The Last Leopard

The Last Leopard Martine is looking forward to the holidays and riding Jemmy her white giraffe until an accident sends her and Ben on a journey to the Matobo Hills wilderness in Zimbabwe It is a lawless land where

  • Title: The Last Leopard
  • Author: Lauren St. John
  • ISBN: 9781842556672
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • Martine is looking forward to the holidays and riding Jemmy, her white giraffe, until an accident sends her and Ben on a journey to the Matobo Hills wilderness in Zimbabwe It is a lawless land, where nothing is as it seems When they uncover a plot in which the fate of a magnificent leopard and the lost treasure of an African King are mysteriously linked, their friendshipMartine is looking forward to the holidays and riding Jemmy, her white giraffe, until an accident sends her and Ben on a journey to the Matobo Hills wilderness in Zimbabwe It is a lawless land, where nothing is as it seems When they uncover a plot in which the fate of a magnificent leopard and the lost treasure of an African King are mysteriously linked, their friendship faces its greatest test Far from home and the help of Grace and Tendai, and with Gwyn Thomas languishing, under false accusations, in jail, Martine and Ben must use every survival skill they possess They ll come face to face with Griffin, Mercy, Mr Ratcliffe known as Rat , Magnus the hornbill, and a witch doctor, not to mention Khan, the last leopard They must decide who their friends are, and who are enemies, as they race against time to save the world s rarest leopard and each other This third African adventure is written with all the zest and skill that have endeared so many readers to THE WHITE GIRAFFE and DOLPHIN SONG.

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    1. The latest book I have read was The Last Leopard by Lauren st. John. The book is about two teenagers and there grandma going to help a friend in Zimbabwe. When they arrive they realize the real reason that their friend needed help. The story follows the two teenagers as they search for Khan, the last leopard. I really liked this book. I really liked this book because it is packed with adventures and action. For example, the main character comes face to face with the biggest leopard on record. An [...]

    2. I am 46 years old and love these books. Lauren St. John writes in magic ink. I want to read every book she has ever written, minus the golf books. I just can´t get excited about those little balls. White giraffes, dolphins, leopards etc are a different story. I think everyone should read these books. Her stories are pure magic.

    3. رائع وبعض الحيوانات والاشياء فيه حلصت للكاتبة في الحقيقة!

    4. Excellent book, 3rd in the Animal Healer series by Lauren St. John. Orphaned Martine, who lives with her grandmother on a game preserve in South Africa, has special abilities as an animal healer (think dog whisperer). She can tame and help animals which would normally not want people near them. She and her friend Ben accompany Martine's grandmother to the Black Eagle Resort in a remote region of Zimbabwe where the proprietor, a family friend, needs help because of a broken leg. While there the k [...]

    5. I thought this book was inspiring of what we should do in real life. This book was about Martine going to another country to help her grandmother's friend with a broken leg. When she finally gets there she learns all the secrets of the area like this one about a leopard that Is one of the last of it's kind. She wants To do something about it so she goes to find it with Ben, her friend, and an instructor there. The two men go into the leopard's cage and Martine is left alone. At last she saw the [...]

    6. Once again St John has done a wonderful job of bringing the wilds of Africa to life, with great descriptions of the landscape and the animals inhabiting it. This book has a more serious tone with detailed descriptions of the caged hunting.Again I thought that the story would have been just as good without the fantasy elements, although I did come to realise that without Martine’s healing touch very few of the animals in any of the three books would have survived. I was interested to read in th [...]

    7. At first, I wasn’t too sure what to make of this – I almost wanted to dislike it, but it rose through the ranks from a rating of 6/10 to a rating of 8/10 by the time I finished, and now I’m tempted to check out more of Lauren’s work.See, Lauren’s books follow a young girl called Martine who lives on a wildlife resort in South Africa, a girl who has a special gift with animals and who rides around on the back of a white giraffe called Jemmy. At first, I could only pick up on the cliché [...]

    8. This is the third book I've read in this series, and although there are certain consistent elements -- adventure, suspense, the natural world in peril, the young protagonist using her "gift" of communicating with animals -- the author does a great job of adding new elements to each book. In this case, Martine, her grandmother, and her friend Ben (who appears in all three novels)travel to the Matobo Hills in Zimbabwe to help an injured friend. When they reach their isolated destination, they disc [...]

    9. Page 122 of 199-This book didn't exactly start off as I expected, but 40 pages in the book got very interesting. So far two children who live in South Africa were forced to go a diffrent country to help a injured friend of theirs. When they get their, they find out the place they are used to is a much safer country then the new one they have to live in for a month. There are rumors of buried treasure and they are determined to find it.So far this book has seemed like a children's book until the [...]

    10. This is the second Lauren St. John book I have read aloud to my grand-daughter and like the first, we both enjoyed it enormously. The book is at times thrilling, at other times, moving, and always interesting. As well as telling a great story the author brings into the book a number of serious themes; this time they include, the corruption in Zimbabwe, the evil that is big game hunting and alcoholism. All quite strong topics for a pre-teen book, but included in a non-preachy way. I found it an e [...]

    11. As usual, I really enjoyed Martine's adventures with African wildlife. In this, the third book in the series, Martine and Ben travel to Zimbabwe with Martine's grandmother in order to help out an old friend of hers who has broken her leg. Once there, they find out that a broken leg is not all that's amiss--treasure hunters and trophy hunters, an angry witch doctor and a giant leopard are some of the dangers Martine and Ben must face. Martine and Ben's bonds to and respect for one other continue [...]

    12. This was the best of the first three in this children's series and a very engaging read for the most part. St. John includes more history, geography and African tribal culture than previously and this makes for a compelling read. In addition it is somewhat less preachy regarding respect for the environment and the conservation of wildlife species. Too bad about the bizarre epilogue which tries to close all loops very quickly through the personified voice of the rescued male leopard. A laughably [...]

    13. Book 3 in Lauren St. John's series about a young girl growing up in South Africa on her grandmother's wildlife reserve. This one took us to Zimbabwe, a country where animal protection is practically nonexistant during their difficult political upheaval. Some disturbing but eye opening references to "canned hunting", where a foreigner can pay big bucks to shoot an animal in an inclosure and prove what a big man he is. I love all the characters in these books, very believable, but the magic that h [...]

    14. This review is about "The Last Leopard". My first grader brought this home from the school library. We read it together, along with my 4th grade daughter.Beautiful narrative, exquisite, realistic detail. At times, it got a little heavy-handed which led to some very long sentences and paragraphs. My girls got bored at times as we read. But the magic and adventure of Martine and Ben in Africa was enough to keep us reading through.I'd recommend this series for any kids and/or adults who enjoy a det [...]

    15. I enjoyed this 3rd book in the series but not as much as I thought I would. I think that's because the storyline was slightly predicable based on the other two. However, it still made for a good read. The author's note at the end helped to better understand some things in the book related to African culture and traditions.

    16. This was my least favorite book in The White Giraffe series thus far. The actual climax of the book was filled with adventure, but the first half of the book failed to captivate me. The new characters in this book are not particularly interesting, and Martine has fewer interactions with animals than in the previous two books. The last installment in this series comes out in June.

    17. Love itI'm an intense reader, but I've never read a book that gives me such a lovely calm feeling quite like this one when reading a book. I love the story line which is exiting and comparable to real life yet still gives you the amazing sensation of reading a story. I suggest this book to children of all ages.-Maria F 12

    18. In this book the characters have to go to there grandmas friends lodge to help out. The characters go up there and learn how to ride a horses. Soon they hear about J's and J's wants the leopard that black eagle lodge owns and there is treasure to but first the leopard has to be killed. So they try to protect it.

    19. The third book in the Legend of the Animal Healer series. Martine, her grandmother, and Ben travel to Zimbabwe to help her grandmother's friend save her hotel and the last leopard. They must defeat hunters and treasure seekers in order to save Khan. This series gets more exciting with each new installment. Boys and girls will find this series enjoyable.

    20. Good easy read. Goes with the White Giraffe and Dolphin song. Apparently there is an elephant one too. Need to read. These are great books for kids who can't handle length but still want a fine story.

    21. This book is very good! The third book of this wonderful series! This time, Martine has to go to zimbabwe with her grandmother and Ben (her best friend). They have wonderful adventures during this 'holiday'. Read it to find out which!

    22. The Legend of The Animal Healer book was amazing. I personally love animal books because I love animals almost as much as Martine does, I am vegan, and it depresses me to see these animals die. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves animals and nature!

    23. This is the 3rd book in a series about a girl in England whose parents die and she goes to live with her grandmother who owns a wildlife preserve in South Africa. It is a well-written children's book.

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    25. I thought this book was interesting, and even though it is not the type of books I'm into, I enjoyed it! It does have an ending that all could predict, but nevertheless it was enjoyable. Not so enjoyable that I became obsessed with it, but enough that I would rate it 3 stars. :D

    26. What a wonderful book, I loved every minute of it. I especially loved the Epilogue where it is told in Khan's perspective. How often do you read a book told through the eyes of a leopard. In a way it was closure for his story.

    27. I love this series. The writing is so detailed and beautiful I feel like I am there. Excited and sad to read the next/last book!

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