Tolerance I know I m not an easy person Ava I m moody controlling and sometimes bloody insane but hell I want you and I never intend to let you go ever Now living separate lives Ava still can t escape Mason

  • Title: Tolerance
  • Author: D.H. Sidebottom
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I know I m not an easy person Ava, I m moody, controlling and sometimes bloody insane but hell, I want you and I never intend to let you go ever Now living separate lives, Ava still can t escape Mason s control His dominant and intense love for Ava find them both battling against issues that could very well be the things that save them and when an incident from the past I know I m not an easy person Ava, I m moody, controlling and sometimes bloody insane but hell, I want you and I never intend to let you go ever Now living separate lives, Ava still can t escape Mason s control His dominant and intense love for Ava find them both battling against issues that could very well be the things that save them and when an incident from the past rears up to haunt them, they both find themselves pushed even further apart When a way out comes from an unlikely source, will Ava summon the courage and strength needed to stand against high profile figures and set them both free or will it be too late to fix their turbulent relationship With Mason s drugs abuse threatening to spiral out of control, Rebecca s constant smug sneer and a severe craving for soap, can Ava keep hold of her sanity or will these events be the factors that finally break her Sometimes, Love is just that little bit too painfulThis book contains explicit sex scenes, Strong Language, violence and drug abuse and one hell of a hot alpha male

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    1. I'm sorry but I have to give this book 1 star. It was sooooo dramatic. Every page had to have some massive drama on it. And as for the rape storylines. many times does one girl get or have an attempt of rape made towards her?? It was like the writer felt it was getting dull so just threw another rape attempt in there. One or 2 rape attempts was believable but seriously does this girl have a voodoo pussy that no man can walk past without attempting to shag it? All this book did was wind me up fro [...]

    2. FREE today on US (8/16/2013)Looks to be a trilogy within a series – all 3 books are freeamazon/Incineration-He.on/Tolerance-Heart.on/Resolution-Hear

    3. Jesus, I'm exhausted after reading this bookMason and Ava's bipolar relationship is worse than the back and forth between volatile teenage couples. Flashes of the dramatic moments between Ron and Sammi on Jersey Shore were going through my headBut multiply that by 100At one point I imagined bashing their heads together to relieve my frustrationNot that there weren't plenty of entertaining parts, 'cause there were. This book doesn't only have drama. It also has humorous and hot partsAva: I wish s [...]

    4. Well this was definitely the best of the three books, but still frustrating I mean really again the constant sexual infatuation of Ava from every man she meets was just over the top, again hot steamy sex scenes but probably too many, and coming from me that's saying something, but there were moments in this book that did make me really feel for Ava and Mason, but really it should have ended at 2 books, no one should go through what they had and not be traumatised. Best writing in the book undoub [...]

    5. After finishing this and the third book Resolution I'm brain drained!I don't know where to start with this series, almost every page has had epic dramas. I think every imaginable scenario is in it. I am torn with my feeling, I love and loathed it. Some things really go against the grain for me and yet I still couldn't stop reading it.Gonna give the three books an overall 3*Edit: This is the first book that has prompted me to learn how to add a (view spoiler)[Took me an hour to figure it out but [...]

    6. So as we delve into book two of this trilogy we find again that Ava has the most rotten luck or bad karma surrounding her.Ava's relationship with Mason is indeed toxic, they crave each other yet they destroy each other too. And it's the suspense of this that keeps you hooked into the story, wondering what the heck is going to be thrown at them next. The relationship between Rebecca and Mason too is the catalyst of Ava's misery and what pushes her into situations and the consequences thereof, I t [...]

    7. Oh my oh my oh my.where do I beginI'm honestly lost for words as I'm unable to give this book a ratingis review is not simply for this book but for the entire trilogy as I find it imposible to rate each book on it's own.I'm not going to recap the story here u will find out what happens when u read itwhat i will do is try my best to explain my feelings and the emotions i felt while i was reading this book.I both loved and hated this trilogy at timesi was frustrated to hell and i screamed many tim [...]

    8. Thera a few things that have annoyed the hell out of me about this book. firstly, how Ava goes from being unbearably shy to screwing mason and telling him exactly what she wants,with no build up to it it just kinda happens and I don't find it believable. There was just something not right about that. Secondly, she goes from never having a relationship, then she falls for mason But then she seems to screw every single man she comes in to contact with. Again this wouldn't happen! Te relationship [...]

    9. 31/2 - 4 stars. I would have given this book a higher rating, but I felt there was actually too much drama. I'm a sucker for drama, but there comes a point when you ask yourself, how much more can a person take? I also can't seem to get around the two big no-no's of romance in this series as well, which is rape and cheating. Yes, both of those things made your heart break for the characters, but it just made me so angry. And maybe that was the author's intention. Anyway, I still really enjoyed t [...]

    10. How on earth Ava survives each day I do not know, why does she attract the monsters? Any sane person would question that, surely no-one can be that strong!How can Mason make this right? He should have finished it when he had the chance, now they're all suffering, Courtney and Greg too onto next instalment.Gripping and highly recommended

    11. Wow this book was even better than the first one, still lots of drama , poor Ava thus girl has gone through the mill!! No wonder she's close to a breakdown!! Will Mason save the day? Will Dane finally get what he deserves, highly recommended!! Straight to book 3 now!!

    12. Geez how much can 1 woman go through?? Wtf? I wonder if there are actually people out there who have gone through this much shit and survived? I really hope they get their happy ever after!

    13. Well these two characters are together, they are apart, they are together, they are apart. The back and forth started to become irritating. And again, still didn't really like these characters (and honestly I guess I think they deserve each other!). So another cliffhanger. Will I move on to the next one? Still not sure.

    14. Every time I think they can't mess up more than they are now, they go ahead and truly surprise me! At this point, I don't know who to be mad at, so I choose the whole lot of them.I still would like to know what kind of illegal activities Mason, Sam and Greg are involved in and if it is as serious as it seems. Or maybe they are just so cocky that security of family and friends is the last thing on their minds. Which is it? Cause I am dying to know!And Nate? I have no clue what all of this has to [...]

    15. Oh geeezzzz my of my where do I begin??? This is Ava and Masons story continued and man their story is one hell of a ride on the most scariest thrilling and intense roller coaster ride of emotions ,,, I thought the previous book was intense, full on, angst filled and gripping ,,,, then I read Tolerance ,,, and it just got better ,,, these books are NOT for the faint hearted,,, they are an amazingly intense series of stories and are full to the brim ,,, horrifying, heartbreaking, fear inducing, a [...]

    16. Rating: 3 Stars The continuing story about Mason and Ava's highly dysfunctional relationship. This book contained some new drama between Mason, Ava and Rebecca which was due to some blowback from the first book. And we get more Kade. Ughn't even get me started. Here's how it went: 'I Love You (insert Mason/Ava/Baby)'; incident; breakup/'we're done'/'get out'/'don't talk to me'; make-up sex; REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEATREPEAT.Really, how much drama can happen in less than a year between these two? I di [...]

    17. Drama drama and more drama. I don’t know how much more Ava can take. The crushing passion that is Mason and Ava would make a sane person go bonkers. Ava is a true warrior and probably the most brave young woman out there. The pain and suffering that is called love for them is just over the top and crazy for a lack of a better word.The drugs that is taking over Mason is beyond crazy and no one wants to address it , they act like it’s not even there. When Mason is being blackmailed to be with [...]

    18. If you are bothered by cheating, drug use, rape and violence, this book is NOT for you. Please read the author’s warning before you give this book a try.This review may contain slight spoilers, if you have not read book one of this series please don’t read this review.This Book continues on Ava and Mason’s story. A very Dark story of two people who love each other but can’t seem to find a happy place. Ava goes through so much shit in this book it is unreal. One of the only happy things t [...]

    19. I'm just amazing that D. H. Sidebottom can just keep it coming. Tolerance is the second in the Heart of Stone series that I have become addicted to. The WOOOOOOWWWW factor just keeps getting better. The tragedy that happens in Incineration tears them apart. Mason is controlling and won't let Ava walk away. But Ava can never walk away. But then there is a game changer in this oneRebecca, (The Police Commissioner's daughter) Mason's manipulative, piece of trash ex Mason only used for a POA while u [...]

    20. Ava and Mason face a lot of obstacles, and that's putting it mildly. There's absolutely no room for doubt that they love each other and only each other but they can't be together for so many reasons. The relationship that they do have is volatile, one of them is always angering the other but the heat between them stays the same. Mason brings out a side of Ava that is a lot more energetic and vibrant compared to before she met him. Ava has been dealt with a lot of crap but she is still pretty fie [...]

    21. This was a little slow up until the end. Eva and Mason have developed a love/hate relationship. So much conflict happens, but they can't seem to let each other go. I enjoy the bickering that happens. Eva doesn't forgive and forget easily. Mason goes above and beyond the alpha male status. I think he qualifies more as a power hungry control freak. I love alpha males, but he's a bit too much for me. Considering Eva was pregnant through just about the whole book, I wasn't really into the romance. T [...]

    22. I gave a detailed 3* rating to book one, Incineration as I was left with mixed feelings about it and the same is true with book two Tolerance.Mason and Ava's relationship remains rocky throughout, though both declare each other is the love of their lives they seem able to forget that on so many occasions. Mason you can sort of forgive as you can put it down to his drug induced states, but I found it hard to accept why Ava would have been so drawn to Kade when she was already so in love with Maso [...]

    23. Damn Where to start. I won't give a long review, also not worth my timeBook 1 was alright. Hated that she cheated on mason with kade and doesn't feel that sorry for it. Book 2 Meeh. Even more drama and cheating and bi polar relationship shit Mason Lol wtf is wrong with you. You keep going cold and warm and giving awfully signals. And coke seriously??!!Ava. Gosh. She's also not really healthy and should really get a mirror so she can also learn from her awfully mistakes. Also. What's up with her [...]

    24. I was unsure how this would stand against the first book but boy I was not let down. The book picks up straight from where Incineration left off with Ava pregnant and alone after her situation with Kade. She's trying to move on but can't.Her and Mason cannot be together but it's not for the reasons anyone believes, Ava will not stand by and let Mason be hurt or her future be determined by others or Masons demons of coke, women or his past. She is such a strong woman "a little warrior" and this b [...]

    25. I can't believe I made it through this book with an intact kindle and all my hair. This book is good enough to not want to put down but the main characters make you wanna delete the damn book off your kindle. I really don't like either of them at all and I probably wouldn't go any further in this series if it wasn't for that damn cliffhanger. My curiosity is killing me, so into book three I go. Main characters aside though there is an entertaining plot that keeps you intrigued enough to keep on [...]

    26. Ummmwell not to sure about this book. While the subject matter is quite disturbing what I found disturbing most was Ava's addiction to mason. She never seems to allow herself to feel anything for fear of losing Mason. It was exhausting how many times a woman could be sexually assaultedI felt for Eva but I wanted to smack her upside the head and tell her leave Mason. Her destructive relationship was as bad as the rapes. She was left an empty shell. I also struggled with the writing of the book. S [...]

    27. The 2nd book in the Heart of stone series does not disappoint. Again we're dragged through Hell with Ava and Mason and what a journey it is. I've changed my mind about the characters in this series so many times even i can't keep up. I don't know if i love or hate Ava and don't even get me started about Mason. I know it's so wrong but i love that manobably more then i love the hubby tbhWe see Ava and Mason fighting to stay together or fighting to stay apart's just a rollercoaster ride. Poor Ava [...]

    28. The second book in this series had me hooked just as much as the first one, I think this one was better and I started to enjoy the story line. And then the same shit started happening over and over again. Ava, first of all that girl needs to get herself a couple of cats and just stay indoors, because everything beyond her own front door is a hazard, it just didn't seem realistic and there was lots of eye rolling to go with this book.This book seems very amatuerish compared to others I have read, [...]

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