Villainous A fantastic story thrillingly told This book has a superpower you can t put it down Jonathan Stroud author of the bestselling Bartimaeus Trilogy The truth about the Super children who have real powe

  • Title: Villainous
  • Author: MatthewCody
  • ISBN: 9780385754897
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A fantastic story, thrillingly told This book has a superpower you can t put it down Jonathan Stroud, author of the bestselling Bartimaeus Trilogy The truth about the Super children who have real powers like flight and super strength is finally exposed, and the town of Noble s Green has created a special boarding school for its superpowered children That s where all A fantastic story, thrillingly told This book has a superpower you can t put it down Jonathan Stroud, author of the bestselling Bartimaeus Trilogy The truth about the Super children who have real powers like flight and super strength is finally exposed, and the town of Noble s Green has created a special boarding school for its superpowered children That s where all Daniel s friends are headed, while he regular kid that he is is headed to summer school But all is not well at the Academy for the Extraordinarily Gifted A clique of popular kids led by a pair of sinister twins has taken over the school, and once again, it s powerless Daniel who may be able to stop them To do so, he will have to turn to his sworn enemy, the Shroud, for help.

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    1. The Supers of Noble Green trilogy concludes in satisfying fashion with Daniel Corrigan taking on his archenemy once again. Fans of the series will enjoy the action-packed adventures and the characters, many of whom have special powers. As the truth is revealed about the students attending the local special academy, Daniel faces his toughest challenge--trying to sort out his feelings about Mollie who has her own superpower and can fly. The book is filled with plenty of humor, and while it helps t [...]

    2. 5 stars. Villainous is the third, and last book, in the series by Matthew Cody. it is a great action and science book for young adults. After you pick it up, it is hard to put down. At first, the book starts out slow, but then it picks up speed. Unlike some books in series, with Villainous you have to read the other book first for it to make any sense. In the first book in the series, a young teenager, named Daniel Corrigan, moves to a sleepy town called Nobles Green. On his first day Daniel enc [...]

    3. I liked the book because it had a good plot but it was a bit boring because it was the same stuff every time. It involved Daniel the super hero and his other super friends trying to find out if Theo plunket is a villain and stop him. The setting in the book is Noble Green, it is a small town were supers and villains run lose. The plot of the book is boring in the beginning because there is not much action but at the climax of the book it is really exciting but towards the end it gets boring agai [...]

    4. This series is just a lot of fun, and I'm sorry to say goodbye to Daniel Corrigan and his Super friends. The mystery was well constructed (though it still asked more questions about human nature than it answered, I think) and pretty satisfying. A big recommendation for kids who like superheroes.

    5. Daniel and his friends, the Supers, face new foes when the town of Noble Green opens a school for super powered kids that include a new gang of villains called the Nobles. The Nobles have destruction on their mind as several places in town like the ice cream parlor and the regular high school are damaged and it brings bad will from the townspeople to all the supers whether they are involved or not. Daniel and his friends must find a way to find out who is really behind the damage and is the appr [...]

    6. Now that there are “supers” everywhere in Noble’s Green, it has become a tourist attraction. They have even opened a school for those students: Noble’s Academy for the Gifted (Johnny Noble is the Principal). It’s a bit of an adjustment for the town. There are, of course, those students who aren't responsible with their powers. Case in point: there's a new gang that the supers must deal with. They call themselves Noble's Nobles and are led by Drake, Hunter and "Mutt". But when burglarie [...]

    7. Villainous by Matthew Cody explains the adventures of Daniel Corrigan as he attempts to defeat Herman Plunkett for the second time. After the blackout, in the earlier book of the series, everybody in Noble's Green woke up and remembered that they had superpowers. A school was built for all of the kids who had just discovered their power so they could learn how to use them. The town started having problems. Daniel figured that the problems were being caused by Clay. He was wrong, it was a group o [...]

    8. Villainous is the third title in the Powerless trilogy. This book pulls the reader right into the town of Noble's Green and the horrible destruction occurring through fires and vandalism. Townspeople think its the children who have attained super powers. Without reading the previous titles, readers can enter the world of both the Nobles and Supers, opposing forces of children, through the prologue explaining how the children became Supers. Focusing on Daniel, supposedly a non Super, readers lear [...]

    9. Question: What happened to/where is Johnny Noble?Question: How did Herman Plunkett get to have so much access to the outside world? I thought he was in a mental institute of sorts?And yeah I totally knew Daniel liked Molly since Powerless but it appeared he also liked Louisa and I didn't particularly care who he ended up with since I like both girls equally sorta. But like I thought Molly either liked Michael or Eric since she was particularly concerned/sensitive about them. But ok. And I totall [...]

    10. This is the third book of the series. Everyone has discovered that the tow of Noble Green has a lot of super children and they opened a boarding school for the super kids. But Daniel is going back to normal school. But then their are many vandalisms in the town of Noble Green and Daniel has to get to the bottom of it. He might have to get help from his worst enemy the SHROUD!!!! A major them in this book is to never give up it is showed when he never gives up on his super friends. I recommend th [...]

    11. I think it's safe to say that this series has made me scream out NOOOOOOOO! more than any other book series I've ever read. And I mean that in a good way. The plot of this series has been magnificent. It continues to surprise me, and honestly, it is beautiful. Heart wrenching at times, but beautiful. I've really loved the characters in this series,(Especially Eric and Rose) and I'm sad to see them go. Especially with this ending. It's a beautiful ending to a beautiful series, but it seriously ta [...]

    12. A fitting end to the trilogy of books about the kids of Noble's Green. The kids in the book grow as the series progresses. This book includes a first love in a very appropriate way. We now have a school for super powered children which may not be what it seems. An old nemesis returns to wreak havoc. And the question of exactly what a super power is arises. A well done trilogy.

    13. Villainous was a great book that was filled with action and adventure. It happens in our world but in a made up town called Noble Green named after a super hero. Though this may seem fake, (town used to think it was) it actually happened in the book. There's a town where super hero's live and the world doesn't even no it. IT's a great book for any one who loves fantasy.

    14. The hero of this book is a kid named Daniel Corrigan. He's a normal 14-year-old boy who helps organize and deploy a group of kids with superpowers. But I have to wonder, is he really the hero? Or is it Eric, the one with Superboy-like skills who sacrifices his powers to save the earth? Full review here: superheronovels/2015/05/15

    15. the presvese book super I thought it was fine it was not as interesting as the first one, but it still told what happen after the first book so I gave it a 3 star but totally got me off guard it was greatit was great it was perfect amount of adventure wording and everything it was obvesely the best in the series and it is highly recromended

    16. It think this book was good because it had things that other books don't have, like a plot that is like a squiggly line with turns and curves. It was also good because it had an evil person enslaving kids because the kids wanted to. It doesn't make sense. Who would want to work for somebody who was going to steal you're special talent? So, really, I liked this book, a lot.

    17. Daniel had many sides to his personality. this includes righteousness and intelligence. he was able to deduct and discover several key points that wouldn't have been revealed well normally. he also had the sense of righteousness when facing off against Herman at the end by not killing him.

    18. One of the best books I have ever read! What I thought was cool was that the author not only had Daniel facing problems with the Shroud and the Nobles, but with girls too. This is defiantly a favorite of mine!!!

    19. A great ending to the series. Good verses Evil and some of the grey areas in between. Standing for what you believe in can take some sacrifice at times. This was great fun to read with the kids.

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