Littleland Around the World

Littleland Around the World Join the little ones on their fantastic voyage of discovery around the world

  • Title: Littleland Around the World
  • Author: Marion Billet
  • ISBN: 9780763675790
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Join the little ones on their fantastic voyage of discovery around the world.

    One thought on “Littleland Around the World”

    1. Billet, Marion Littleland Around the World. Candlewick Press, 2014. $14.99. PICTURE BOOK."Little ones" are leaving on a trip. They are all packed and ready to go. But have they remembered everything? On each page of this adorable book, children help to search and find various items: a cat, a table, a croissant. Whether the “little ones” are in France, Germany, China or many other countries in the world, children will delight in helping them find what each page is seeking. The colors are stri [...]

    2. OH MAN! Very rarely do I see a kids' book that gets me this jazzed. I can't wait to go out and buy a copy for every kid I know! What's so fantastic? Well firstly, the illustrations, which are magnificently cute. But secondly, this is an "I Spy" kind of activity for pre-school and lower-elementary-aged children. It's also educational; each item you search for as the animals go from country to country ties back in with that nation's culture (for instance, a sausage in Germany and a croissant in Fr [...]

    3. A fun little search and say that teaches children about different countries, cultures and customs, and throws a few good vocabulary words in there as well. An excellent book for families to read and explore together. Recommended for ages 2 and up.

    4. A seek and find aimed at pre-readers that takes the friendly animal characters it features on a trip around the world. Good text, scene appropriate items for finding. This is an excellent book for sharing with PreK.

    5. A seek and find book with very cute characters.On the first page you search for what they've packed in their bags / "everything they need". I thought it was cute that a butterfly and squirrel were considered travel necessities.

    6. This book is reminiscent df Richard Scarry's books. Great simple first geography book for young children.

    7. I love search and find books that you can actually learn from! This one lets you travel around the world finding objects specific to the country.

    8. Find the pictures within the larger picture while taking a trip all over the world. For lap reading with preschoolers.

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