The Cold Equations and Other Stories

The Cold Equations and Other Stories The Cold Equations Emergency shuttleship pilot has only enough fuel for mission not young stowaway novella Astounding Science Fiction Aug The Survivors aka Space Prison Soldiers maroone

  • Title: The Cold Equations and Other Stories
  • Author: Tom Godwin
  • ISBN: 9780743436014
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 The Cold Equations Emergency shuttleship pilot has only enough fuel for mission, not young stowaway novella 1954 Astounding Science Fiction, Aug 19542 The Survivors aka Space Prison Soldiers marooned on hostile planet get revenge novel 1958 3 The Harvest short 1957 Venture Science Fiction Magazine, July 19574 Brain Teaser short 1956 If, Oct 19565 Mother of I1 The Cold Equations Emergency shuttleship pilot has only enough fuel for mission, not young stowaway novella 1954 Astounding Science Fiction, Aug 19542 The Survivors aka Space Prison Soldiers marooned on hostile planet get revenge novel 1958 3 The Harvest short 1957 Venture Science Fiction Magazine, July 19574 Brain Teaser short 1956 If, Oct 19565 Mother of Invention novella, 1953 Astounding Science Fiction,Dec 19536 And Devious the Line of Duty novella 1962 Analog, Dec 1962 7 Empathy novella 1959 Fantastic Science Fiction Stories, Oct 1959 8 No Species Alone novella 1954 Universe Science Fiction, Nov 19549 The Gulf Between novella 1953 Astounding Science Fiction, Oct 1953

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    1. 3 Stars for many reasons.I thought this book was not all that great. It is probably because I was thinking it would have more action to the story. I don't really get into all the science fiction books because it is not my time but it is kind reminds me of when the U.S. first went into space. Just because of the setting and all the things that happen. I think that this book could be better with a lot more action because I think not would be more interesting and exciting.

    2. The Cold Equations is a chilling story that stayed with me overnight. I woke up with a realization. It is jarring because it goes against the back brain. In reality over the eons and mythically as well, men must protect women and children. What is it in the Titanic story that has most of us teary eyed? That the men willingly stayed on to die after putting their women and children on the life boats. Deep within, we know that is right. In this book, the correct ending--other than having more fuel [...]

    3. This is a collection of really very good early sci-fi. You should read it if you like the old adventure stories, the characters are usually not above the average, and the opposition is usually nature. All of the stories are gritty, even grim. One word of caution, the title story, which is also the last one in the volume, is a situational horror story. And if it does not break your heart, you have no heart to begin with.

    4. The Cold Equations was an interesting piece which reminded me of the innocent casualties involved in a war. We often don't stop to consider those who lose their lives, unless they can be directly reflected to people in our own lives, like if we have loved ones in the military. But here, the casualty is a teenage girl. This story deals with the ethics of the military and challenges the cold-heartedness by presenting an unlikely stowaway aboard a vessel.

    5. Thrilling. I honestly didn't want to stop reading this short story. From the very first sentence it draws you in. As I read on in the story, the plot was revealed and I was utterly horrified. But in a good wayrt of. Overall, an excellent story, well written. Negatively, it had a depressing ending, but then again happy endings tend to get boring.

    6. All I remember was "The Cold Equations". That story blew my mind and hurt my soul as a teenager. Great read. I still remember turning the page, not wanting to take the time to absorb what I had read and processing it before moving on, only to find another story starting immediately on the next page. I left my innocence as a reader in that textbook.

    7. Triumph over adversity. Courageous, clever, cooperating with "pets". Touches of horror are worth the danger to walk beside such strength. Hero solves intellectual conundrums, leading to straightforward tense action. Fire blocks unbeatable foes. "He lighted the grass at his feet had to run to get ahead of it and then run still faster to keep ahead of it" p 294. First Julie, mother, thinks "Tears and fears are futile weapons; they can never bring us any tomorrows. We'll have to fight whatever com [...]

    8. Originariamente lessi questo racconto, intitolato in italiano "Equazioni fredde", in un libro di fantascienza, "Le grandi storie della fantascienza vol. 16".Rimasi molto colpito. È forte e sorprendentemente commovente, nonostante il titolo non lasci presagire molto dell'originale intreccio. Non aggiungo altro, perché non voglio rovinare nulla a un qualche sperduto viandante che si imbatta nel mio consiglio!Ho infatti aggiunto questa versione, anche se non è quella in mio possesso, proprio per [...]

    9. The Survivors (novel, 1958). Originally published by Gnome Press - also known by the variant title "Space Prison". - actually very, very good! Highly compelling reading. Fans of the first couple of Steele's Coyote books might enjoy this. - 4 starsThe Harvest (short story, 1957). Originally published in Venture Science Fiction Magazine, July 1957). - very short (almost a vignette). A bit of a shocking ending. An okay story. - 3 starsBrain Teaser (short story, 1956). Originally published in If, Oc [...]

    10. After completing this collection I wonder if Godwin was influenced by researching life on the American frontier. In summation, I think Godwin does a very good job of illustrating that frontier life when (I hope) humans expand into interstellar exploration will be unforgiving of mistakes, but humans will be resourceful enough to over come these mistakes.The Cold Equations is considered a classic scienice fiction short story. And, while I can see why as it comes at the end of the collection its re [...]

    11. Product Description Tom Godwin's story "The Cold Equations" rocked the science fiction world when it appeared. A pilot is on an emergency mission to a planet whose colony is doomed if he doesn't reach them. He has just enough fuel to get there - then he finds he has a stowaway, a young girl wanting to be with her brother on the colony. If the pilot jettisons her through the airlock, the ship will barely make it to a landing on the planet. If he does not, the ship will crash and both of them as w [...]

    12. Well, the premise is wrong. In the real world there isn't machine design with so little tolerance; as we seen there isn't such a transportation like that; the lift that can carry one more passenger than it should. As the premise is wrong, then the story will go wrong because it is based on the wrong premise. However, there is a message in between that i like which implicitly said "Ignorance is the greatest crime" based on the message maybe the cold equation of science and ignorance that happens [...]

    13. A honestly great collection of 1950's science fiction short stories Very imaginative, well constructed, and with well hammered points. Again - these are 1950ish tales so quite a bit of them are rugged individualism, men being manly, man vs nature, man vs machine, thinking outside of the box, the weakness of bureaucrats, a universe that does not care so you best make your own luck, and everything is atomic-this, uranium-that.These are not hardcore space operas, or detailed deep space novels, but [...]

    14. A great collection of 1950s science fiction. I think that the 50s produced the best adventure science fiction and this is a great example. The anchor piece is a novel called "The Survivors." It chronicles about a group of Earth colonists set down on an inhospitable planet when their ship is captured during a war. Despite the odds, the colony holds on with each generation tougher than the preceding. There are also eight shorter works included. "The Cold Equations" is a famous story within science [...]

    15. A classic pulp with all of the cultural baggage you'd expect from a book first published in 1954. The cognitive dissonance is somewhat amusing these older SF stories with their supposedly "modern" societies where women are still referred to as "girls" who are expected to be protected while they work in the kitchen. It highlights just how far we've come socially in the past 50 years, but also serves as a reminder of how much further we have to go before we have a truly egalitarian society. It's s [...]

    16. *NOTE* I only read The Cold Equations and not the other short stories. 3.5 starsWell that was traumatizing. I'm not a huge scifi person and space terrifies me so I wasn't excited to read this for my English class but it wasn't early as bad as I expected. I docked it a star because for a fairly simple plot it sure takes a long time to reach the conclusion. It had some unnecessarily long passages of Marilyn crying or descriptions of details not relating to the story. Other than that I actually som [...]

    17. It wasn't quite terrible, but frankly this was bad sci-fi: it failed to draw believable conclusions from interesting premises. The title story, The Cold Equations, was okay, but it didn't have the emotional impact that the introducers seemed to feel. The novella that makes up about half the book was just really pretty bad. It told a bad survival tale of a culture that became focused on revenge. I just found the people's behaviors to be completely implausible, in all of the stories that I read, a [...]

    18. I didn't read all of the stories. But the ones I did, including the novella The survivors, I'd describe as competent. For me, nothing about plot, writing, characterization or setting stood out as particularly novel or engaging.The one exception is the title story, "The Cold Equations". While the story has some technical faults, and a few touches are dated, overall the story grabbed me and didn't let go. I found the story thought-provoking and emotionally affective.

    19. I have only read the title story, The Cold Equations. I was looking for the title listed separately on and could not find one, so I selected this title. I liked this story, although it has s haunting quality that keeps me thinking about it after I finished it.It is available standalone in the public domain: lightspeedmagazine. Search for the title from that page.

    20. 'The Cold Equations' - 5 stars, no doubt about that. Best thing the author ever did. A well done short story about morality in the face of unbending necessity. Made into several video treatments, none of them worth a damn, alas. The rest of his stuff? Decently done, and quite readable, but closer to a solid 3-star rating (ie. good but not great.

    21. The cover of this edition is sort of hilarious, because it has to do with a completely different short story than the title. The title story is much less visually interesting (no hot chicks with tigers) but combines cold equations and human compassion for a strange and touching story.Haven't read the other stories. Yet.

    22. That was such an amazing read Godwin will set up the most unthinkable settings and throw you right in the middle of a conflict and let you all twisted inside, because his mastery of story-telling is exactly that: a mastery. The Survivors and The Cold Equations were the best parts of this compilation, albeit every story was very good!

    23. I am rating this based purely on the title story The Cold Equations, which is all I have read so far. Lovely! It is available standalone in the public domain: lightspeedmagazine/ficbut it was good enough I went out to buy the book and read more by this author!

    24. This is an excellent collection of good old-fashioned science-fiction stories. Rarely have I come across a short story collection where I have enjoyed every story but this is one of them. They are mostly stories of survival and humanity's triumph over adversity. I particularly enjoyed the first story (more of a novella) and the last story.

    25. Delightful collection of Godwin's work, including the most gnarly short story I've ever read (The Cold Equations) and a great space adventure novella (The Survivors.) I highly recommend this collection, particularly to other cat and dog owners (there are 3 stories in here that you'll particularly appreciate.)

    26. Don't care much for the language, or the characters, or, and especially the corny dialogues. But still it's a very good story considering the year it was written in and the sentiments it was written for.

    27. I only read a few stories from this book, but I found them to be a sort of necessary read. They reflected the golden age of Sci-Fi perfectly, and even though I didn't personally enjoy them all that much, I think they helped me understand how classic science fiction was written much better.

    28. "The Cold Equations" is one of my favorite short stories, having first read it when I was in the eighth grade. Now, I realize how unrealistic it is (a space vehicle having ABSOLUTE NO backup fuel? Preposterous!) but the story itself still impacts me upon every single read.

    29. This is an awesome story, but just prepare yourself for the ending I do not see why the cover is like how they have on here. It's very unnecessary and had nothing to do with the book.

    30. Sorry, I just don't see a "classic." I started reading SciFi in the late 1950s and this just doesn't measure up, at all. Dated and quaint.

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