Fell of Dark

Fell of Dark A book that challenges the word powerful and obliterates it Written in searing prose this is the story of two boys Erik who performs miracles and Thorn who hears voices The book chronicles their l

  • Title: Fell of Dark
  • Author: Patrick Downes
  • ISBN: 9780399172908
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A book that challenges the word powerful and obliterates it Written in searing prose, this is the story of two boys Erik, who performs miracles, and Thorn, who hears voices The book chronicles their lives as their minds devolve into hallucinations, and shows the way their worlds intersect, culminating in a final stand off This debut novel offer a raw, insightful lookA book that challenges the word powerful and obliterates it Written in searing prose, this is the story of two boys Erik, who performs miracles, and Thorn, who hears voices The book chronicles their lives as their minds devolve into hallucinations, and shows the way their worlds intersect, culminating in a final stand off This debut novel offer a raw, insightful look at the forces that compel us to act against our will Even so, it captivates and dares us to look away, knowing full well we can t.

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    1. “My invisible wounds. I have no answer, no proof I bleed. But I bleed. Sure as I love my mother and you, I bleed.”Fell of Dark is a strange book. It's incredibly well-written, cleverly using language and metaphor to portray two boys' descent into madness. And it is primarily a book that explores the characters and their situations through the use of language - whether it be fragmented sentences, powerful metaphors or single-word paragraphs.It's one of those books that leave me torn over whet [...]

    2. ► Trust me, if a book can become an instant favorite and yet make me wary to recommend it, it's this one. From what I could read, the opinions are mixed (just look at the ratings) and I can't say that I don't understand why - anyway, sorry if it comes out with know it allvibes, but to me? This book deserves more praise, because it challenges yourself as a reader and delivers a complex cast of characters that I'm not likely to forget anytime soon. And if we get our new vampire or cute romance e [...]

    3. “My bleeding’s invisible to everyone but myself. You would see, wouldn’t you?”It's not that I greatly disliked this book. It was just freaking weird.The story follows two mentally ill teens, Thorn and Erik. Erik thinks he's a saint meant to make the world a better place. Thorn, who hears voices, believes he's a demon. The plot focuses on the two boys' different lives that eventually collide.“I want to stop feeling like a monster. Murderer. I want to have one voice in my head, mine.”Y [...]

    4. Okay, I'm not rating this one because I keep going back and forth and I'm still processing my feelings and may be for a while--which is great! This book was dark and disturbing and the way the thoughts escalated to the end was FRIGHTENING. The ending moves with such velocity that I expected it to hit me with a lot of force, but sadly didn't. The writing here is searing and beautiful, but I wish the conclusion was worth the build-up. DEFINITELY CHECK IT OUT! You may feel differently and maybe it' [...]

    5. This book follows Erik and Thorn. They both have tragic past that has led them not connecting fully with the world and people around them. They live in their head to a certain extent. Waiting for something. We get to see them grow up and how with each passing year how their own personal burdens and others expectation's weighs them down.First off I loved the writing it was wonderful. Poetry in motion. Hey, Cliche's are cliche's for a reason. Both Characters have their own unique voices and each w [...]

    6. To be certain, my favorite books are the ones I admire first for the prose. If the story is true, if it speaks to some place in me that gasps, the pleasure is doubled. I both admire and gasp in the grip of Fell of Dark. While this debut novel is sure to cause a stir among reviewers, this reader is honored to place it on her "books to keep" shelf. And for what it's worth, which is probably a lot, my seventeen-year-old daughter read it in one afternoon and she hasn't been able to get past Chapter [...]

    7. Haunting and raw. This is the kind of prose that gets under your skin. I loved it, but I had to read it in small doses - anything else it would've been too much. The writing has that much force. Remarkable. Highly recommended.

    8. 23281754 / A book that challenges the word "powerful" and obliterates itWritten in searing prose, this is the story of two boys: Erik, who performs miracles, and Thorn, who hears voices. The book chronicles their lives as their minds devolve into hallucinations, and shows the way their worlds intersect, culminating in a final stand-off.This debut novel offer a raw, insightful look at the forces that compel us to act against our will. Even more so, it captivates and dares us to look away, knowing [...]

    9. Fell of Dark is a book that I will never forget. I will say right off the bat that it is not for everybody. The chapters at first feel like a lot of mindless rambling, but if you read deeper into the story and let the words pull you in magic happens.This is story is told from two point of views, Eriks' and Thorns'. Their voices couldn't be more different, but they have something huge in common. I am not sure what type of mental issue they both have, but they both seemed to share a common mental [...]

    10. This novel for teens is told in two voices, Erik and Thorn. Both boys are mentally ill and struggling with what they see and hear. Erik believes that he is a saint, able to do miracles like having a picked flower that never dies and the sign of a cross formed by his wet body that never evaporates. Erik is silent on the outside but constantly thinking on the inside. His hands bleed with stigmata and he sees things that no one else can. Erik searches for a girl he knows is his destiny. Thorn is ha [...]

    11. This is one of those books. At least, it was for me. Throughout it, I wasn't sure what to think, but that deeper meaning resonated with me. I could taste it, feel it. But I couldn't grasp it exactly. For some reason, this called to mind A Monster Calls. They have nothing alike, but the feeling I was left with at the end of each was similar.There's many ways this book can be taken. I took it the psychiatric way. Schizophrenia. And each boy had different sides to that one illness. Erik was the mar [...]

    12. Actual Rating: 2.5/5 starsI have no idea where to start. Let's begin with the writing style. This was absolutely my favorite part of the book. The best moment is when an author describes something so perfectly that you just think, 'Yes! Exactly!' I thought that quite a bit through this book. In fact, though I usually only feel this way with emotions I've felt before, Patrick Downes made me think it of his descriptions of emotions and situations I haven't even felt or been in before. That, my fri [...]

    13. This is a short book and the language is not too hard for young adult readers to understand, in fact some of the prose reads like poetry. Downes is actually a decent writer in so far as his writing goes.But as for the plot, I found it extremely wanting. In fact, there really isn't much of a plot. But I found the imagery and prose to be entertaining enough to continue reading. Towards the end of the book I really became more interested as the two characters spiraled towards their destiny with fat [...]

    14. I will not be reading this book because I get scared easily. I entered the giveaway by mistake and won. Oops. I will give this to someone else in the hopes that they like it. But this will count as my review so I can still win giveaways. The premise sounds interesting, but too scary.

    15. What a mindscrew, but in a good, deeply unsettling way. I don't know to whom I would recommend this book, but I can imagine it being considered for awards due to its complex writing.

    16. I knew from the first chapter of Fell of Dark that this book was right up my alley. I adore dark , convoluted narratives that make you hunt for a meaning in the chaos. I love unreliable narrators who I can't trust , but who I love just the same. Erik and Thorne are tortured and insane. They are caught in the iron fist of mental illness and it was fantastically portrayed.However , I'm not sure I appreciated the ending. If you interpret it by reasoning that every person must wake either a hero or [...]

    17. This review contains spoilers. I received this book as an ARC from the publisher. Here's the rundown: The story revolves around two mentally ill boys, Erik and Thorn. Erik searches for his purpose and his true love. He bleeds like Jesus from his scalp, wrists and ankles, but only he can see it. He believes he has a destiny. He ponders, "why do I bleed if not for something big and rare."Thorn has been hurt. Many times. First by the death of his sister, then his broken parents, and then by the dem [...]

    18. This book was a challenge. Downes has written a YA book so literary that it's almost an experiment, weaving two gauzy, dreamlike accounts of two mentally ill teenagers into a fated collision. The book is slim, and does no hand-holding; everything is in the brief, tragic words of Erik and Thorn, and the reader is left to their own conclusions about what was real and what was imagined in the lives of these two boys.Things were so unmoored in this book that I honestly didn't feel smart enough to re [...]

    19. This book is really incredible. I'm not really sure how to describe how this book made me feel, but there were so many points throughout the book that I related to. You really feel like you are inside of the boys heads, and that you know their intimate thoughts. And even though the main characters suffer from various mental illnesses, there were many points throughout the book that I could relate to. Many of the thoughts the boys expressed I had felt before, which is something I really love in a [...]

    20. Prečítala som to za jeden večer a dostala otázku, či to teda bolo dobré. Vyložila som osobe celý obsah a dostalo sa mi, citujem, tohto zhrnutia: "To znie ako niečo, čo by som odporučil deep-shit goťákom s tým, že je to dark and edgy, že nech si užijú, a že ďakujem, dovi."A zase raz nemám slov, ako by som to podala lepšie. Je to v princípe ako Challenger Deep, ale s tým, že pokazíte všetko, čo môžete na metaforickom rozprávaní pokaziť. Do Erika narážajú vlaky a [...]

    21. Fell of dark is a morbidly intriguing novel that I think I would have been better off reading in small doses rather than all in one sitting. Or maybe, I would have been better not picking this one up at all. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect when I first started reading this book. The summary is purposefully vague, but I feel the need to clear this up just in case you're wondering: There is no magic in this book. There's only darkness, ambiguity, voices, and personal demons to be found in F [...]

    22. Originally posted onFables Library I saw Fell of Dark at BooksAMillion and was instantly taken by it's description! Seriously the book sounds awesome but doesn't really explain what it is about After reading it, I still feel like I can't tell you what it is about other than two boys, one who creates miracles and one who hears voices. What is this book about? How do I feel about it? Honestly it is very difficult to review a book you can't tell if you liked or disliked, but I will give it a whirl [...]

    23. Two unreliable narrators with mental illness tell a dark & tragic tale. What I liked:-Beautiful Language-Reminiscent of classical tragedies-We meet the protagonists through their own voices & see their world through the warped view their mental illness provides-In a weird way, we don't know what happened to cause the characters to converge at the end & there is a hint that perhaps something otherworldly is going on. I like that there is some ambiguity.What I'm Uncomfortable About:-Th [...]

    24. I honestly don't know what to think about this novel. I read a wonderful review somewhere and the blurb seemed interesting, and I read it in one afternoon, so I can't say I didn't like it, but I can't get over that ending. I knew I would end up disappointed, because the only way the whole novel could make sense for me was if the person Erik kept dreaming about was actually Thorn, and I was almost sure I wouldn't get this, because the heteronormativity was very strong, but You have two characters [...]

    25. The title of Patrick’s novel comes from a poem by Gerard Manly Hopkins, “I wake and feel the fell of dark, not day.” If that feels ominous, you’re right.Merriam-Webster’s on-line dictionary offers these:• Fate—“determining cause by which things come to happen as they do: destiny. An inevitable and often adverse outcome, condition or end.”• Faith—“allegiance to duty or a person. firm belief in something for which there is no proof : complete trust.”We come to know Erik a [...]

    26. A twisted and beautifully written book that felt scatter-brained at points but still remained interesting, Fell of Dark brings together beautiful prose, shocking symbolism, and dark themes in a brief but still powerful read. It may not be perfect, but it definitely will stick with me for the next couple of months.Both Erik and Thorn were complicated characters, their pain and experiences divided into short sections per chapter (Erik's in aptly named "chapters", Thorn's in snippets separated by c [...]

    27. "Fell of Dark" follows the lives of two teenage boys, Erik and Thorn, who both suffer from mental illnesses. Tragic events and abuse contribute to Erik and Thorn's mental state. Erik's father dies when Erik is young. Similarly, Thorn's sister dies when Thorn is four years old. Shortly after his father's death, Erik is abducted and trapped in a garage. Meanwhile, Thorn's parents begin to abuse Thorn after his sister's death. Both boys hear voices in their heads. Erik believes he is capable of per [...]

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