A Year with Six Sisters' Stuff: 52 Menu Plans, Recipes, and Ideas to Bring Families Together

A Year with Six Sisters Stuff Menu Plans Recipes and Ideas to Bring Families Together What s for dinner Three words every mom dreads Don t panic The Six Sisters are here to help you answer that question The Sisters have gathered together than of their most popular recipes for entre

  • Title: A Year with Six Sisters' Stuff: 52 Menu Plans, Recipes, and Ideas to Bring Families Together
  • Author: Six Sisters
  • ISBN: 9781609078164
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • What s for dinner Three words every mom dreads.Don t panic The Six Sisters are here to help you answer that question The Sisters have gathered together than 150 of their most popular recipes for entrees, side dishes, and desserts and have combined them into 52 stress free menus of perfectly prepared three course meals.Filled with delicious tried and true family f What s for dinner Three words every mom dreads.Don t panic The Six Sisters are here to help you answer that question The Sisters have gathered together than 150 of their most popular recipes for entrees, side dishes, and desserts and have combined them into 52 stress free menus of perfectly prepared three course meals.Filled with delicious tried and true family favorites and oh so easy to make dishes, A Year with Six Sisters Stuff features all new recipes using basic ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen Each menu is designed to make your dinner plans as easy as possible and with such wide variety and a photograph accompanying every recipe in the book, you can easily mix and match menus to create a year s worth of dinner ideas.In addition, the Sisters share some of their favorite family dinner traditions and crafts, as well as 52 dinner conversation starters, a list of pantry staples, and, food storage plan for beginners.So what s for dinner Whatever you d like.

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    1. This is truly my kind of cookbook! I may have mentioned this before but I don't really enjoy cooking. Usually when a cookbook comes up for review, I want to pass. However, I jumped at the chance to review this one. As soon as it came, my daughter's eyes got big and she grabbed it and started looking through it. There are a few craft and family tradition ideas in here as well and she was interested in learning about those. There are lots of great recipes in here! They are quick and easy to make a [...]

    2. I found this book at the library and decided to read it because I found an AMAZING turtle pumpkin pie on their website, which I made twice during the holidays. It's in the style of menu plans, where you get 52 different menus, each with a main dish, a side, and a dessert recipe. Some of them are basic, beginners recipes, but there are others that will be tried and possibly added into my recipe box. I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys cooking, (since there are some awesome recipes that I [...]

    3. Wow, there a LOT of recipes in this book! And the best part about all of them is how easy they seem to cook! Another thing that I love about all the recipes is that the sisters use ingredients that are actually familiar. If they aren't already in our pantry, they are easy to buy at at the store. No scratching my head and saying, "Now where would I find that?" or even worse, "What is that?" All of these dishes are made with everyday ingredients, and usually only a handful of ingredients, not a wh [...]

    4. Easy, satisfying family recipes with a year's worth of menus. Beautiful pictures! Success with each recipe I've tried.

    5. A fun book with lots of quick, easy recipes. The authors provide 52 menus and are heavy on crockpot recipes and super easy deserts. Nice photos and extra fun stuff including crafts, menus, conversation starters, etc.

    6. An easy step-by-step menu plan for moms on the go! You can use the menus set before you or mix them up, but each recipe is delicious and nutritious! I will be cooking from this one for a long time to come!

    7. I'm really excited to try their recipes! They have a lot of every day staples that I would never think of or remember to make but love having the opportunity now!

    8. I'm a little baffled by the high ratings this has received. I see the appeal of simple recipes, but these come at a cost: a lack of flavor development/depth, an over-reliance on processed foods as ingredients, and a disregard for health. The sisters' superlatives in their descriptions totally oversell many of the dishes. Sorry, but instant rice, a seasoning packet, salsa, and canned chilies isn't going to be "amazing." A more appropriate description could have been "homey," "quick and easy," or [...]

    9. I have heard of these popular food bloggers but prior to getting the book, I had not made any of their recipes. My biggest struggle with this book was the layout; the premise is 52 meals (1 main dish, 1 side, and a dessert) but there is no rhyme or reason to the organization of the meals. For instance, if you wanted soup recipes you would need to flip to the index and look up the soup recipes then find them in the book. I prefer a little more organization in cookbooks. I also noticed many of the [...]

    10. Dive into a delicious new treat, with Six Sisters amazing new recipe book, designed with the family in mind. Ranging from menu plans, to easy and delicious recipes and even fun and simple projects that enhance the family dining experience. With amazing pictures, capturing the heart of what makes this book work- amazing food. Designed to take the fear and stress out of cooking, Six Sisters fills their book with easy to follow instructions, paired with shopping lists and photos. They prove that wi [...]

    11. When it comes to cookbooks, A Year with Six Sisters’ STUFF offers much more than just recipes.This beautiful bound, softcover cookbook offers menu planning, a list of pantry staples, a food storage plan for beginners, and craft ideas. My favorite extra is the 52 dinner conversation starters. This is a great way to spend quality time with the entire family while enjoying a fun and easy meal.The recipes are easy to prepare dishes that include basic ingredients most every kitchen already has on h [...]

    12. I love cookbooks. I love cooking, but I might love cookbooks even more. At last count, I had more than 100 on my special cookbook bookshelf. It’s a mix of old and new (I have a serious soft spot for vintage cookbooks). The latest addition to my collection is A Year with Six Sisters’ Stuff. Say that three times fast.This fun book, full of mouth-watering pictures AND mouth-watering recipes has a menu plan for every week of the year, along with the recipes (of course!), some creative crafts and [...]

    13. originally reviewed for StoreyBookReviewsFor those that don’t know me, my second love behind reading is cooking. Or maybe cooking is my first love and reading is my second? Either way, they are pretty close together either way and so it is always a bonus to be able to review a cookbook – combine the two! My husband has actually gotten into cooking recently so it is always nice to have a new source for dishes to try out on the family. Luckily my stepson eats pretty much anything you put in fr [...]

    14. If you are cooking for a family, or if you are just looking for some great recipes that are easy and delicious look no further than Six Sister's Stuff. I love these girls! They are one of my go to sites when it comes to new recipes and the new cookbook has a year of menus.I like to make a great dinner one day a week that really wow's people and these ladies really help me do that.I've made several of the recipes from this cookbook already and I plan to make many more of them.Why?Most of the reci [...]

    15. This book is published in a user friendly format. There is a recipe for each week of the year. You can mix and match recipes, there are many ways to look at the book.The pictures are fantastic. I don't know if I could get my food to look like that if I tried hard but as long as they taste good that's OK.This past Sunday I threw some drumsticks in the crock pot, trying to figure out a way to serve them. I thought about throwing some BBQ sauce in there and decided to check out the book instead. Th [...]

    16. Continuing on the success of their blog and their first cookbook, the Six Sisters have a second. Like the first one, Six Sisters' Stuff, this includes crafts and fun suggestions as well as recipes. Also as with the first book, all of the recipes are easy to make and call for ingredients you most likely have in your kitchen. Again there is a strong reliance on prepared/canned ingredients like canned soup, cake mixes, frozen bread and refrigerator pie crusts and biscuits. The difference with this [...]

    17. One of the things I most LOVE about the Six Sisters' Stuff is the EASY, FAMILY FRIENDLY recipes!They use BASIC ingredients to bring together delicious meals and tasty treats!This book takes it a step further and brings you52 full menu plans :)Some of my favorites:Menu #44Fresh Lime SalsaAvocado Chicken EnchiladasTres Leches CakeMenu # 15Slow Cooker Eight-Can Taco SoupHomemade Bread SticksFudgy BrowniesMenu #28Homemade ApplesauceSlow Cooker Glazed Pork LoinGerman Chocolate Cake Cookies(a SPECIAL [...]

    18. Oh my word!! I am in LOVE with this cookbook. OK, I haven't actually made anything from it yet, BUT it's an ENTIRE cookbook of MENUS!!! Which I totally need because, while I can cook and I enjoy it and I make good things, um, I don't always know how to make meals, which sides to fix with which main dishes. This book has it planned out for me! There are 3 recipes for each menu, 1 main dish and the other can be a veggie, a salad, a side, a dessert, an appetizer, well, you get the idea. The main di [...]

    19. While not my favorite Six Sisters Stuff cookbook, what I love about this is that it meal plans for you! A whole year of recipes is provided so you don't have to come up with any.

    20. I have been making the sisters' recipes for years. I have their previous cookbook and have made a lot of the recipes, so I was really excited to try this one. It did not disappoint. I love the menu format because it pairs recipes together with complementary sides or desserts. I love that I have all the ingredients in my pantry, and I love that they are family friendly. I tried the slow cooker sticky chicken and it was so yummy! I have also made the honey lime enchiladas and they are delicious. M [...]

    21. This is a great book, with a ton of recipes. While they could be used for everyday, if you wanted to use their entire menu for an easy BBQ, last minute special occasion dinner, you could (no nutritional info - and I don't think you could eat like this every day). It's very family-friendly, with some cute craft ideas that tie out to holidays and seasons, and ideas for conversation-starters at family dinners. They also mention a few of their family traditions (like Crazy Dinner the night before Th [...]

    22. This is the best cookbook I've reviewed and my new favorite cookbook! Not only does it have a wonderful and durable cover, the pictures throughout the book are mouthwatering. And, EVERY recipe has a picture! This is a huge bonus to me and my family, and not something you see very often. It really adds a lot to the book.Not only is the presentation of this book fabulous, but the recipes are so good! We have tried quite a few of them, and look forward to testing many more (like the Tres Leches Cak [...]

    23. I absolutely loved this cookbook! The recipes sound delicious. I love that most of them can be made with ingredients you have on hand. These are perfect recipes for families. The anecdotes and tips throughout the book make this even more fun than a regular cookbook. My eleven year old daughter loved the book, too. She covered a notebook page with all the recipes she wants me to make. This really is a great cookbook, and one I'll be using regularly. The Six Sisters hit it out of the park with thi [...]

    24. This is a fantastic cookbook! Tons of color photographs (EVERY recipe has a photograph!) and all the recipes are super easy and well-explained and all the family tradition anecdotes are adorable. The cookbook is laid out into 52 meal plans consisting of a main dish, a side dish, and a dessert. Yes, that means there are 52 sweet tooth recipes in this cookbook! Mmm everything looked so good it was hard to pick just a few to try! I checked out my copy from my library, and I copied down many recipes [...]

    25. Granted, I have only tried a couple of recipes in this cookbook, but this is a cookbook I would be willing to buy if several recipes work out. Nearly every recipe got a "i want to try this" from me, which doesn't happen often. I liked the idea of theme meals, and I think I found more recipes to try than their first cookbook. I do like how they have simple ingredients for most of their recipes and I also liked the pictures. Several of my "g0-to" recipes are from the 1st cookbook, so this one was [...]

    26. I got this through inter library loan. My mother is on their blog and loves it, so I decided to get one of their cook books to see what all the buzz was about. It was pretty good I found many things that I would make. There were many recipes that I copied. My mother confiscated the book from me and kept it until I had to return it.There were some recipes that just required a few ingredients and like a cake mix and then there were others that were made with a few ingredients that were made from [...]

    27. I usually find cookbooks a waste because there are just one or two recipes I can fix that my family will eat. I tend to find way more I would like to try but am the only one. However, with this book I am finding that is not the case. We have fixed about 5-6 with a few more things to try. They have been hits so far. I am giving it a three star rating as some of the recipes are similar to what we already have on our rotation so for me it was not as useful in that regard. Enjoyed it and might buy i [...]

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