The Only Easy Day

The Only Easy Day One dead girl one scared witness and two men trained as Navy SEALs Whether searching for justice or revenge the final showdown between them is the same explosive Dale MacIntyre former Navy SEAL w

  • Title: The Only Easy Day
  • Author: R.J. Scott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • One dead girl, one scared witness, and two men trained as Navy SEALs Whether searching for justice or revenge, the final showdown between them is the same explosive Dale MacIntyre, former Navy SEAL, works for Sanctuary He s the acting handler for a member of the Bullen familys inner circle He is close to obtaining the evidence he needs to prove Elisabeth Costains dOne dead girl, one scared witness, and two men trained as Navy SEALs Whether searching for justice or revenge, the final showdown between them is the same explosive Dale MacIntyre, former Navy SEAL, works for Sanctuary He s the acting handler for a member of the Bullen familys inner circle He is close to obtaining the evidence he needs to prove Elisabeth Costains death was ordered by them until someone gets in his way Joseph Kinnon, active Navy SEAL, is back on US soil for the first time in months, and he is told the tragic news that his stepsister is dead, gunned down in an alley by an unknown assailant He is determined to find out who murdered her until someone gets in his way They both want the same thing but have different methods of accomplishing their goals They both want the Bullen family brought to account, but one wants justice and the other wants revenge What happens between them, however, has nothing to do with either.

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    1. Ordinary, Ordinary, An Ode To The OrdinaryI've read a couple of great books latelySo maybe that's why I feel this wayThis book, like the first one, had me almost asleepSo I really can't say that it was more than okayI almost want to say that the book didn't get a fair chance because I've just read some awesome books but a book should be able to engage me no matter what and this book didn't do that.RJ Scott seems to have a knackFor writing characters that I find boringMilitary men usually make me [...]

    2. Story of Joseph Kinnon, a SEAL officer, who is told on returning from a mission that his stepsister has been murdered. He decides to investigate and take the law into his own hands. He crosses paths with Dale, an ex-SEAL, now working for Sanctuary, an organisation that provides protection to witnesses and victims of crime.There is a good amount of back story on the two MC's and the action scenes are written well. The heroes don't actually meet until 50% into the story and in a novella sized book [...]

    3. Well, I'm torn!Plot-wise I liked this book much better, than its prequel, I've been so engrossed in the story during the first part, I almost didn't notice that there's still no romantic development whatsoever (although I always prefer romance driven books). But! When the romance started, unfortunately I didn't like it at all. More specifically I didn't like Joseph and his interactions with Nik, Morgan and Dale. I liked him as an individual character at first, but then he started being so Mary S [...]

    4. The Only Easy Day is the second book in the Sanctuary series by R.J. Scott. This was my favourite one of the series and if I'm honest Joseph and Dale are one of my favourite couples ever. It's not heavy on the romance in this one. But you get the connection and the cool action in this. It was hot in my personal opinion.Joseph and Dale were very easy characters to get into. I loved both personalities and they had a lot of chemistry. They started out as sort of enemies and it grew into lust, and e [...]

    5. Ok - stupid ipad ate my review, so this is the second try:I really liked the first book and started with this one right away. After finishing it in one sitting I have to say, the suspense part of the story works very well and is the reason for me to now start the third book. However, I have to say, the romance part in this book fell short for me.There was no chemistry between Joseph and Dale for me whatsoever and besides a BJ on the way there was no trace of connection, not to think of love, but [...]

    6. Yep, I'm still enjoying the hell outta' this series on audio. It's just a case of because I candible Romance Package = all kinds of fun opportunities. Good times my friendsgood times.

    7. 1.5 StarsI wanted to like this book but didn’t. I just can’t get behind a book when I don’t like the MCs. Period. I really liked Dale from Guarding Morgan and was excited to read his story until R.J. Scott proceeded to turn the yummy alpha Dale into a pansy. She took a totally respectable former SEAL and turned him into an “old” (at 29???), out-of-shape, wannabe who lusts after Joseph. What a waste! Then to add insult to injury, I just couldn't connect to Joseph. He was a cold-hearted [...]

    8. This book has thriller, mystery, and a high-tension character study all balled into one, and kept me on the edge of my seat. The links to Guarding Morgan, the first book in the series, were fascinating, and the overarching mystery as to why Elisabeth was killed moved a little closer to being solved. Not too close, though, there is plenty left for the next few books. Joseph, a SEAL on active duty, is Elisabeth’s stepbrother and as soon as he hears of her death (upon returning to the US), he vow [...]

    9. Reviewed on Hearts On Fire heartsonfirereviews/ This book picked up pretty much where Guarding Morgan left off. We meet the murdered girl's step-brother, Joseph Kinnon, an active navy SEAL. He is just back from a mission and learns that Elizabeth is dead. Joseph begins his own investigation into Elizabeth's murder with the help of his SEAL team. Dale MacIntyre is an ex SEAL now working for Sanctuary in trying to get enough evidence to bring the Bullen's down. Dale has been secretly meeting with [...]

    10. 4.5 stars. Very good m/m romantic suspense picking up where the first book left off. As the Sanctuary guys work to build a case against the mobsters responsible for the murder Morgan witnessed, things are complicated by the murder victim's Navy SEAL stepbrother showing up on a mission of vengeance.

    11. I loved book 1 form this series, I hope this sequel is as good.UPDATED >>>>>Fantastic Plot, plenty action to keep you very entertained.mance the most boring I ever read,shocking sex scenes.If you are looking for a very good suspense story, this is highly recommended.Although, if you are looking for a great M/M love storyI'm afraid this is definitely not the one for you.

    12. Another great book from RJ Scott. ThIs one picks up where Guarding Morgan left off, we find out more about the murder Morgan witnessed in the first book and begin to understand Elizabeth as more than just a random victim of that murder. I'm really glad RJ turned the first book into a series as it allows so much more depth and plot development and needless to say I am eagerly waiting with anticipation for the next book.

    13. OMG~ I Love the Action in this one and. Joseph and Dale & HAWT, Yum!What a Perfect Couple Okay Bottom line~This Book is more like 4.5 Stars~ Because♥MC/Adorable/Perfect.♥Plot/So Good.♥Action/Awesomeness.♥Romance/So Steamy.♥ The Ending/A Sweet Sweet Promise Sealed with a Kiss~Yum!♥I wanted more♥I can read this again and again~

    14. 3 StarsThe romance portion of this story wasrather unbelievable. I mean, they hated each other and all of a sudden they love each other. Too drastic after 24 hours. Lust I can understand but not this. Anyway, I console myself in that this was an early RJ Scott work and her recent works are much better. The story is still interesting. It’s just the romance portion that’s iffy me.

    15. This is an excellent series - RJ is an amazing writer with so much range between YA of the "Love is" series or "The Decisions we Make", fantasy of the Fire trilogy, cowboys in Heart of Texas, paranormal with Shades of the Wolf with Diane Adams as well as one of my favorites, a contemporary holiday book, The Christmas Throwaway.This series, if you like action/adventure, suspense/mystery, as well as romance, in this case, hot alpha male, you will probably enjoy this series!Where the two leads in t [...]

    16. Overall book rating: 3 Stars Audio book: Narrator - Sean Christen 3.5 Stars Book Cover: 2.5 Stars MC1: Dale Maclntyre - Sanctuary worker and Ex Navy Seal MC2: Joseph Kinnon - Active Navy SealI need to say this to myself more often!!!image: Brilliant Plot!!!! Why do I feel Disappointed???Why do I always need More???Why was the story so SHORT????I love to read RJ Scott's books but I ALWAYS feel incomplete when I am done!!!! Brilliant plots but way to short and I always feel like something is missi [...]

    17. In book one Morgan saw a woman killed, Joseph is her brother. He wants to find out why she was killed. Dale is the man from Sanctuary working on the case and he doesn’t want any interference. The two fight for control but succumb to their mutual desire. In the end two heads are better than one at finding the truth.**This was a good Sanctuary book, not as good as book one IMHO, mostly because there was a lot of crime/mystery elements and not as much relationship building.The smexy times are goo [...]

    18. I love this series. None of them are particularly meaty and all have instalove (although some worse than others) and all have action and excitement and danger. This one was no exception, and it was even less believable than most. I didn't buy the love at all, let alone the intense forever kind. The danger and excitement were good. I wish there had been a little more build up to the love. Happy ending? (view spoiler)[Yes, HEA (hide spoiler)]

    19. LOVED IT!I really enjoyed this second book in the series, I was going to complain that we didn’t get hardly any interaction between Dale and Joseph until like 60% of the book, but it was so worth it to wait, the love these two share was very intense and I love so much Joseph’s flirty nature.I wish we could’ve seen more of them together thoughbut overall, a really good read.

    20. 4 starsI enjoyed this more than the first one. Less sex and more action. Kinda surprised I'm happy about that. I liked Dale and Joseph and how they were both dominant SEALs and how the story carried over from the first book. But the end? I'm not into instant love and wtf. Joseph has to leave and it ends. Hopefully their story carries on in the next book.

    21. I think I enjoyed this one more than the first because of the back story. I also liked Morgan's vulnerability in the first book, but I liked these two tough SEAL's a lot more. I hope we see more development as far as joseph and Dale's relationship goes because of where the book ended.

    22. I like that this is picking up where the first book left off and we get new characters along with ones from the first book. There was a bit too much going on for me to really buy the romance between Dale and Joseph, which is why I gave it 3 instead of 4 stars.

    23. I liked that Joseph and Dale didn't do the overly sappy HEA and chose to keep their careers and to try and make their relationship work. Two strong willed people and they worked well together.

    24. I really liked this one. It was much better than the first book in the series.I loved Dale and Joseph and look forward to seeing them again in next books. 4.25 starsRecommended.

    25. Really not my thing. RJ Scott is hit or miss (and some are amazing hits) but not this one. I just didn't buy itt enough romance. I don't know why, but it just wasn't there. I liked Book 1.

    26. R.J Scott has a special way with writing. GOTTA love it. The story is full of action and proves love can be instant. This is a fun read and ends on a sizzling hot note!

    27. This is the second book in a series. I happened to read this book out of order. The Only Easy Day is a great standalone book.

    28. Just spent 2 hours trailing round Egypt trying to find a place with wi-fi to download this book I purchased before I left England, Worth every minute. love this series

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