Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over

Luke Bella Two Streets Over Strong willed ginger Bella Grant is a take charge television journalist with an appetite for adventure Handsome and sexy Luke McGillicutty is a world weary photographer coaxed out of premature retirem

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  • Title: Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over
  • Author: Pandora Spocks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Strong willed ginger Bella Grant is a take charge television journalist with an appetite for adventure Handsome and sexy Luke McGillicutty is a world weary photographer coaxed out of premature retirement with the promise of traveling the world with a smart, spunky redhead They ve been paired up to create a new brand of television travel program.Traveling to romantic destStrong willed ginger Bella Grant is a take charge television journalist with an appetite for adventure Handsome and sexy Luke McGillicutty is a world weary photographer coaxed out of premature retirement with the promise of traveling the world with a smart, spunky redhead They ve been paired up to create a new brand of television travel program.Traveling to romantic destinations, staying in first class hotels, finding adventure at every turn, it s not surprising that the two fall in love Luke is stunned to realize that Bella is the woman he s looked for his whole life She s beautiful, smart, funny, and courageous.The only thing is, Luke hasn t been completely up front with her He hasn t told her that he s into BDSM He could play it safe, keep the relationship going exactly the way it is But Luke wants As a Dominant, he craves the intimacy that a Dom sub relationship provides And he knows without a doubt that Bella is the perfect submissive How will she react if he approaches her about submitting to him as a Dominant Maybe she d be intrigued by the idea On the other hand, he could lose her forever.Life on the road working with Bella is great Nights spent in Bella s arms are amazing Should Luke just be satisfied with the way things are Or should he risk everything on the chance that they could have it all

    One thought on “Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over”

    1. Pandora Spocks is a classy romance and erotica writer. I'm not really a romance reader, outgrowing that phase many years ago, but I enjoyed reading every one of her books. Luke & Bella was what got me convinced. Have you ever wondered why people were so attracted to BDSM? This sexy but taboo and whispered about concept of domination and submission? Many people are interested in the topic, judging from the success of Fifty Shades of Grey. But only in secret. Me included. I've never really del [...]

    2. “What light through over-yonder window breaks?”Well, that light is clearly a very hot romance story that then went Two Streets Over into a sizzling tale of a couple exploring a “lifestyle” adventure together as they traveled the world. I loved the concept of a travel show as a setting for both romance and erotic play. It allowed for several interesting cultural venues for this deliciously told story. And of course, an ever changing hotel room. Bravo.I found the dialog to be rich with hum [...]

    3. A captivating, easy-to-read contemporary romance. This story is as cool as it is hot. It’s cool in that it’s smart, witty and not over-stated. An absolute must for any romance is to like and care about the characters. We certainly want to do that here, but more than that, we can easily believe who the hero and heroine are because they’re just like real people. Very cool…. As for hot – well it gets kind of steamy (smile). Actually I’d probably describe this one as sexy more so than st [...]

    4. What a great love story (oops was that a spoiler?) The author pretty much described the perfect man in Luke, brown eyes, salt and pepper hair yumm, not to mention his background that instantly lets you know he is tough, no nonsense and rugged. It is apparent straight away that there is chemistry between Luke and Bella. Bella fantasizing about him on the plane and then the mix up with the hotel room really set the scene for what was to come.The inconspicuous cover hides how hot this book got and [...]

    5. "Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over" was a fun read. It hooked me in from the start and I liked the easy-to-read style in which the book has been written. I found a great example of deep POV in this book when Luke looks at Bella through his camera lens since he is a professional photographer. Bella’s description through the camera was outstandingly done and what a fine usage of camera. Romance was good and overall the book was a light and fun read.

    6. A sensual story with magnetic characters who come from two completely different worlds. I was able to connect with the characters as if they were real people and had trouble putting the book down. Back-story was excellent. The slow tension builds between the characters erupts into passion. I found the relationships to be very believable. Don't miss out on a fantastic read, get it now!

    7. This book was a great read for all the romance genre fans out there. The two main characters are VERY well developed and the author does a fantastic job with their interaction and growth. Definitely a recommended read. ((I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review))

    8. Delightful. This book is an absolute delight. The first half of the book is part sweet travel tale and part vanilla romance. Luke and Bella meet on the first day they travel together, and sparks fly from the very beginning as they go from country to country, documenting the lives of people instead of tourist destinations. As the romance blossoms, the author slips in subtle hints to their relationship moving in a different direction. He calls her "baby girl." He puts her wrists together over her [...]

    9. From the beginning, the characters seduce you. They aren't trying to, but they just do. The love story is simple and complex at the same time, and positively bewitching. This book revealed to me a whole new side to the sub/dom relationship, making me think lots of writers are writing it wrong. I'm looking at you Fifty shades. There is never a point in the romantic and sexual relationship here that I ever think of as unpleasant or wrong. The main characters respect each other and develop a bond t [...]

    10. Pandora Spocks books are like good chocolate: smooth, sweet, and just dark enough to be interesting. As a fan of her Michael Rannigan series, I was eager to check out the book that started it all, and I was not disappointed. Luke and Bella are both suitably charming, with enough pain in their pasts to make them relatable and sympathetic even as they embark on expensive and luxurious travels for their work together. Their sexual relationship is of the BDSM variety, but not to worry: it’s nothin [...]

    11. I loved this book! I am a huge fan of travelling, so I was excited to be taken a long for the ride to various cities, such as Edinburgh, Amsterdam, and even my person fave-Istanbul! The author clearly did a lot of research for her book to make each place culturally accurate and very exciting. I really liked how the characters developed their relationship together as they travelled throughout the world--and their romance was sizzling and exciting to say the least. I also liked the elements of sus [...]

    12. I am honestly and voluntarily writing this review for a book I received through ARC.Luke and Bella are thrown together on an assignment. Charlie their boss thought it would be great to put these two together and do a travel show. The thing is they both don't know where they were going until right before the flight. They are going to Edinburgh to film the people and customs.Their next destination is Amsterdam where Bella thinks it would be great pose as a storefront prostitute. Also go into writi [...]

    13. Loved ItThis is the first Pandora Sparks book that I read and it won't be my last. I loved how we got to know Luke and Bella from the get go, and as a couple that grew through their work with each other. Luke helped Bella with her family problems and when her dad died and he couldn't go because he had just dived. This was extremely long but I don't think you'd be happy if it stopped any time but when it did it was a fantastic read.

    14. Luke &Bella (The Dream Dominant Collection Book 1) This was one really fantastic book from start to finish. It drew me in from the very first chapter and held my attention to the very end. I highly recommend this story

    15. Luke and BellaWhat a dynamic duo from the beginning. Two wounded souls not in search of a relationship but a new job working together.Once the relationship started the one neither was looking for was magic.Good reading

    16. Love the strong characters! Especially the strong female characters. This book does a great job of delving into the world of BDSM and what makes people tick. I can't wait to read more for Pandora Spocks.

    17. I absolutely loved this! Sexy, intelligent, and unique contemporary erotic romance. That's a lot of words to describe what is, in essence, a great love story. This one, however, combines a lot of elements in such a way that it is impossible to put down.My favorite part of this story is the sensitive way Pandora Spocks describes Luke & Bella's D/s relationship. He is Dominant, yet totally caring, aware, and ready to accommodate her needs. She is submissive while also remaining strong, indepen [...]

    18. What a concept! Imagine the most intriguing travel television show ever wrapped up in an enticing sweet and spicy bundle of romance, and that’s what you’ll get with Luke & Bella. I’ve read a whole lot of romances, and this book instantly became one of my favorites. Nothing is better than a strong, irresistible hero with sexy salt-and-pepper hair paired with a feisty ginger in need of some “knee time.” This was a fun, exciting novel, a true gift to the reader. Why? Because it gives [...]

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