I Never Asked You to Save Me

I Never Asked You to Save Me Ellie Mae Griggs Heart is trying to escape trying to find a place where she can finally be home She can t seem to shake her physically and emotionally abusive soon to be ex husband Jake Heart Refus

  • Title: I Never Asked You to Save Me
  • Author: Theresa Marguerite Hewitt
  • ISBN: 9781301431366
  • Page: 266
  • Format: ebook
  • Ellie Mae Griggs Heart is trying to escape, trying to find a place where she can finally be home She can t seem to shake her physically and emotionally abusive, soon to be ex husband, Jake Heart Refusing to take hand outs from her cousin Rhea Payne and her husband, former Navy SEAL Chad, Ellie has to moonlight at a job most would consider taboo to make ends meet She lEllie Mae Griggs Heart is trying to escape, trying to find a place where she can finally be home She can t seem to shake her physically and emotionally abusive, soon to be ex husband, Jake Heart Refusing to take hand outs from her cousin Rhea Payne and her husband, former Navy SEAL Chad, Ellie has to moonlight at a job most would consider taboo to make ends meet She lives day to day with the pain of a choice she made to try and be free of Jake.Navy SEAL sniper and notorious play boy, Bobby Timmons, has never been the type to be tied down by a woman, filtering through them like it was his job Ellie is different She strikes a different chord and makes Bobby think twice about treating her like the other women in his past He hates that she feels trapped by her ex, but as a SEAL his life is unpredictable and he is shipped off just as he s getting to know her.When tragedy and mistakes fill both of their lives, can they lean on each other for support Or will their pasts destroy everything they could have had

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    1. Wowjust wow. This book is full of emotions. I couldn't put it down. During the book, you are just on a roller coaster of feelings towards Ellie. My personal roller coaster was wanting to hug her, strangle her, extremely happy for her, fear for her, and kinda upset at the end. Just remember not everything is as it seems. Very well written. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book.

    2. Holy.Mother I LOVED this book!! It made me cry, it made me laugh! It pissed me off and I was ready to punch Jake in the face myself!!! I will not spoil it for anyone, but I'm DYING for the next book!! I'm so happy I found Theresa's for book in this series, for I love them all so far and she is now one of my FAVES!! :) I will be reading her other series soon :) LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    3. I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC copy of the third book in the Wakefield Romance series and I was able to read it before its release. This book is about Ellie and Bobby and I had been looking forward to reading their story ever since the seeds were sown at the end of book two. I admit, It took a little bit to get into it because I was still missing Chad and Rhea but then……G! I was hooked! This book had me riding a rollercoaster of emotions, but that’s the way I like it. I need to f [...]

    4. Theresa nails it again! She just keeps getting better and better. A great story in the continuing Wakefield Romance Series. There's humor, drama, tension, and lots of great interaction between the two main characters, Ellie and Bobby. Make sure to continue reading ALL THE WAY past the end credits!!!!

    5. I know I start almost every single review I write off like this, but WOW. Holy CRAP! You know it’s an amazing book when you are literally shaking and screaming at the book. Ellie Mae, Rhea’s cousin, has moved to Wakefield to be closer to her family, and also to be further away from her soon-to-be ex-husband. While spending more and more time with Rhea and her friends, Ellie becomes increasingly close with Bobby Timmons, a Navy SEAL on the same team that Chad was on. While Ellie and Bobby’ [...]

    6. WOW, I did not expect what I got in this book. The ending and the epilogue, oh my goodness, please give me more. First let me say that I love Ellie. She's broken, but not defeated. She's trying to put her life back together. She's attracted to Bobby, but he leaves and things aren't necessarily defined between them. Things happen and her past won't stay in her past.Bobby has feelings for Ellie that he's never had for anyone before. He's deployed and can't get her off his mind. An injury sends him [...]

    7. I just finished book 3 and although I love the series thus far, I am now impatiently waiting for book 4 and hoping it continues Bobby & Ellie's story to a nice and happy ending. As for now I deal with the frustration of an open ending and remember what drew me to the story lines to start. The author does a great job depicting the emotions soldiers and their families go through while they are away and the changes when they return home to stay. I am glad to help with donations by purchasing th [...]

    8. LOVED it - that's all I'm going to say about it ;)Plus, I'm glad Rhea and Chad are still a part of it - that actually worried me a little before I read the book - not wanting to let them 'go' ;)You did some awesome work with it Theresa - can't wait for book 4 to be released - rather sooner than later =)

    9. Unbelievable!! Each book in this series is better than the one before it. Again, another roller coaster of emotions with this book that make my stomach hurt!!!Must read! Cannot wait for book four, I need more.

    10. I loved this book. I enjoyed seeing Rhea and Chad again along with the rest of the guys. Ellie and Bobby's story seemed so real. I would recommend the whole series and now I NEED book #4.

    11. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I cannot believe there is going to be another book. I hope to God that it ends like I want it to. This girl deserves a happy ending and so does he

    12. Bobby turn to get a HEA, right?Timmons our favorite man whore has been struck by the love bug. Ellie, Rhea's long lost cousin, is going through a tough divorce from an even more difficult marriage she can't deny her attraction to Bobby, but with all her secrets can she let go and be happy? Just as they start to become closer Bobby ships out and they contine talking through the occational phone call, but when the unexpected happens and Bobby must come home can he be the man Ellie needs. And will [...]

    13. I was honoured to be given this as an ARC before it was released. From the first page, I was pulled in and couldn't stop, finishing it within 4 hours as I could not walk away. It will break your heart into more pieces than possible and then put it back together better than it ever was to begin with. I'm going to keep this short because there are no words to adequately describe this book. It's one of the most emotional, gut wrenching, heartbreaking books I've ever read, but at the same time it wa [...]

    14. Completely outdone herself with this one, we sit in judgement of choices people make in life and prob would have done the same with ellie ( not going to spoil it) but the reasons for his life choices made me want to hug her. All she wants is to move on have the life she always wanted& no hassle but the fact her husband wont allow this causes her no end of problems both physically& emotionally. Then poor bobby didnt connect with him in previous books but he completely stripped bare in thi [...]

    15. Once again TMH has taken me on a roller-coaster of emotions. Capturing my interest from the first, making me wants to read until I finished the book and then at the end making me want more. Can't wait for the story to continue.In Ellie TMH creates a strong woman that believes that her family and friends wouldn't like or support her if they know the truth about her. Wanting to fight to free herself from her past. In Bobby THW has created Ellie's true soul mate, who loves you and wants to protect [...]

    16. I am so totally floored! In the 35 years of reading romance novels this has got to be the most amazing book of all. The story will take you from one extreme to the other emotionally. I was so into the story and at the end I just had to take a deep breath and cry. I felt so much for the characters in the story! I thought the first two books in this series were gripping and well thought out. But this book just grabbed my heart and just ripped it out. I can't seem to come up with the words to expre [...]

    17. Such a awesome story. I enjoyed it from start to finish, usually I stop reading books when I come across spelling mistakes and things that should have been cleared up with proof reading (and there were a lot in this book) but I was held captive by the characters and the story line.Theresa! what the heck what that ending! had me screaming, heart poundingd than it ends! GRRRRRRRR. Your little comment at the end "I hope you don't hate me too much" made me smile. I cannot wait for the next book: I l [...]

    18. So it took me forever and a day to read this book. Once I heard that the book ends rather sadly I was just no no no no I refuse not until I have a released date for the next book. However, I couldn't wait any longer and I finally finished. This book was full of so many emotions to end it the way it was = cruel and unusual punishment. Really hope the next book is going to be coming out soon. Theresa Marguerite Hewitt has done it again.

    19. Mind-blowing, again. While reading these books, especially this one, you get a sense of forgetting they are made up, that they are a part of your life. Exceptional writing, plot and characters. This book stands alone , although it definitely helps if you've the two before. Definitely will make you laugh, cry ( a lot) and think. Make sure you read all the way to the end!!!!!! ( no killing the author allowed) Now. Chad or Bobby? Theresa will definitely be harrassed to get the next book out.

    20. O-M-G!! Loooove this book she gets better with every book! I love the down home country feel of the book along with the military aspect. Just don't forget about the epilogue at the end or you will be extremely at odds with Theresa lol

    21. This story really broke my heart. It's true that the future is ahead of us, but so that the past hunts us too. I cryed for Ellie and for Billy. Now waiting for book 4. Theresa Marguerite, I don't hate you, but you made me cry I can't wait for the next.

    22. After reading the first book in Theresa's other series, I was quick to pick up this one as well. Couldn't wait to see what would happen next, and had a hard time putting it down. Can't wait to see what happens next!

    23. Ok so I have to say that yes, I might hate you a little Theresa!! I absolutely LOVED all 3 Wakefield Romance books!!! I'm really wish I didn't have to wait for the 4th to come out!! Hurry PLEASE!!! You rock!

    24. I just want to say that this book was simply amazing I cry, I laugh, scream, got pissed and I want to punch that Jake asshole! I recently found this Siri and I just want to say that by far it's pretty amazing! It's well done and it's a great read.

    25. Amaze balls!!!!!! WOW!!!! Holy crumb cakes I was biting my nails and living every minuet of it!!! Keep the good books coming cause you ROCK

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