Mouse Scouts

Mouse Scouts Meet Violet Tigerlily Hyacinth Petunia Junebug and Cricket six new Mouse Scouts who are trustworthy and strong thrifty and brave and destined to be friends to the end Best friends Violet and Ti

  • Title: Mouse Scouts
  • Author: Sarah Dillard
  • ISBN: 9780385755993
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meet Violet, Tigerlily, Hyacinth, Petunia, Junebug, and Cricket, six new Mouse Scouts who are trustworthy and strong, thrifty and brave and destined to be friends to the end Best friends Violet and Tigerlily can t wait to start earning their merit badges But their troop leader, Miss Poppy, is one strict rodent And earning their first badge planting a vegetable garMeet Violet, Tigerlily, Hyacinth, Petunia, Junebug, and Cricket, six new Mouse Scouts who are trustworthy and strong, thrifty and brave and destined to be friends to the end Best friends Violet and Tigerlily can t wait to start earning their merit badges But their troop leader, Miss Poppy, is one strict rodent And earning their first badge planting a vegetable garden is hard work Will the troop drive unwanted pests from the garden and earn their Sow It and Grow It badge And will they ever get Miss Poppy to smile

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    1. The Mouse Scouts have adorable acorn hats. That is all.But seriously, this is a delightful little book about some young mice who have just moved up to the Acorn Scout level from Buttercups. They spend the summer working on their "Sow It and Grow It" badge, which involves creating a vegetable garden. They run into some challenges along the way, but of course they earn their badge in the end.I think this would be an excellent "read together" book for children around age 5-6. There are lots of humo [...]

    2. Copy received from the publisherTigerlily and Violet are very excited to move from Buttercups into the Acorn Scouts and are looking forward to getting their badges. When their leader, the stern Miss Poppy, tells them that the group will be planting a garden, the thought of growing their own food sounds good until the scouts realize how much work it will be. They learn that the garden must be watered regularly, they must fight off pests, and a garden, while rewarding, is a lot of work. Strengths: [...]

    3. Really more like 2.5 stars? I really wanted to like this more than I did! But the frequent mentions of lab mice creeped me out (I'm pretty sure 99.9999% of those mice are killed in the name of research?), and there were a couple of plot-holes (yep, I just accused a 120 page long transitional chapter book of not having a tight enough plot. I am what I am). Overall, cute, but I'd probably recommend Ivy and Bean or Owl Diaries over this particular title.

    4. This is a sweet little beginning chapter book that will be just perfect for kids entering and excited about scouting. Chapters from the "Mouse Scout Handbook" provide information on how to plant a garden which could be useful to some kids and may inspire kids to try their own hand at gardening.

    5. Very sweet early chapter book about six mice who have just become Acorn Scouts and find themselves taking on greater responsibilities, including planting a garden

    6. My daughter is reading this series to me. I am a scout leader and I am having the other girls read it to. Super cute books. We are excited to start the second book. I love that they are age appropriate for Brownie Girl Scouts! I also love how in each book they earn a badge. I love the Mouse Scouts ❤️!

    7. I will be looking for all of these as they come out. I like the idea of the badges they earn - some great qualities for the readers to grow along with Viole,t Tigerlily, Hyacinth, Petunia, Junebug and Cricket.

    8. Cute read, love the emphasis on gardening. Only complaint is the proud and retired lab micea bit misleading.

    9. It was funny because they used a milk carton as a little wheel barrow to carry a fork, a straw, a knife, a spoon, a pencil, another straw, a flag, and some medicine. (L, aged 5)

    10. Violet and Tigerlily don't have much in common, but they're still best friends. While Violet is quiet and reserved, Tigerlily is loud and boisterous. Both mice have moved up from the Buttercups to Mouse Acorn Scouts, and they are hard at work earning their badges. But Miss Poppy, the scoutmaster is a hard taskmaster, stingy with her smiles. Along with several other mice, including Junebug, Hyacinth, Cricket, and Petunia, they learn how to find and sow seeds for a garden as well as protecting the [...]

    11. Review originally posted on Children's AtheneumI was never a girl scout, although I did do a uber-Christian version called Missionettes. Badges existed, but I don't really recall caring about them or doing much to get them. If I recall, I didn't have many. It is perhaps this ambivalence that also made me ambivalent towards this book.Written on the same level as the Judy Moody series, this is a good bridger books for readers who have outgrown Junie B. Jones. However, I found the story to be a bit [...]

    12. I really liked this book. It had the you can do it feeling while reading it. That things can be tough but there's always away around it. And it Girl Scouts but in mice form which was cute to see the perspective of what mice would use to what humans would.

    13. Violet and Tigerlily are super excited to be moving up from Buttercups to Mouse Scouts (except that Miss Poppy is their scout leader - she's a bit scary). Their first project as Scouts proves to be a big challenge, a vegetable garden. They have to find the seeds, prepare the soil, keep it watered and weeded, and once the veggies start to show they'll have to face their biggest challenge yet, keeping pests away. Will Violet and Tigerlily get to taste the fruit of their labor and get their first m [...]

    14. Best friends Violet and Tigerlily have grown out of Buttercup Scouts and are now becoming Acorn Scouts. Along with Hyacinth, Petunia, Cricket and Junebug, the friends must cope with their exacting Scout leader Miss Poppy and with the hazards of being a mouse, what with predatory cats and inconsiderate humans. In this first title in the series, the girls are charged with creating and maintaining a vegetable garden, in order to earn their "Sow It and Grow It" badge. But where does a mouse find see [...]

    15. What a cute start to a new series for young readers! I found Sarah Dillard's Mouse Scouts to be a delight. The book introduces us to two friends: Violet and Tigerlily. Both are in Mouse Scouts. To clarify, they are newly promoted from being Buttercups to being Acorn Scouts. The book introduces us to other mouse scouts, and their scout leader, Miss Poppy. By the end of the book, they'll have the opportunity to earn their first (presumably of many) badge. The badge they're aiming for? The "Sow It [...]

    16. Children interested in learning about scouting and gardening will find Mouse Scouts, a tale of two mice friends earning their first "Sow it and Grow It" merit badge, a perfect guide to becoming proficient in both. The two mice friends, Violet and Tigerlily intimidated by their strict Acorn Scout leader Miss Poppy, find the task of pleasing her daunting, and a bit scary. Mouse Scouts focuses on the mice accomplishing their goals through lots of challenges, and the how to do it steps of gardening, [...]

    17. *I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through my district Library Services*This is a cute little chapter book, which should hold a special appeal to young Girl Scouts. The story is told from the third person point of view of Violet, a shy little mouse who is best friends with Tigerlily, a not-so-shy little mouse. Together with the rest of their scout troop (they've just bridged from Buttercup to Acorn), they work to earn a gardening badge under the watchful eye of their strict [...]

    18. Violet, Tigerlily, Hyacinth, Petunia, Junebug, and Cricket are six little mice who belong to the same Mouse Scouts troop. Miss Poppy, their leader, is very strict, so the girls are eager to please her as they work to earn their first merit badge for gardening. This book pretty accurately reflects my experience in Girl Scouts (which was not altogether positive) and it will definitely find a strong audience among Daisy and Brownie scouts in the lower grades. The information about gardening gives t [...]

    19. While working on their Sow It and Grow It badges, Violet, Tigerlily and their Acorn Scout friends cultivate a vegetable garden. They have fun and gain knowledge, such as how to make a group task chart and rid their garden of pests both small and large! A sweet animal fantasy in which the characters aren't finely drawn but there's enough interesting detail that the story is engaging nonetheless--girly Hyacinth's family lives in a doll house and bookworm Junebug's family lives in the library, for [...]

    20. I appreciate how young readers, particularly the readers who may be in some kind of troop, may relate to this book and the trials, tribulations and triumph that were experienced throughout. This book blended a fictional story with factual snippets (about gardening, bugs and animals). I believe that this book is a great read for those who are just beginning to read and gain confidence in their reading abilities; this book has the ability to confirm the readers confidence, while providing them wit [...]

    21. This is a sweet early chapter book about two little mouse friends starting off as Mouse Scouts. In this first installment, the Scouts learn all about teamwork and how to plant a garden. There are fun asides throughout (excerpts from the Mouse Scouts handbook), with information on planting and taking care of a garden. This would be a fun early chapter book read for any new reader, but might be especially fun for little girls who are starting off as girl scouts.

    22. Grade 2 and up; adorable first book in a new series about the adventures of six friends in the Mouse Scouts (like Girl Scouts for mice). In this story the girls work to cultivate a little garden to earn their first badge with their new troop leader, the formidable Miss Poppy. Mixed in with themes of friendship and hard work are actual (brief) informational sections about natural gardening - I learned some good tips from reading these! At the Chandler Library.

    23. Cute story about mice who are essentially girl scouts (and who start a garden). Great for those who identify with gardening or scouts, but not for a beginner chapter book reader. The language used was more advanced than many of the other intermediate readers we've read. The smaller individual enjoyed it more than I did, but she is, after all, the intended audience.

    24. A beginning chapter book that tells the story of some little mice who have a Girl Scout troop (it's not called Girl Scouts, but it is the same.) They have meetings, work on merit badges and navigate young friendships. It's cute, but there isn't much of a story. It will appeal to girls who are Scouts, not sure if the appeal will be broader.

    25. Gentle, charming chapter book about a mouse scout troop working toward their gardening badge. Cute cast of characters with diverse personalities, and lots of scenes that could lead to productive discussions with kids about collaboration. I thought the inclusion of pages from the mouse scout handbook was a fun touch, and the gardening tips could translate well to real-world activities.

    26. Cute, slight story about six girls who join the Mouse Scouts and want to earn a merit badge in gardening, dealing with a strict leader, insect pests and bullies along the way. First in a series. It gave off a Scout handbook kind of vibe. I'd recommend this to girls in grades 1-3 - I think it's likely that it will most appeal to kids who participate in Scouting.

    27. Mouse Scouts features mice that are part of a scout troupe. A good read for kids who have joined a troupe and are starting to get into chapter books. The book shares a story but also small parts of the Mouse Scout Manuel. I picked it up after reading Sophia Mouse by Poppy Green. I preferred Sophia Mouse over Mouse Scouts as an animal book.Reviewed from a library copy.

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