The Gourd Seller and Other Stories

The Gourd Seller and Other Stories A collection of short stories serious whimsical tragic with undercurrents of sex and violence They deal with fragmented lives that form a part of the urban landscape and how those who migrate f

  • Title: The Gourd Seller and Other Stories
  • Author: Abha Iyengar
  • ISBN: 9789810934019
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • A collection of 8 short stories, serious, whimsical, tragic, with undercurrents of sex and violence They deal with fragmented lives that form a part of the urban landscape, and how those who migrate from the rural one add to the fragments.

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    1. When writers write novels, they have all the space they need to delineate their settings, to allow their characters to grow, and to explore issues away from the core plot that they think might enhance the readers’ understanding and enjoyment of the story. A novel is usually at least 60,000 words in length, and usually much more. I know this from my own reading, and from my attempts to write novels—two of which currently stand at more than 100,000 words.To my mind, writing short stories—not [...]

    2. I – The Gourd Seller is a story revolving around the character of a gourd seller. Wonder what the story could be? Well, it is about how this gourd seller becomes an agent of change in a woman’s life! This story has a tinge a fear which urges to find out what happens to her under his influence.II – The High Stool is a very heart-touching story. We usually take our maids for granted at several instances in our daily routine but just one blow is enough to make us realize how they inseparable [...]

    3. TITLE: THE GOURD SELLER & OTHER STORIESAUTHOR: ABHA IYENGARGENRE: SHORT STORIESPUBLISHED IN 2015SIZE: 50 PAGESTHE GOURD SELLER & OTHER STORIES from ABHA IYENGAR is a small, interesting and nicely written book of short stories. It contains eight stories, THE GOURD SELLER is the first story, from which the name of the book is also derived, and all of the stories in the book are not only different but also relevant and meaningful as well. It deals with many pressing issues of our society, t [...]

    4. I enjoyed this mini-collection. I've spent some time in India and love the country, so a big draw for me was being taken back to the culture and the atmosphere. The stories are short and easy to read, and several ended before I wanted them to. A few felt—to me—that they stopped short of coming full circle, which was a bit of a let-down. But the narratives are very different from each other, and this variety is one of the book's greatest strong points.

    5. Some strong stories, especially 'Drought Country' and the title story (by far the strongest in the collection). Some of the male characters are a little thinly drawn, but the women more than make up for this shortfall. A very slim volume, but definitely a writer to watch.

    6. Short, yet packed with layers of significance, these skillfully crafted stories startle and soothe by turns. The writer has a deep understanding of human nature and an eye for details. Expect to be surprised by glimpses of the uncommon and the profound in the most mundane people and situations. An ordinary, poor gourd seller, a common sight on India's city streets. We buy from him but rarely pause to look at the face that hides so many emotions and experiences behind a leathery, careworn facade. [...]

    7. As a child, I remember detesting any form of gourd except of course if my grandmother transformed it into a delicious and warm halwa (sweet pudding). Now, I am more open to experimenting with food and since I live away from India, seeing this vegetable in my local supermarket makes me rather nostalgic. So when I came across a book with this vegetable named in its title, my curiosity was piqued. What was so interesting about this plain looking (and tasting) vegetable?‘The Gourd Seller & Oth [...]

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