Cookies and Scream

Cookies and Scream Olivia Greyson is the proud owner of The Gingerbread House a quaint shop that specializes in all things cookie and her best friend Maddie is her sidekick baking up scrumptious treats for their cook

  • Title: Cookies and Scream
  • Author: Virginia Lowell
  • ISBN: 9780425260708
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • Olivia Greyson is the proud owner of The Gingerbread House a quaint shop that specializes in all things cookie and her best friend, Maddie, is her sidekick, baking up scrumptious treats for their cookie themed parties But when a stunning antique cookie cutter collection leads to murder, things get a bit too hot to handle

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    1. Livie returns home early from vacation with the sense that something isn't quite right. Spunky senses it too from an unfamiliar scent on the floor. When she checks the store safe she finds it bursting with unfamiliar antique cookie cutters. The mystery is cleared up when her friend Constance calls to say former Chatterley Heights resident Greta Oskarson has returned and wants Livie to sell her antique cookie cutter collection to fund her retirement. Despite the fact Greta has outlived several we [...]

    2. Olivia is the proprietor of The Gingerbread house, a store that specializes in cookie cutters and baking delicious cookies, Olivia returns home from a vacation to find the safe at her store crammed to the brim with unusual cookie cutters that Olivia has never seen before. When Greta Oskarson decides to move back to Chatterly Heights she asks Olivia's friend, Constance to store her vintage collection of cookie cutters, so It is decided to store them in The Gingerbread House's safe until Olivia's [...]

    3. justadreamer24.wordpress/I really enjoyed this book :)I love a great cozy mystery and this was no exception.The mystery of it was really different. An entire mystery over cookie cutters? That’s pretty intense! But it works so well with the story.This was my first time reading any of Lowell’s books and I was not disappointed. I like how even though this is the 5th in the series, you didn’t have to read any of the other books. The story made complete sense even without having read any of the [...]

    4. I really like this series. Olivia is a great character and her friends in the story make it a fun read.In this book, Olivia is asked to help sell a very rare cookie cutter collection. Greta has made a few enemies in her lifetime and it seems her offer to work with Olivia on selling the collection is too good to be true.Unfortunately for Greta, her life ends unexpectedly and Olivia and Maddie are determined to find the truth.This particular book is my favorite in the series. I love Aunt Sadie, El [...]

    5. This is a fun and yummy series :)Another great book, in this new series. I loved reading about history involved in cookie cutter collecting. The characters in this book I found to be interesting, and hope to find a,few of them featured in future books.

    6. I found this one to be incredibly slow and repetitious. The killer was obvious. It just didn't thrill me and with a title like that it should've been more entertaining.

    7. I enjoyed the first book of this series and wanted to try the next. It was good, not great, but a solid good. I'll keep checking out the series. I would give it one more star if the story had a little more "bulk". I realize it is a cozy, not expecting heavy. I enjoy the family/community atmosphere but there was a lot of repetitiveness. Not long passages but short paragraphs stating the same "reminders" of what the characters were doing or had done. I expect that to happen a bit but felt like it [...]

    8. This is an amusing, light-hearted novel. Great for a late bed-time read with no worries of nightmares afterwards. The story is predictable but entertaining. Haven't tried the cookie recipe but it sounds tasty. I like a story with more 'drama and realism' than this novel provides but this is an excellent book to travel with.

    9. Nice cozy mystery series. I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the earlier ones - little things just irritated me. Still a gentle read and nice twists in the plots.

    10. Olivia Grayson is afraid her cherished shop The Gingerbread House has been broken into when a few things on the shelves appear to have been rearranged. Olivia is surprised to discover not only is nothing missing, but she has actually gained more antique cookie cutters than she had before going out of town. She starts digging into this puzzle and finds that former resident Greta Oskarson has returned to Chatterly Heights and the extra cookie cutters are part of her collection. Before Olivia gets [...]

    11. openbooksociety/article/coBrought to you by OBS reviewer Kimcookies-and-scream-cookie-cutter-shop-mystery-virginia-lowellI really thought this was a well written story and had a lot of different twists to it. It’s amazing how much you learn about a person once they have gone to the great beyond only to find out they are not who you thought they were. This story reminds me of family, of the things we go through and things we overlook in our loved ones because that’s who they are: your family. [...]

    12. Cookies and Scream is the fifth book in the A Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery series.Olivia returns from vacation and the next day a friend, Constance, calls to explain the antique cookie cutters that are in her wall safe. Greta Oskarson has decided to move back to Chatterly Heights and has asked Constance to hold her cookie cutter collection until Olivia returns and meeting can be arranged with Olivia to discuss the sale of Greta's collection. Greta has been living in Europe and has had several husb [...]

    13. Olivia and Maddie have returned from escaping the scorching heat of Summer, only to find out that a former Chatterley Heights resident has also returned to town. Greta Oskarson has come back to have Olivia help her sell her large antique cookie cutter collection, so that she may retire with the income from that sale. But as soon as Olivia arrives back into town, she is already aware that something is not quite right at the store, and when her mother returns early from her vacation after hearing [...]

    14. With the weather super hot in Chatterling Heights, everybody has left for a while. So when Olivia and Spunky get back and find some things messed up in her Queen Anne Cookie Cutter Shop, she is worried. Soon there is a mystery to solve and the sheriff is out of town. This is just a touch on what you will find in this latest Cookie Cutter Mysteries by Virginia Howell. Her style of writing is easy to read and it will draw you into the storyline and not let you go if you aren’t careful. Toward th [...]

    15. This is another in a series of books where the main character sells cookies and cookie cutters. I enjoy learning something new and until I read this series I didn't realize that cookie cutters were such a big business. In this book the main character is given a large amount of old very valuable cookie cutters to sell but before she can do that, the owner dies and she has to figure out how and who did it.

    16. Another fun adventure with Olivia and Maddie revolving around cookie cutters. This time, the ladies are trying to decide if there even has been a murder by looking into victim’s past. Lowell draws delightfully complex characters with very human reactions to plausible background stories from Olivia and Maddie’s families to the woman at the heart of the mystery. A charming cozy with an authentic mystery at its heart!

    17. Today, I learned that a National Cookie Cutter Historical Museum exists. Why, oh why, had no one told me this before now?One of the reasons I read is to learn. The Cookie Cutter mysteries educate me about the history of cookies. I am not making me this up. This is a cute series, and the little bits of trivia are good. But the minor characters Bennie and Ned have got to go. They must be two of the more annoying characters in any series I read, and I was glad to see them out of the loop here.

    18. I love this series! What could be more fun than owning an "everything" cookie shop. with the "everything" including fresh baked cookies from Maddie, who is best friend of the main character, Olivia. Several years ago Olivia inherited amazing collection of cookie cutters. Now she has been offered more, but before that deal is done, the donor ends up dead. Join Olivia and Maddie as they set out to discover who the murderer is.

    19. These books are always fun but I have to say the whole Binnie and Ned paparazzi thing is a bit out there. The lengths Olivia and Maddie go to to avoid a team of small town bloggers is ridiculous and makes me feel a bit like they are drama queens. Apart from that this was another good read in the series.

    20. I somehow read this 5th book before the 4th. It doesn't really matter. The book is a delight no matter when you read it. Cookies and the cutters keep the interest of the reader. . . Agood summer read!

    21. i dont know what the heck happened but i didnt like this as much as the others in the series. the plot seemed to consist of various female characters gossiping in different locations, the villian was obvious as was motive. very dissapointing, the rest of the series is so great.

    22. Shortbread recipe includedA cute series using an improbable business as a magnet for catching murderers in this fifth book. Wish it included many more cookie recipes, first one was in the previous book. Waiting on the basic cookie recipe though.

    23. Wow--what a story! I cannot fathom a person spending their life as such, never being happy, always on guard and.whew, love the European flair to this story!

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