Dragon Fireside Tales

Dragon Fireside Tales Intriguing softly unsettling but strangely hypnotic fantastical tales of the unexpected

  • Title: Dragon Fireside Tales
  • Author: Adam Boustead
  • ISBN: 9781782221951
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • Intriguing, softly unsettling, but strangely hypnotic fantastical tales of the unexpected.

    One thought on “Dragon Fireside Tales”

    1. I enjoyed the frame tale of differeing poems and stories. While author gave homage to the traditional tales, he gave some interesting twists and new takes on old favorites, and I enjoyed the writing style immensely. It truly did evoke a sense of telling stories around a campfire. This book would be a great read for lovers of all things magical, especially young adults and those that love the optimism of the hope of magic.

    2. A interesting mix of poetry and short storries. Most of them leaving you with a slightly off kilter feeling, as though the author sees the world differently.

    3. The name and cover of Dragon Fireside Tales intrigued me, so I took a chance on reading it. It turned out to be a lot different than I expected. Read on to find out why.Synopsis (from the author): Intriguing, softly unsettling, but strangely hypnotic fantastical tales of the unexpected.What I liked: The book is a collection of poems and short stories. Not exactly what I expected, but refreshing in its own way. While there were some common themes among the stories, the tales weren’t repetitive. [...]

    4. Given To Me For An Honest ReviewAdam Boustead has done a great job in writing this book. It is not in my usual genre but I accepted it and read it. I found that I really enjoyed reading it. It is original and thought provoking. There are short stories in it and some poetry. I love the poetry a lot. The stories will make you think. I enjoyed this book and I wish I could give more that 5 stars to it. It is an excellent read and I highly recommend it to all. I look forward to more from Adam Boustea [...]

    5. An interesting collection of short stories and poems with a fantasy theme. Great book for dipping in and out of when you have time - or all in one go like I did!Some of the tales left me wanting to know more - what happened next???I'm not a big poetry fan - this book could really have been divided into two volumes - one for poetry and one for the tales - but that's just my personal opinion.One teeny criticism - the book could do with a little more polishing but it certainly doesn't take away fro [...]

    6. This book is like viewing modern art. I don't prefer that style, but I can admire the creativity used to paint it. Likewise, I did not enjoy this collection of disjointed and sometimes disturbing short stories and poetry, but I can appreciate the creativity of the author. The font was a little difficult to read and had to be read in short bursts, so it helps that all the stories in the collection are short. I got excited about the dragon cover and didn't check out what I was buying, or I might n [...]

    7. Mythological qualities, magical skills these are the creatures the authors have wrote about in the short verses and short stories in this book. They may be short stories, but they have some great storylines with terrific twists which make them very good reads. The narration is highly descriptive relating to the colours, textures and currently lighting. All in all a great little book of fantasy.

    8. I enjoyed Dragon Fireside tales! I felt like I was sitting around a campfire listening to my friends tell spooky stories. The poems and short stories were creative, fun, and a bit twisted. I didn't like every tale, but i loved enough of them to give it 5 stars.

    9. When I read the disclaimer to this book, my first though was, oh, an erotica! I don’t mind sexually explicit reads as long as they are done with taste and with regard to the reader. This book is not erotica at all, but a collection of some out of this world stories, stories of Magic.I was watching the Twilight Zone TV series, as I read, and the stories I was reading and the ones I was watching felt like the same type of happenings. The stories I was reading could make for good scripts for the [...]

    10. Some Imagination!I didn’t care too much for the poetry, but the short stories did grab my attention; and then they started to sound the same with the same theme with each story. Still it was a good read, but not one to keep me fully immersed in the book. I could take it or leave it. The spelling needed an editor because some of the mistakes were enough to alter the meaning of the story, so the reading was not very smooth. I give it three (3) stars.Dragon Fireside Tales: The Dragon Chronicles

    11. As the blurb states, this collection of short stories and poems is 'Intriguing, softly unsettling, but strangely hypnotic' and full of 'fantastical tales of the unexpected.' Most of the stories contain a surprise or two, and some leave you wanting more to know what happens next. I adore the poems and feel that these are where this author's strength lies: he has a penchant for the poetic. A lovely short read that you can dip in and out of. As some reviewers have noted, it could do with some poli [...]

    12. My first stand alone bookInfo linked by love craft and tery brooksTride to write about dragons not shore it workedPleas let me know what you thinkNew at this need all the help I can get espeshaly with the storiesThe poems seem to come more easilyMaybe they are easier for the dragons to send to me

    13. Interesting and Enjoyable StoriesI thoroughly enjoyed Adam Boustead's imagination. I was reminded of stories similar to those of Alfred Hitchcock and those from the television series, The Twilight Zone. The author introduces an odd array of beloved and fantastical characters.

    14. Very much enjoyed this collection of short stories, many of which left me wanting to know more. A few of the stories reminded me of something you would tell by a nighttime campfire. This is a fun and creative book that is appropriate for multiple age groups.

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