One thought on “The Bunny Rabbit Show!”

  1. This is one of my favorite books by Ms. Boynton!The bunnies are just so cute!As I am reading this book to Lexi, I make up a catchy tune and sing the entire book, as if it were a real song and dance show.She giggles from the first page to the last!But is she giggling at the book or at my singing?

  2. Perhaps it's because I sang the song over and over (by choice) but I love this book, even if it's just a simple book. *I did not actually look up or listen to the song that goes with the book- but I was able to pick up the tune ("I had a little turtle, his name was tiny tim") as I read.Very fun!

  3. I love this! Very fun and you can sing it if you find a tune that works. We got this from the library but I’m thinking of buying one to add to our own collection. Sandra Boyton is so great!

  4. My son loves this book and it comes with a free download of the song. I do not do it justice when I sing it to him but he's always asking for the Bunny Rabbit Show again and again. He's not quite two yet but he's talking up a storm when I can understand him. One day I will get a video of him bouncing up and down while I read this for him so his grandma can see. She's the one that got him started on Sandra Boynton with the Belly Button Book.

  5. Once again, Boynton's later books seem less creative than her early work. This book seemed totally pointless (as opposed to some of her other books which teach colors, opposites, animals, counting, or how to get ready for bed).

  6. My kids LOVE Sandra Boynton. Almost every single book of hers that we've checked out of the library has been a big hit, and this book is no exception. And really, who wouldn't like a bunch of singing and dancing bunny rabbits?

  7. I didn't download the song so maybe I was really missing out on this one. Fun, but not our favorite Boynton - not even close. (Age 19 months)

  8. Silly sing song book! Perfect as a quick book for the really little ones in your life who are too small to understand a story! Bunnies, music, and colorful pictures! What more could you want?

  9. A board book full of song and dance that celebrates bunnies and encourages readers to join their fun by putting some ears on and jumping in step.Toddlers.

  10. I adore Sandra Boynton books. They are silly, whimsical and just delightful. They are perfect for young children and very old children

  11. Sandra Boynton is always a favorite in our house - even better when there's song to go with the book! :-)

  12. LOVE! I love all things Boynton. I'm guessing she could make her shopping list fun, with her cute illustrations! :)

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