Retribution Eve trains as a Blood Witness and Vampire Hunter for the Council of Clairveaux s Special Cases Unit As she prepares to protect humanity from Dominion she s torn between the beautiful de Cernay brothe

  • Title: Retribution
  • Author: S.E. Lund
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Eve trains as a Blood Witness and Vampire Hunter for the Council of Clairveaux s Special Cases Unit As she prepares to protect humanity from Dominion, she s torn between the beautiful de Cernay brothers, Michel and Julien.

    One thought on “Retribution”

    1. 1 Mundane-Star! ☆The first two books were cool. This one was a little hard to get through. I was constantly bored reading about Eve's memory loss and how she wants to know her past but Michel just wont tell her. But then, finally when she finds out that Michel killed her mother, she gets mad at him, after telling him she wouldn't. So much drama So much filler convo and events stuffed in that i kept glancing around my apartment for anything to do besides read. And i thought i would like Eve fal [...]

    2. 5.0 Stars!This book is as it should bexy, sensual, dangerous, powerful vampires. Put them in with a world that is scarey, deadly and uncertainAdd in plenty of players with their own agendas hurling toward the war for humanity and top it off with a girl who is torn between two gorgeous identical twins and you have yourself a great story.Book One - Set the story, introduced the characters and brought us into the complicated world that Michel and Julian live in.Book Two - Added more layers to the s [...]

    3. The war is on, the world is suffering, our cast of characters has increased by one new important player - Dylan. Dylan turns out to be an person of interest to Eve, even though he is currently associated with Blackstone.I found the threat to the world to be fascinating I know each time I go to a gas station I briefly think about the effect that petrochemicals have on my life (mainly what I have to pay for it, & its environmental effect on the world) but I have never considered the BIG PICTUR [...]

    4. Gauche--best adjective I can think of to describe Ms. Lund's Dominion series. The plot is less than novel, possibly bordering on hackneyed--hot vampires bent on world domination and subjugation of humans, yada yada. Others have already done a much better job of summarizing the series than I have want or time to. The grammar is at time atrocious and the world building, while complex, closely resembles verbal diarrhea (a flowing mess after which nothing is left but noxious fumes). It seems that th [...]

    5. As much as I was hanging out for this book and hoping for explanations and some clarity, this is just going downhill for me. Our Eve is caught bewteen the two 800 year olda sexi vampire brothers and can't choose. She loves them both. They both tell her snippets of information, but nothing really makes sense as everything they are saying seems to contradict each other. She's with one of them for a while, then things change and she's now with the other. There is so much sex in this book that it's [...]

    6. I have fallen in love with this series! It just gets better and better! Michael and Julien are the stuff really good dreams are made of! Honestly sometimes Eve gets on my nerves constantly questioning and not stopping even when she knows better but she is so young and I guess a lot of us were exactly the same way! And villains? I can not imagine one scarier than Soren. I was able to finish this book in 2 days despite several moments where I had to stop because tears kept me from being able to re [...]

    7. A very good, heavy sexual, and dark read. A little slow on story plot and a little long in sexual relationship for me. However, still they are very worthy, well developed, and well written books by a new super up and coming indy author. You must start with book one or you will miss the dance of story through them all. There are still two to come that I shall read the day they are published; but book three stops at just the right point with a clif-hanger that is perfect. I wish other authors hand [...]

    8. 5 stars!!! Awesome series!!! The erotic scenes between Eve, Michel, and Julien have gotten even hotter! Then there is the power struggle for Dominion from the the opposing fanatics, Blackstone and Soren's minions. You are never sure who is working for good or evil! And there is the introduction of a new character with a surprising connection! This story keeps evolving in uniquely unpredictable ways that keeps me glued to my reader! I can't wait to see what is next for Eve, Michel, and Julien!!!

    9. The review is for Dominion, Ascension and Retribution as this series is soo good I could not stop for a break! This was a great roller coaster - woo-hoo! Wanna do that again! This is the one of the better paranormal,dark urban fantasy,steamy,romance,suspense thrillers that I have read - fans of the X-files and the Makers Song Series by Adrian Phoenix will enjoy these books. There were soo many twists, turns and switch backs that I had whiplash by the cliffhanger end!!! (yes this one also had one [...]

    10. Where do I start with this book. Besides the typo mistakes it wasn't to bad. While reading this book all I wanted to do a times is kill Eve. I have no idea how Michel,and Julien are twin vampire brothers that were changed by the same vampire in the 1200's. I wonder sometimes how they can put up with her. I would have handed her over to the enemy along time ago. Eve at times is a very annoying character, she jumps from loving one brother too the next and then back again.

    11. Amazing! I'm so glad I stumbled across this series. This is the third book in the Dominion series and I loved all of them. The story is fast paced and just seamlessly carries on from the second book. As with the previous two books there are some hot and steamy sex scenes. If you like sexy vampires with powers of telepathy etc, a love triangle, a bit of history, religion and science, then I would definitely recommend these.

    12. This book was by far the best of the series so far. There was a actual story line that moved in a forward direction. It didn't just repeat itself like the first to books seem to. For me to read a book in one day, you know it had to be pretty darn entertaining. All of the questions from the first two books were finally answered. Eve, became a much better main character. I've always loved the two brothers, but I'm a pushover for vampires. Love them in every way. The boys couldn't do anything wrong [...]

    13. A little disappointed with the third book, and is it just me but I'm kind of bothered by the fact that Eve just refuses to choose between the two brothers? She keeps saying how she doesn't want to be like Margueritte but I really don't see a difference

    14. I didn't hate it! I know, normally that wouldn't be a recommendation for a book But considering how I felt at the end of book two, a basic, 'I didn't hate it' is high praise indeed.Michel never managed to endear himself to me and for much of this book I wished he would disappear again. But at the VERY end, he showed a side I could maybe like. Eve was still pitiful. She just showed no real volition. She basically went with any man who came for her. Yea, she complained about it, but when Michel ca [...]

    15. Retribution is outstanding, head-spinning and heart-wrenching! Wish I could give it more than 5 stars! 5++I loved the first two books of this series. Dominion hooked me from the very beginning and it was an amazing story throughout. Lots of back story to learn but well worth it. Ascension was really good, though not my favorite. Not because of the writing but because of some of the events that occurred and the behavior of the characters; more frustration than anything. Still love the book and th [...]

    16. This 3rd installment in this 5book series once again opens immediately after its predecessor ends. While Eve is healing from her injuries she finds she has no memory of the last dozen years or so, possibly putting her effectively away from the war. After re-meeting Michel, Eve decides once again that she loves him. Subsequently she discovers information from her own hand and memories which could put her back into the fight and away from Michel and into Julien, Soren or Blackstone’s paths.Once [...]

    17. I am really in love with this series and can't put it down!!!! I am glad to see Eve starting to get tougher and make difficult decisions. In this book we learn more about Soren (ugh!) and his diabolical plan to take over the world. I was starting to worry that everything that is happening with Michel and Julien's relationship with Eve was all part of Soren's crazy compulsions. I really like the introduction of Dylan and am glad Eve has someone she can trust completely. I am still finding it hard [...]

    18. I rate this as 3.5. Dominion books 1 & 2 had my complete attention. I was so conflicted about Michel, Julien and Eve; concerning struggles with each other while dealing with events that affected their lives. I purchase book 3 immediately after completing book 2. At this point I'm looking forward to reading about out the overly hyped mystery and suspense that has been slowly building up from previous books. I want answers!!. What I read was more back and forth love triangle. Some answers came [...]

    19. ★★★★★★★I felt like I needed more stars for this book. Retribution is, by far, my favorite book of this series, up to this point. There are a lot of revelations in this book to most of the mysteries & questions that are left lingering from reading Dominion & Ascension. The feeling of satisfaction from this is almost as overwhelming as the emotional roller coaster rides & plot twists we are faced with in this book. I wait in anticipation of the next book in this series to [...]

    20. Ugh. The only thing I have suffered as much (well, more--much more, actually) was Robin Hobbs' Soldier Son series. Ugh. The misery, hoping there would be something at the end of the slog to make it all worthwhile. And then nothing of the sort. At least SS taught me to cut my losses. I thought I was into a 3-book series here and (not surprisingly, because the actual intrigue seems destined to be something always alluded to so the crap parts of the story can take center stage), as it seems clear t [...]

    21. 4 starsThere was a few typo's, but the story got me in anyway. I have to say, I really really wanted to hit,shake,stake Eve. For Gods sake woman get a grip, grow a backbone and make sensible choices. She annoyed me beyond compare. She is determined not to be like Margurite, but she is with both brothers anyway, just not at the same time. I love both the twins, and don't really understand all the negative comments about Michel. He tried so hard to do the right thing, even though he craved and lov [...]

    22. The 1 star I give this book is all Julien`s, because I liked the storyline and I love Julien. I Really like Julien as a character, he is wonderful everything a guy is supposed to be like. But I just HATED the parts with Michel, I had to skip parts of that story because I thought it was just so full of crap I almost barfed.( Could we kill him please?) I don’t get what this has to do in here and I don’t like the 50 shades of grey vibe. Since I hate those books that ruins the reading experience [...]

    23. So Eve has found herself in the heart of a war she never knew was coming. Michel can't understand why Eve won't just submit to him and trust that he can make the right decisions to see them through this battle. The world is in utter chaos as all petrochemicals have all denigrated. The world is basically back to the stone age. Julien, Michel, and Eve have quite the complicated relationship which is trying at times. Soren is now using Eve as tool but won't share is plans with anyone. Twists and tu [...]

    24. Ok this whole series just got too crazy with the whole twin brothers fighting for the same girl, and the said same girl just being a nitwit about the whole thing. I was starting to get annoyed in the 2nd book, but I plowed through it just to see what would happen, but at this point, I really don't care. The characters are not well developed and I find myself actually hating the main character. Not to mention the bad grammar and sentence structure actually bothered me (whereas normally I can deal [...]

    25. More and more and more twists in this series. I have to admit, I really am falling in love with these characters. The writer gives you so much insight to how they feel and what they feel they have to do. It's rare considering the entire series is all first person and what Eve is doing and thinking. I'd love to have a read along that had the twins point of view and to explain some of the things that Eve doesn't experience personally. But even with that one view, it really gets into everyone's hea [...]

    26. I love the story How much it differs from the common books that I read. However, one thing that gets on my nerves is the fact that Eve cannot seem to choose between Michel and Julien. I am in love with Michel and I would really like for them to be together and it breaks my heart that Michel's love for Eve is not enough. Oh well, let's see what Resurrection would reveal. Will Eve finally choose between the de Cernay twins?

    27. This is the worst book of the series, and the historical aspects of the story are very intriguing. The problem is the series goes downhill from here so if you start reading it, you'll be less satisfied with every subsequent book you read. The author tries to create a love triangle and add more tension as the books progress. Instead she just makes the heroine annoying and the story unnecessarily convoluted.

    28. Ok so I lived book one and two. In book three Eve really started to get on my nerves with the crying. I was happy to find Dylan. He seems really nice. The threesome between Eve julien and Michel is too much for me. I know that she loves them both but seriously she HAS to choose!!I have a feeling that both of them are playing her. I don't trust them at all. If I had to choose I'd have her go for Julien. I have problems with Michel. He creeps me out. Looking forward to book 4

    29. What I thought was going to be a trilogy ended up leading into the fourth book. I felt like this ending was rushed a bit and could have been expanded a bit more about the whole mission accomplished thing. But I guess that's why there's a 4th book right?

    30. All I can say about this 3d book in the Dominion series iswhen is book 4 coming out? Written in such a manner that I couldn't put it down. Sleep will elude me till I find out what happens to Eva.

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