One thought on “Рождение мага”

  1. Despite being Volume 1 of the "Keeper of the Swords", this book is actually a direct sequel to "Diamond sword, Wooden Sword", and as such it's really Book 2 in the "Chronicles of the Rift" series. t's not quite as epic as the first one , and it serves as somewhat of a set-up novel. being a loving tribute to soap operas everywhere, we have a character who suffers from amnesia and finds himself in a new world. Perumov uses book 2 to set up the new world, shifting the focus from the large cast of v [...]

  2. Interesting as the previous book, but Authors weak point is characterization. All his characters seems to be pretty much the same.Continuing to next book.

  3. Things are getting interesting. It's really fun to read a book where the necromancer is the main character, not the typical evil sorcerer/lord of the undead.Love that the main character turns out to be the one I loved from the beginning, but at that time didn't seem to be all that important.A must read, things are only getting better.

  4. The story was easier to follow than previous novels in the series. High-fantasy and a lot of details. I really liked universe of the story's magic and how the diffrent worlds were described.

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