Behind Chocolate Bars

Behind Chocolate Bars DOUBLE DOUBLE BOIL AND TROUBLE Best friends and business partners Michelle and Erica have a monstrous to do list as they prepare for the annual West Riverdale Halloween Fair Their shop Chocolates a

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  • Title: Behind Chocolate Bars
  • Author: Kathy Aarons
  • ISBN: 9780425267257
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • DOUBLE, DOUBLE BOIL, AND TROUBLE Best friends and business partners Michelle and Erica have a monstrous to do list as they prepare for the annual West Riverdale Halloween Fair Their shop, Chocolates and Chapters, will have a booth at the event, where Michelle will serve spooky delights while Erica displays an assortment of spine chilling books Thank goodness the teenagerDOUBLE, DOUBLE BOIL, AND TROUBLE Best friends and business partners Michelle and Erica have a monstrous to do list as they prepare for the annual West Riverdale Halloween Fair Their shop, Chocolates and Chapters, will have a booth at the event, where Michelle will serve spooky delights while Erica displays an assortment of spine chilling books Thank goodness the teenagers from Erica s comic book club are chipping in to help But one of their volunteers winds up in trouble after a woman s body is found in an abandoned house with the teen s superhero key ring close by.The teen swears he didn t do it, but he s obviously hiding something leaving Michelle and Erica with a witch s cauldron of questions Soon they discover that the dead woman was tricking a whole bunch of people out of than just treats Now these two friends must go door to door if they hope to unmask a killer

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    1. Best friends and business partners Michelle and Erica have a monstrous to-do list as they prepare for the annual West Riverdale Halloween Fair. Their shop, Chocolates and Chapters, will have a booth at the event, where Michelle will serve spooky delights while Erica displays an assortment of spine-chilling books.Thank goodness the teenagers from Erica’s comic-book club are chipping in to help. But one of their volunteers winds up in trouble after a woman’s body is found in an abandoned house [...]

    2. Michelle and Erica are getting into the Halloween spirit by helping create the annual haunted house to benefit the Boys and Girls Club. But their time gets distracted when a murder happens out of town, and Dylan, a teen they know, becomes the prime suspect. Can the duo find the time to help prove he didn’t do it?It was fantastic to be back with these characters again. The series regulars are fantastic, and the new characters were just as good. This book was a little different because he didn [...]

    3. This book was so bad and so hard to get into, I ditched it. I did not start with book one, so I came in on this one out of the blue. I was so confused. There were so many characters, so much going on, I could tell I was missing a great deal. The author did not bother with back "storying", so I was left in the dark. Ive read many cozies leading up to Halloween and came in on them without reading their book ones, and had no problem. The authors gave you enough to know what was happening between ch [...]

    4. This is the third book in the chocolate covered series. Michelle and Erica are preparing for the annual Halloween fair, where their shop, Chocolates and chapters, has a booth set up. One of their volunteers gets into trouble when his superhero key ring is found near a dead body. Michelle and Erica believe he is innocent and try to prove his innocence by catching the real killer.I like this series. It has been a while since I read the first book and somehow I missed book two so that threw me off [...]

    5. "We need more zombies," I said, sliding a latte across the counter.Michelle and Erica are working on the annual West Riverdale Halloween Festival when a body is found at a nearby abandoned housing site. The only clue is a keychain belonging to a teen from the Comic Book Club. The two friends immediately jump in to free the young man from jail and prove his innocence.Although I am not a chocolate fan, I love the idea of a bookstore with a chocolate shop attached. I enjoy the interaction of the tw [...]

    6. Behind Chocolate Bars, the third book in the Chocolate Covered Mystery Series. I found myself to be keenly interested and emotionally invested in this story of an unlikely sleuthing team of book store owner and chocolatier. I read book one but not book two in this series, somehow missing it and yet even though I had not read book 2, book three flowed very naturally and was I familiar enough with the characters to quickly fall into step. I like the concept of this series, the community involvemen [...]

    7. I haven't read any of the other books in this series, but got this one because it had a Halloween picture on the front. It barely even mentioned Halloween, except for the sparse parts about the main character working at a haunted house/fall festival. The murder didn't even have anything to do with Halloween, or take place at the haunted house. The main character was so annoying. She falls into the category I call "Peppy Cheerleader Puke." She acts and talks like a 13 year old. She uses the phras [...]

    8. Confessione: ho preso 2 kg solo a leggere questo libro! Con tutti quei cioccolatini dai nomi invitanti e dalle descrizioni appetitose Detto questo, solito bel cast di personaggi: stavolta giocano un ruolo fondamentale i ragazzi del gruppo di amanti dei fumetti americani. Alla fine, ma proprio alla fine, sono riuscita ad azzeccare il colpevole, anche se per gran parte del libro mi ero orientata altrove. La mia linea (reale e immaginaria) ne risentirà, ma spero di leggere un altro libro di questa [...]

    9. This is the 3rd book in the series and again it is a great cozy. Michelle and Erica are trying to get ready for the West Riverdale Halloween Festival but another body is found and one of Erica's comic-book club teens is in trouble. Michelle and Erica do what they do best, they try to help him out by finding the real killer. Turns out the woman killed was tricking several people out of their money and Dylan thought his father might be one of them and tries to help him out. Of course Detective Loc [...]

    10. Another delectable treat from author Kathy Aarons!Halloween is the theme of this mystery. Series leads, Michelle and Erica are taking part in the Halloween Festival where they will have a booth offering chocolate creations and scary books from their shop, Chocolate and Chapters. Seriously, is that not the name of a store where you could spend all your time? Brilliant! Of course, you won’t read many cozies without a body and investigation, and BEHIND CHOCOLATE BARS doesn’t disappoint! With wr [...]

    11. Michelle and Erica are best friends and business partners. Everything in their small town is going perfectly, until a local high school kid gets accused for murder. Then, the dynamic-duo throw on their detective cap, and jump into action to uncover the real murderer.Initially, the book was hard for me to get into, especially with the bountiful cast of secondary characters, all with odd names such as Bean, Star and Kona. Eventually, I got my characters straightened out, but I still could not unde [...]

    12. Kathy Aarons takes readers back to Chocolates and Chapters with best friends and sleuthing duo Michelle Serrano and Erica Russell, with Behind Chocolate Bars, the third book in her Chocolate Covered Mystery series.I read the second book, Truffled to Death, and immediately fell in love with the characters from West Riverdale, Maryland. I couldn't wait for Behind Chocolate Bars to come out. I was definitely not disappointed. Picking up the book was immediately like sitting down and indulging in a [...]

    13. This is another good entry in the 'Chocolate Covered Mystery' series. In this story, Michelle and her friend Erica have to solve a mystery that involves one of the teens from their Chocolates and Chapters' comic book club. The boy is suspected of murder when a woman his father had been dating ends up dead, with his keychain nearby. Michelle, Erica, and the rest of the teens put their minds to work figuring out who the real suspects are, of course all fueled Michelle's yummy chocolates as they wo [...]

    14. This is a series that in my view keeps getting better and better, Michelle and Erica are helping arrange the Halloween festival (the haunted house section), with help from friends and the teens from the Comic Book Club which Erica helps run, sadly one evening a few nights before it is all due to start a woman is found murdered and one of the teens seems to be the guilty party - luckily for him Michelle and Erica don't believe it and set to to help find out the truth.Add in the fact that Michelle [...]

    15. Chocolatey Good ! MysteryIf you love chocolate and books you'll love the way Kathy Aaron's combines both. In this 3rd installment of her Chocolate Covered Mystery Series Michelle and Erica are participating in West Riverdales Halloween Festival. When a woman is murdered and volunteer Dylan becomes a suspect the duo springs into action to help him. Dive in and tag along with these two best friends as they try to find out whodunit. It's a wonderful mixture of chocolate, books, and mystery that lea [...]

    16. Loved the first book in this series, but the 2nd was too over-the-top and unbelievable. This one was more in the vein of the first book. A good story, but I knew whodunit from the first time the character appeared. Still a good one to pass the time with.

    17. Fun who-dun-it with chocolate! Two business owners take steps to clear the name of one of her employees who's suspected of murder. Mix in some zombies, a couple of crazed reporters, and internet fraud for a intriguing mystery. Bit of a challenge to keep up with an extensive cast, but lots of fun!

    18. Michelle and Erica are busy running their combination book and chocolate shop while volunteering to help with a Halloween festival. The teens from Erica's comic book club are also participating in the festival. All of their lives become entangled in a murder mystery when a young woman that is dating one of the teens father is found dead with a super hero key chain next to the body.Michelle and Erica will stop at nothing to prove the innocence of the teen they have worked so closely with at the s [...]

    19. the third book in the Chocolate Covered mysteires. Michelle and her business partner, Erica, are heading the local West Riverdale Halloween Fair at the local high school. a teenager in Erica's comic book club disappers and a women is found murdered in an old apartment building. The teen's club ring is found at the crime. Meanwhile there is some difficulty with Michelle's brother, who is a war veteran with PTSD, he is involved in an accident and that has caused him to go further. Michelle is dati [...]

    20. "Behind Chocolate Bars" by Katny Aarons was a disappointing mystery. I bought it because of the Hallowe'en theme and that was good. The murder mystery though wasn't the sort where you can follow the clues because there were hardly any at all. The murderer wasn't introduced until around page 70. There were only three scenes in the entire novel where the murderer had a few lines to say. The murderer was a very peripheral character. And, the resolution to the mystery happened way too quickly.

    21. It was days before Halloween and this book was sitting on a shelf next to some other spooky books at the library. I grabbed it ( being a chocolate and mystery lover) and began to read it. This was a nice mystery novel. They characters were cool ( there were a lot of them) and I liked the plot. It was a quick and satisfing read.

    22. Hmmm, this story had multiple things going on and "the mesh" was a little off. I found myself getting a bit "hung up on" issues-meaning, these things kept the story from moving to the next level. Sorry for my mess [review] but I don't want to give the story away.

    23. People love to gossip especially in a small town atmosphere. Do I hear sounds of bells in the distance? Can not wait for the next chocolate mystery book (#4 Michelle and Erica what next).

    24. Very enjoyable read. I had not read others in the series and was able to follow the characters easily. Well written and fun. A great Halloween cozy.I was given a copy by the publisher

    25. openbooksociety/article/beBehind Chocolate BarsA Chocolate Covered Mystery, Book #3By Kathy AaronsISBN#9780425267257Author Website: KathyaaronsBrought to you by OBS Reviewer DanieleSynopsis:Best friends and business partners Michelle and Erica have a monstrous to-do list as they prepare for the annual West Riverdale Halloween Fair. Their shop, Chocolates and Chapters, will have a booth at the event, where Michelle will serve spooky delights while Erica displays an assortment of spine-chilling bo [...]

    26. Behind Chocolate Bars by Kathy Aarons is the third book in A Chocolate Covered Mystery series. Michelle Serrano is a chocolatier and part owner of Chocolate and Chapters in West Riverdale, Maryland. Her best friend, Erica Russell is the owner of the Chapters part of the store (the book section). Michelle is dating reporter and author Benjamin “Bean” Russell. They are at the store when they hear about a body being found at the community center at Green Meadow Estates. Dylan Fenton, their inte [...]

    27. A nice, easy read. The characters are compelling, and the story line has plenty of twist to keep the reader guessing. A very well put together whodunnit.

    28. I absolutely loved this book the characters were great! The setting was brilliant!I love how this all turn out

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