I was going to read. But the suprises taught me about my own way o [...]

    17. Fast moving mil/scifi thriller about four crash survivors, led by a young green Lt, stranded on an alien-controlled planet in a time of war. As another reviewer noted, I also detected echoes of Heinlein and David Webber, as well as other war-writers. The pace was fast and the action was well done. The military hierarchy was portrayed mainly as uncaring and ruthless at best, and sadistic at worst. There was a real twist at the end that I wish hadn't happened, but it packs a dramatic punch.

    18. I liked it. A little slow in the middle but over all it was a good story and the ending caught me off guard.

    19. I don't often read sci-fi, but I found this book to be well written and engrossing. I'm hoping there's a sequel!

    20. I received a free copy of this book from the GoodReads First Reads giveaways in exchange for an honest review. Although I don't read many Science Fiction novels, I enjoyed this book.

    21. Vincent's Army Infantry and Ranger experience makes this a gripping story. Great action and suspense sequence. I'm looking forward to the sequel!

    22. This book had a great premise and opening scene. A crash landing on an unknown planet; it pulled me in. The characters were interesting, and as the plot developed there was a lot of potential directions it could have gone. However, it was very heavy on the technical combat and survival information and at times seemed to drag on as the author got caught up in telling us all the little details. I did like the enemy alien race, and throughout the book, there was a feeling that everything was not as [...]

    23. I'll probably read the next in the 5 book series to see if it improves over the first. Too many huge leaps in this one.

    24. First the legalese: I'm part of Harper Voyager's Super Reader program, which means that I get free books (egalley in this case) in return for honest reviews. No problem, I try to post a review on everything I read anyhow, now I just get more to read!I'm pretty heavy into scifi and fantasy, so when I received an email suggesting this book I thought "Sweet, right up my alley!" And, to a point, it was. Our protagonist is stranded on an alien planet with a small group of fellow military types, and a [...]

    25. 3.5 stars would be about right. It's an interesting story, but a bit slowly paced. It seemed to take a long time to get going and would have liked more contact with the alien Sims. The story involves a shuttle crashed on a barren planet thought to be uninhabited. The main character is an army lieutenant fresh out of training. He was on his way to his first assignment. There are only three other survivors. A special forces scout, a conscientious objector serving as a map maker, and a female psych [...]

    26. Mixed reaction. Scenario is promising, and I did like the way the characters' ordeals drew them together. But there isn't enough military action, the author presents an appealing ensemble and then kills all but one of them off, planetary and interstellar distances are completely unrealistic, the military gear is far from futuristic, and there's a surprise revelation at the end from a character who has no evident motive at all to deliver it. Also, the Sims are totally unbelievable cardboard enemi [...]

    27. A short take:I liked this little science fiction story, mostly for the huge disadvantages the protagonists have to endure and the resultant open question surrounding their surviving the story. Not sure if I want to read any sequels, though.

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