Operation Dark Angel: The Rise of Nicolaitanes

Operation Dark Angel The Rise of Nicolaitanes A mysterious voice tells General Ludlow about a military operation that will bring an end to the world s evil Nicolaitanes Balac is given political power beyond what anyone has ever been entrusted wit

  • Title: Operation Dark Angel: The Rise of Nicolaitanes
  • Author: Pam Funke
  • ISBN: 1482675390
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • A mysterious voice tells General Ludlow about a military operation that will bring an end to the world s evil Nicolaitanes Balac is given political power beyond what anyone has ever been entrusted with before Who is the voice Is this the type of power that should be given to a single man What role will Nicolaitanes play in ending the world s chaos Will mankind be ableA mysterious voice tells General Ludlow about a military operation that will bring an end to the world s evil Nicolaitanes Balac is given political power beyond what anyone has ever been entrusted with before Who is the voice Is this the type of power that should be given to a single man What role will Nicolaitanes play in ending the world s chaos Will mankind be able to withstand the growing evil spreading across the globe Will Operation Dark Angel succeed

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    1. I am always somewhat nervous when I pick up a work classified as Christian Fiction. I find that many authors of the genre get very “preachy” throughout their novels. This story does not preach at its audience. It is full of God, the Devil, and biblical quotes, but they serve to progress a gripping story. She had me captivated from the first chapter.Funke has an amazing grasp of the English language. She uses this to craft amazing descriptions and locales. Funke manages to jump from character [...]

    2. Review also on jolasbookshelf.wordpressI love books and movies that deals with the world ending, so I was pretty entertained by this novel. The villain character was well written and got me interested. I don't usually read Christian fiction, as I'm not a religious person, but it doesn't feel like the author's trying to make believers from readers and the Biblical quotes are just for the plot's use.Thanks to Pam Funke for sending me an ebook in exchange for an honest review.

    3. Pam Funke graciously sent me a copy of Operation Dark Angel: Rise of Nicolaitanes because I agreed to review it through a Group: Willing to Review Christian Books. She gives scripture references before the premises of the novel, which alerts the reader what to expect. After doing intensive research (Unleashing the Spirit, Vol. 1-3), I see that Mariel Balac is related to Nero, a Roman Emperor, who was noted for torturing Christians because of their beliefs. Therefore, Mariel was the perfect cand [...]

    4. A powerfully Ameri-vangelical end-times novel, Pam Funke’s Operation Dark Angel tells of American Christians driven into hiding, the Roman Church eagerly following a deceiving “voice”, “true” Christians hearing God’s voice in their own language, while others are swayed to evil, even when they pray. Those other Christians might seek to save the world, but they’re soon caught up in a plot to destroy it as the anti-Christ rises to power, and structures of voting for and choosing new l [...]

    5. *e-book courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest reviewOperation Dark Angel starts really strong : a voice prophesied the birth of a boy through immaculate conception. The boy, Nicolaitanes Balac, is now an adult in search of world domination. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants. "Operation Dark Angel" is creating havoc all around the world. Terrorism attacks are wiping out thousands of the world's population. Nicolaitanes sits back and waits for his chance to be seen as the sav [...]

    6. The world is filled with evil, and each day brings new atrocities. People are looking for a savior. The birth of a child raises their hopes. Are those hopes destined to be crushed?Nicolaintes Balac is waiting to revered as the man who saved the world. With the help of Gen. Alexander Ludlow and The Group, he forms Operation Dark Angel, a military operation charged with bringing about world peace. Or is it?Operation Dark Angel was suspenseful and engrossing from the start. The dynamic plot and int [...]

    7. The Revelation of Jesus Christ is the most perplexing book of the New Testament. Except for some passages in the Gospels themselves, it is the only prophetic book in the Bible. It was written by the Apostle John in about A.D. 95, while in exile on the isle of Patmos, a very small (only about 13 sq. mi.) island in the Aegean Sea. It takes the form of a letter to the seven churches of Asia, addressing their problems, but it quickly segues into accounts of visions, prophecies and visitations by ang [...]

    8. I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review.Summary:Much like the story of Jesus, a child is born to a young girl, he is expected to be the answer to all of the world’s problems. However, immediately after the birth, the mother is brutally killed and instantly we discover that this newborn child – Nicolaitanes Balac – has a much darker side. A prompt rise to power, becoming President of Italy and then the formation of a United World Religion sees the power-hungry Nicolaitanes at [...]

    9. When I started reading Operation Dark Angel, I didn't know what I was in for. Now, I'm a little familiar with the Left Behind series but I'm definitely familiar with prophetic movies such as A Thief In The Night & A Distant Thunder (both from the 70s), Operation Dark Angel takes it up a notch. The prologue starts off with a shock (don't want to give this book away). Operation Dark Angel is in my opinion part fiction, but the prophecy is not. I found myself reading it and thinking one, this i [...]

    10. I liked the plot, the primary characters will likely be more focused as the series goes on. I found the Omen style villain character to be concurrent with many of the conspiracy theories in our era. That said I think the story is authentic enough to merit a read no matter what background the reader is coming from. I tried considering how different this book would have been with the characters coming from a different religious or philosophical background. I suppose it would be similar for most re [...]

    11. Review of Operation Dark Angel by Pam Funke4 starsIn a collapsing society, it is easy sometimes to look to a savior, or anyone who promises to be a savior. Those who don’t believe in a Deity will flock to the one who promises peace, a good economy, an easy government. Such is true in “Operation Dark Angel,” which draws from the Biblical Book of Revelation to present Nicolaitanes Balac, prophesied by a Voice, born in immaculate conception, at a young age President of Italy and determined on [...]

    12. I was asked to read and review Operation Dark Angel by the author Pam Funke.This is an end time story, focusing on the rise of evil in the form of Nicolaitanes. His rise to power is swift and violent as he plunges the entire world into war, and then awaits his chance for world domination, and the opportunity to show himself as mankind’s saviour. From the way the story ends it’s obvious there will be sequels. I love this sort of end time apocalyptic story. However, sadly my enjoyment was marr [...]

    13. I was kindly given a copy of the book to review. I have thus included my honest review.This was a gripping story, which I found hard to put down. A few typos in places, but none detracted from the enjoyment of the book.I would of given it 5 stars, however the idea that anyone but God can read our thoughts was unbiblical, although she may of intended it within the storyline, as a fictional element. Also, only God can create life. At the start there was a baby born not of a father. I think the ide [...]

    14. I got to 60% into this book and I just could not continue. I had high hopes because I love reading christian themed end times books, but although this book started out well, it quickly went downhill. The dialogue and actions of the characters were all over the place. It was as if they had schizophrenia or something. They couldn't decide on their actions or thoughts. The dialogue was very awkward and stilted. The author could have used an editor or proofreader.I finally had to give up. I had boug [...]

    15. very good bookVery good book. Could not put book down, very good. Very well written, could this be how it will end?

    16. There are many apocalyptic tales, movies, television and book series in publication. After the previous decade's spectacular stories burst into the public eye, the remaining series and singles were left to struggle with creating fresh and new ideas to gain recognition. The trend seemed to include more graphic horror, crude language, a dark eerie atmosphere, and more violence. Others resorted to sex and sensationalism for their voice. Big budgets brought big graphic effects. Some story lines were [...]

    17. Wow!!This book was an awesome read. I will now read book 2 & 3. I will then purchase #4. Such a timely read for the world today. I believe that this is a must read book, especially for Christians, or for those seeking hope. I am so looking forward to the next books in this series, and I know they are based on biblical principles.

    18. Operation Dark Angel by Pam FunkeI was sent this book in exchange for an honest review.Description: Our current world is full of chaos, turmoil, hatred, wars, starvation, murders and strife. Every day the world spirals more and more out of control. The people of the world feel helpless and are looking for someone, anyone to save them. Who will save them and bring peace to the world? Can the birth of a single child be the answer to their prayers? Where is God in all of this? Is anyone even search [...]

    19. Full disclosure: I was e-mailed a PDF of this book for an honest review. I have done the best that I can at being honest about my thoughts about this book.The book opens with the prophesied birth of Niclotaines who was born to a virgin like Jesus. Over twenty years later, he enters politics and runs an architecture company. The company builds many top secret military installations in the US and other countries. His people create a more powerful biological weapon and missiles that can evade radar [...]

    20. Pam Funke sent me a copy of Operation Dark Angel: Rise of Nicolaitanes in exchange for review of my book it through a Group: Willing to Review Christian Books. The book was sent to me as a free pdf copy and has over 300 pages. Unfortunately, I have decided to publish my comment without finishing the book due primarily of having to sit at my desktop computer to read it. This is my least preferred method for reading and is the only reason I've decided to post my review after taking 2 months to re [...]

    21. I was gifted this book for an honest review. This is not a genre I would normally read, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the reasons I think I enjoyed it was the style of Ms Funke's writing, she writes very clearly and makes you believe that you are actually in the book. Her style of writing makes it easy to read a complicated plot. It took me a little while to get into the book but once I did I couldn't put it down. I will definitely be reading the second book. The characters were very round [...]

    22. This book is not a genre that I typically read which may go a very long way toward explaining why I had such a difficult time getting into the story. The story revolves around the birth, life and goals of Nicolaitanes Balac and his desire to rule the world. Peripheral characters are brought into his "camp" to accomplish this goal and become major players in Nicolaitanes' plans.From a miraculous conception in Italy to his rise to power, the lead male character is quietly ruthless and most of the [...]

    23. Operation Dark Angel: The Rise of Nicolaitanes is a book that will grab your attention and not let it go if you are interested at all in what is yet to come in the future of our world. What will it be like when the world is overcome and overpowered by evil? Will life be worth the living? What impact will it have on the church? What happens to the soul of man when it is overcome by evil? Just what will man do to satisfy the greed of his heart? What goes on in the mind of those who are caught up i [...]

    24. We all want world peace. The question is; how can we get it? Most people think that the answer is more war. Now how can more war bring us world peace when it really creates more terrorism? In Pam Funke's "Operation Dark Angel", she explains how people believe in this myth by providing us with an entertaining story. Nicolaitanes Balac who is gaining a huge following in the field of politics has brought General Alexander Ludlow to his side to help bring world peace. This becomes the birth of their [...]

    25. Nicolaitanes is one nasty anti-Christ!While the style and short choppy sentences definitely need improvement, the book is just right for the apocalyptic Christian crowd who are the likely target audience of this novel. Any reader of another faith would not have much patience past the 2nd chapter. Still the story was intriguing and I enjoy reading about ‘people’ who are totally without scruples. Nicolaitanes is the ‘deceiver’ and his goal is to rule the world. Many recent events interlace [...]

    26. The book has a decent story line, although much doesn't line up with scripture, unless you believe in a post tribute rapture. (That isn't why I gave it a low rating though.) Regardless of that, the story is interesting. The problem is with the writing itself. When the characters are thinking or speaking, it's very stilted and unlike how anyone would really think or speak. It made me wonder if English was the authors native language. There are also some errors in the copy of the last portion of t [...]

    27. Operation Dark Angel begins slowly,but picks up speed as the storyprogresses. The end of days is fast approaching, and Nicolaitanes, the anti-Christ,has appeared on the earth, to set the wheels in motion. Through deception,and strong arm tactics,he will cause thenations to war with one another,and bring about the end of the world.Operation Dark Angel will appeal to a cross section of readers,and can best be classified as Christian adventure. While the book does paint a negative picture of mankin [...]

    28. This is a breathtaking thriller taken from the book of the Revelation of John and the theory that the ultimate anti-Christ will come from the Catholic church. It is a very exciting read. I am amazed at the work and study that Pam put into this book to make it the winner that it is. You don't have to agree with her theology or even be a christian to find yourself engrossed in this excellent work of fiction. And if you do agree with her theology, you're sure to get a blessing reading this book. Th [...]

    29. The story is fast paced and kept my interest throughout the read. It is also filled with a vast array of characters; all who have diverse cultural and sometimes religious backgrounds. The book begins slow due to their introduction into the story. The characters also add a complexity to a complex plotline. The theme is basic; good versus evil. But it has you rooting for the many heroes in a story filled with excitement. Overall, I enjoyed the book. I recommend it to anyone who likes apocalyptic t [...]

    30. This was an interesting story though very long. I enjoyed the idea of what could be done to create world chaos with technology- very real and very scary. Though the book seemed long and I had a little trouble keeping all the people straight, it held my interest to see how this was all going to play out. I was disappointed that it didn't really wrap it up at the end, but instead led you into the next book in the series. I was given a copy of this book for my honest review.

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