Deccal: Hristiyanlığa Lanet

Deccal Hristiyanl a Lanet Antichrist Nietzche nin ld rmadan hemen nce zerinde al makta oldu u bir dizi kitaptan ilki ve tamamlayabildi i sonuncusudur Burada sa D man Deccal ad n stlenerek hristiyanl a lanet ya d ran d n r m

  • Title: Deccal: Hristiyanlığa Lanet
  • Author: Friedrich Nietzsche Oruç Aruoba
  • ISBN: 9789757638148
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • Antichrist, Nietzche nin ld rmadan hemen nce zerinde al makta oldu u bir dizi kitaptan, ilki ve tamamlayabildi i sonuncusudur.Burada sa D man Deccal ad n stlenerek hristiyanl a lanet ya d ran d n r, modern Bat n n tinsel temeline sava a ar Bu sava , d n r n hem en uzun tek z mleyici metni, hem de g z n budaktan esirgemeyen, en y k c metnidir.YAntichrist, Nietzche nin ld rmadan hemen nce zerinde al makta oldu u bir dizi kitaptan, ilki ve tamamlayabildi i sonuncusudur.Burada sa D man Deccal ad n stlenerek hristiyanl a lanet ya d ran d n r, modern Bat n n tinsel temeline sava a ar Bu sava , d n r n hem en uzun tek z mleyici metni, hem de g z n budaktan esirgemeyen, en y k c metnidir.Yerine g re g kg r lt s izlenimi veren, yer yer de matrak ge en metin, dil ustas filozofun en olgun yaz nsal r nlerindendir Ayn zamanda, din ele tirisi zerinde bir ok konudaki g r lerini odakla t rd ndan, felsefesinin zengin kaynaklar ndan birini de olu turur Hristiyanl k zerine oldu u kadar, m sl manl k ve budizm zerine de g r lerini serimleyen Nietzsche, genel olarak da din ile ahlak aras ndaki ili kiler zerinde durur.Uzun y llar sans rl olarak yay mlanan bu kitab , son y llarda ger ekle tirilebilen g venilir tam bas mlar ndan T rk ele tirerek ve 3 bas m na ekledi imiz yeni notlarla sunuyoruz.

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    1. Der Antichrist = The Antichrist, Friedrich Nietzsche The Antichrist (German: Der Antichrist) is a book by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, originally published in 1895. تاریخ نخستین خوانش: دوم ماه می سال 1998 میلادیعنوان: دجال؛ نویسنده: فریدریش ویلهلم نیچه؛ مترجم: عبدالعلی دستغیب؛ تهران، آگاه، 1352، در 154 ص؛ کتابنامه دارد، موضوع: در باره مسیحیت ، ردیه ه [...]

    2. "The Antichrist" begins with the writer's egotistical pledge to become immortal, and then he pretty much backs his shit up. Masterfully. He identifies his readership & reading Nietzsche is like joining a secret club that's more than a century old. Indeed, one feels like a pariah when trying to discern the 2000+ year old lie.So, after this, perhaps THE quintessential Anti-Christian argument, the question is-- why do people still believe? I believe that they have all, as its the most obvious c [...]

    3. I will write a review of The Antichrist will involve growing up around my eloquent and Nietzsche-obsessed brother and the resulting aversion I have to every bit of his closet Libertarian, brazenly pro-Rand philosophy, and will break down the anti-humanitarian elements of Nietzche's diatribe which bother me, hinting at the seductive quality of his dominant, persuasive writing style and how I constantly struggle against disagreeing with him since he is, to all appearances, dead serious in breaking [...]

    4. I first read this book when i was in high school back the the late 80's. I was not certain about my philosophical or theological viewpoints at the time, and I expected to be met with a well thought out argument against Christianity. This is not what I found. Instead, I found the rantings of an angry man who was clearly reacting against Christians and the Church (proper) and wrongly leveling his disgust against Christianity itself. His arguments were weak and ill-formed at best. Needless to say, [...]

    5. Um, WOW!The anti-christ is really anti-Christianity. Nietzsche talks about how Christianity is the religion of the weak, the low, the botched and the "outcast among men". He asks the reader, "why labour together, trust one another, or concern one's self about the common welfare, when every man, because he has an "immortal soul" is as good as every other manat insignificant bigots and the three-fouths insane may assume that the laws of nature are constantly suspended in their behalf."He further n [...]

    6. لنتفق أن نيتشه أشد حبًا للمسيح من تابعيه وإن لم يُدرك هو ذلك!هذا الكتاب لا يقل أهمية عن هكذا تكلم زرادشت نقرأ الاثنين ونفهمهم لنستطيع فهم نيتشه جيدًا، هو بمثابة تكملة وتوضيح له.من عنوان الكتاب الفرعي نستطيع أن نستدل عما وراءه: مقال اللعنة على المسيحية وفي العنوان الفرعي أهمي [...]

    7. I love Nietzsche jedes mal, what can I say. I love his witty, sarcastic and controvertional thoughts. I love how he starts the book by clamming the reader has to have achieved a certain state of consciousness to be able to read him and that they needseven solitudes experience to understand him.what is happiness? The sensation that power is growing and one resistance has been tamed (lovely)Being Nietzsche the anti Christ himself, he puts Christianity into such a down level that it’s impossible [...]

    8. Unlike many other people who have reviewed this book, I do not believe that Nietzsche was an idiot. It is extremely obvious in The Antichrist, that Nietzsche was strongly right-wing, and therefore had a strongly right-wing outlook on life. This is NOT a book for someone who is NOT right-wing themself, and also CLOSED-MINDED TOWARD OTHER WAYS OF THINKING. Its true, Nietzsche's beliefs are not democratic. He did not believe that all men were created equal. He believed that strength was good, that [...]

    9. كان نبتشه يحمل في داخله مسيحًا أعظم، مسيحًا أفضل، مسيحًا أعرق من يسوع.لو كان المسيح قد صلب، فنيتشه، هو الآخر قد صلب، ولكن على العكس من يسوع، الذي أحيط بالتقديس والتعظيم، لم يحظ نيتشه بشيء، على الرغم من كونه تحمّل - حيًّا -، ولكل يوم، آلام الصلب، ولكل يوم من حياته دفن حقده وغيظه [...]

    10. An intense and damning work - one not to be caught reading in public where I live.A fearsome, angry, snarl against Christianity, as it was at the time. Rails and rambles against the decadence and nihilism of Christianity, of weakness, of parasitism, of the promise of eternal life, the corruption of the Church and priesthood, and of the evils justified by religion. It is a means for which the weak can resent and dominate or refuse the strong, or the ways of the world, as he says.As for Jesus? A m [...]

    11. أعتقد أن العنوان الثاني أكثر بلاغة : هذا الكتاب عبارة عن لعنة فلسفية للمسيحية. كل هذا الحقد يثير الدهشة بالفعل. و لا يمكن أن أتفهمه الا لو تعرّفت على النمط الاجتماعي السائد في المانيا القرن التاسع عشر. لكن عموما ففلسفة الاحتقار النيتشوية، لم تكن المسيحية ضحيتها الوحيدة و ان ك [...]

    12. I was expecting a structured, rigorous, and objective argument against Christianity. Instead I found an anti-Semitic, sexist, elitist, emotionally garbled, and unstructured list of insults and rants degrading any religious or spiritual individual to an inherently weak, even sub-human entity. Considered by Mencken to be his magnum opus, the very death of God personally, the only thing his work devours is its own very weak arguments.

    13. كتاب جريء و شديد في انتقاده للمسيحية.أعتقد أن الكتاب اكتسب الأهمية في وقت صدوره في اوروبا في بداية القرن العشرين,و لا شك أنه كان جريئا في طرحه و إثارته للأسئلةيبدو الكتاب كخواطر تخلو من التدقيق و التوثيق. فيه إنصاف للإسلام و إنتقاد لمحاكم التفتيش.إليكم بعض الفقرات التي رأيته [...]

    14. As an atheist, I wish I had liked this better but it's too full of crazy name-calling and smug self congratulating and angry bellowing, leaving about only 1/3 of the book to explain his ideas. Which I can't say are super crazy, I mean, when it boils down to it, he says Catholicism is the anti-christ because it never understood Jesus's real message, which was to live naturally and in a sort of live-and-let-live(or die) way, and instead perverted the message and turned it into shenanigans about he [...]

    15. ليس من العدل ان يكون نيتشه بهذا المستوى من الشهرة وهو بهذا المستوى من التعصبوليس من العدل ان ترضى بما يقوله لكونك لست مسيحيا فقط

    16. I Give this one a 5 star based not merely on his merits of writing but because of his radical ideas. I will not, however, review the book. I am just flabbergasted at his ideas and how his psyche worked. I loved this book not just because I am an atheist but because some of the points that he makes are actually true. Oh! and the dry sarcasm that surfaces every now and then were as wonderful as his ideas."I dont know either the way out or the way in; I am whatever doesn't know the way out or in - [...]

    17. أشهد أن هذا الكتاب من أمتع ما قرأت لنيتشة وأكثره خطرا وبيانا، فهو خلاصة فهمه لدور المسيحية في الحضارة الإنسانية وما الذي جنته في صورتها المحرفة على قيم التوحش والعصبية والنبالة.وفيه كان مصداق هاجس اعتمل في نفسي من كون نيتشه لا بد أنه قرأ عن الإسلام ولا بد أن ذكائه كان سيلفته [...]

    18. The book is very realistic and direct"The Antichrist" is an insolent charge against Christianity, or more precisely against what became Christian morality at the time of Nietzsche. He accuses particularly priests of having perverted the original message of Christ to be ideal in the negation of life and leave the real world to take refuge in an imaginary and deceitful world.The references to previous works are many, and I had the impression of being a bad student who has learned his lessons badly [...]

    19. Soy católica y me pareció interesante este libro, hay aspectos, o mejor dicho ideas con las que no estoy de acuerdo, como ideas que si apoyo. El autor es un poco extremista en su odio, lo cual nunca es bueno, hay que encontrar un equilibrio. Lo recomiendo.

    20. Ci sono pagine pesanti come pietre, ma ci sono anche pagine commosse come questa: "La pratica della vita è ciò che ha lasciato in eredità agli uomini: il suo contegno dinanzi ai giudici, agli sgherri, agli accusatori e a ogni specie di calunnia e di scherno- il suo contegno sulla croce. Egli non resiste, non difende il suo diritto, non fa un passo per allontanare da sé il punto estremo, fa anzi qualcosa di più, lo provoca E prega, soffre, ama con loro, in coloro che gli fanno del male Le pa [...]

    21. Phew!Nietzsche shows no mercy! Nietzsche takes no prisoners! He goes all cut throat, guns blazing, shrapnel flying all bad ass against Christianity and the Christian God. Nietzsche is what the modern day junior-level atheists like Dawkins and what not want to be like but obviously can't, for they lack the "madness" Nietzsche had! Oh when that sinks in it gives you shudders. Religion requires reformers every now and then. The world requires people like Nietzsche to pull their shit together. His a [...]

    22. "Christianity remains to this day the greatest misfortune of humanity."If that pissed you off, then this book IS NOT for you. However, if it has sparked your curiosity-if you have always been a bit suspicious about the fact that all religion was created by man and not God-this book IS for you. Nietzsche suggests that religion (specifically Christianity) promotes ignorance and arrogance, that "faith vetoes science" while the intellectual mind is frowned upon, and that the creators of our religiou [...]

    23. نيتشه تبًا لك مسيح نيتشه أكثر إنسانية و أكثر حكمة و أكثر وعيًا ممن رسمه الكهنة في أذهاننا أعتقد أني سأكتب فكرة مطولة عما يدور في ذهني و أحرقها

    24. الذين سيفهمون زرادشت اولئك المولودون فيما بعدفكره الخير في القوه و القدره اما الشر فهو في الضعففكر حريجب ان تقدم المساعده للضعفاء لكي يهلكوا !افكار قويه ضد من يمثل المسيحيه يرى بانحيازهم للضعيف ضعف و خيبهعندما تكون الطاعه و العفه و الفقر و القداسه تتسبب باضرار تفوق ان تحصر و [...]

    25. Các luận điểm Nietzsche quá cực đoan và không rõ ràng, đọc cuốn này thực sự mệt. Vì để có thể hiểu đúng tất cả những quan điểm của ông về Ki-tô giáo, cần hiểu bối cảnh xã hội thời đại đó, các tác phẩm trước của ông, quyền lực của Giáo hội, Pháp điển Manu (đc so sánh vượt trội hơn Ki-tô giáo). Ngoài ra còn nền tảng luân lý Ki-tô giáo. Bản thân mình là người Công giáo nhưng [...]

    26. In this book, Nietzsche scrutinizes the Christian religion. He uses his familiar weapons - his logic, sharp wit, and bold satire - to present a case to the reader for growing out of this old belief system. There is no doubt Nietzsche tries to provoke those sympathetic to Christianity and those readers might perhaps find his rhetoric bullying at times. And, I would be quite surprised if a fundamentalist Christian made it past the first few pages. However, this work is not a series of mean potshot [...]

    27. الإيمان لا يحرك الجبال وإنما يقيم جبالا حيث لا توجد جبال هكذا يردد فريدريك في كتاب هو أشبه بغضب فلسفي عارم يحط على المسيحية بادئا بتعريفه للخير والشر والسعادة وربطهم بالقوة وتجاوز الضعف ليقرر قاعدة تنص على :( الضعفاء والفاشلون يجب أن يهلكوا )ليؤكد على أن الشفقة تجور على قانو [...]

    28. Esta leitura pode ter parecido estranha para quem conhece as minhas convicções religiosas; quem me conhece bem não deve ter sentido estranheza, pois conhece a minha natureza curiosa.Esta foi a minha primeira experiência com Nietzsche e devo dizer que foi bem, acho que a palavra que procuro é "interessante", mas não um "interessante" do estilo "digo isto porque não tenho mais nada simpático para dizer". Foi interessante porque deu-me a oportunidade de espreitar a uma janela tão diferente [...]

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