Salvage Book in Anthony J Melchiorri s The Tide series As new heroes emerge from the smoldering ashes of humanity So do new threats A man made plague has ravaged humanity the military is in shambles and c

  • Title: Salvage
  • Author: Anthony J. Melchiorri
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book 3 in Anthony J Melchiorri s The Tide series As new heroes emerge from the smoldering ashes of humanity So do new threats A man made plague has ravaged humanity, the military is in shambles, and chaos reigns over the United States Hopes seems nothing than an ephemeral dream But Captain Dominic Holland is determined to stop the inevitable His daughters areBook 3 in Anthony J Melchiorri s The Tide series As new heroes emerge from the smoldering ashes of humanity So do new threats A man made plague has ravaged humanity, the military is in shambles, and chaos reigns over the United States Hopes seems nothing than an ephemeral dream But Captain Dominic Holland is determined to stop the inevitable His daughters are finally safe, and his crew has found new ways to combat the Skulls He leads the Hunters on a mission to recover vital research that may hold the key to stopping the biological agent responsible for this apocalyptic new world Unexpected new dangers threaten the Hunters efforts They must adapt or face the consequences After all, it s no longer just their lives on the line The future of the human race relies on their success Can the Hunters salvage what remains of humanity Or is it already too late

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    1. Salvage is the third book in the Tide series by Anthony Melchiorri. Salvage presents our heroes with new challenges of bigger and badder skulls and danger from every angle. I can genuinely say that I really enjoyed reading this installment of the Tide series. I found that this book had better flow and a more enjoable storyline than the last book. The pacing was well done and I really felt a connection with the characters in this book.I had a great time reading this and look forward to readin the [...]

    2. Annnnnd, we're back! And up and running! This book has all the suspense and fast pace of the first one and then some. Everytime you think okay I'll just finish this one section and then go to sleep, or make dinner, or whatevermething epic happens and you have to keep reading. The whole book is that way so I literally could not put it down. And yes, I missed a meal. And some sleep. But it was worth it.

    3. Loved this series, and I can't WAIT for the next installment. I spent the better part of a week finishing all three books in this series, and I must say: I'm not disappointed in the least. In fact, 2 months later, I still can't wait to find out what happens next. Very entertaining; a captivating story that's well worth your time.If you like the Extinction Cycle series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, you'll love this series as well! (And if you haven't read that series, I also recommend!)I read quite [...]

    4. Things are getting so much worse for the Hunters. The Skulls are changing, creating more nerve-wracking situations and a need for different ways to kill them. I love the descriptiveness, the intense action, and the nerve jangling feeling that the human element may be the biggest threat. A wonderfully exciting series that never has a boring moment.*This was an ARC, my opinions are my own.*

    5. There are indeed things in this world worse than flesh-eating monsters! This book is the 3rd in Melchiorri's "The Tide" series and it hit the ground running! Dom and his team discover an SOS on top of Boston Mass Gen Hospital and realize that there may be survivors that can help research and/or find an ONI agent cure/vaccine. To add to that, this particular hospital also houses research and samples necessary to further the research Dom's people have already discovered. The Hunters were successfu [...]

    6. The Oni Agent outbreak continues its rise to devastating levels across the globe. The infected, now called “Skulls” are evolving. The horn or scale-like protrusions on their bodies are growing, covering more of their body and becoming thicker, like armor. There also is a king-size version of the Skulls, called “Goliaths”; bigger, meaner, and more dangerous in every way. Another evolved version spits acid; they call these “Droolers”. Add to this the political climate is turning agains [...]

    7. This is the third book in The Tide series. I'm continuing to enjoy the series because of the level of detail put into each battle scene. It could be argued that the plot is on a bit of a slow role, however, I find that this doesn't bother me in the least due to the amazing battle scenes.The core of this third book is the search for medical supplies and a new human based thread which has emerged.I'm eager to get into book four later this week.

    8. Keeps getting betterI love this series. This is the 4\5 time I've read books 1-3 as I have re-read them with each new book release. Every time I read them, they're even better. (Probably because each new book provides more information which explains nuances I'd previously only wondered about). Can't wait to get to the latest new one, book 6!

    9. WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!I love Anthony's world. The Hunters are a tight knit group. Now in the apocalypse, they have become family. The action, the suspense, mixed with some treason and hide & go seek, makes a book you will not put down until you are done reading it! Anthony throws a curve ball, so you will definitely want book #4 Deadrise! I'm driving in now!!!

    10. Dom and the crew are back and better than ever. Every book in the series builds on the previous, more action, more danger, more questions. Reading this book left me anxiously awaiting for the next.

    11. Too many bad and stupid decisions. Lots of lousy shooting for supposedly amazing shooters/fighters/whatever they are. I feel like they should be way smarter than they are, so I'm often surprised by how surprised they get when shit hits the fan once they've chosen to do something stupid.

    12. Honestly, these are sometimes predictable and sometimes suffers from more telling than showing but I’m grabbing the next one as I finish each. They’re fun and the characters are the biggest draw.

    13. This serious is very slow in developing a plot and all of the action scenes sound and feel the same. It's getting repetitive.

    14. The third book in this series hits all the marks. Fast paced, action heavy, and in-depth character development that makes the story all the more compelling. Now getting into the meat of the story, the machinations are really starting to come into play, and Melchiorri handles this with a deft brush. Highly recommended.

    15. Awesome ReadI've enjoyed end of world as we know it stories but it gets boring when writers keep rehashing the same thing. This series of books combines terrorist military and civilian against each other and the monsters, human or oni turned. I admit to wanting to get through parts faster to find out what happens but I've been a good girl. I hope so just rewards are seen soon and a stable sanctuary is found for the poor civilians. Recommended read☺

    16. FantasticI'm enjoying this series so much. I'm the type that when I enjoy a book, it doesn't take me long to read it. In 5 days, I've read the first 3 books. Tony Mellchiorri does a wonderful job of weaving legitimate science into the story. I'm looking forward to book 4.

    17. This is a mixture of Military, Political Intrigue, and Post-Apocalyptic genres.The Hunters have been battling nightmarish creatures since the outbreak of the pandemic. They must battle even more in their quest to find a cure. Along the way they find a few survivors that may be able to help them succeed. Meanwhile, some governmental agencies have their own thoughts on how the outbreak occurred.This book is chock full of twists and turns as well as blood and gore. Just when you think everyone will [...]

    18. Keeps getting betterSomehow these books just keep getting better, as the creatures known as the Skulls evolve so do the Hunters. Most importantly the plot keeps evolving right along with the heroes and the villains.Desperate to restock their medical crew, a mission into Boston may hold the key to defeating the Skulls, and do wonders for the Hunters' morale.But old enemies surface putting Ft Detrick, Kent Island (last known civilian stronghold) and the Huntress in danger. As the Hunters, Lauren a [...]

    19. Nerve wracking and edge of your seat book!This book picks up straight after book 2. It's as fast paced and action packed as its predecessors. Great dialogue between the characters and well written action sequences that make you fear for the Hunters well being. The characters development is brilliant and I personally love each one of them. The science side of it is quite technical but explained in a way that everyone can understand. I loved the way the writer has left us with another cliffhanger [...]

    20. Another awesome continuation to the series. There wasn't a dull moment; this is a truly action-packed book, and the fight scenes are so well thought-out and written that they aren't boring at all like some action scenes can be. I finished the book in three days - I just couldn't put it down. I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    21. Five Stars for this Continuing SeriesFive star series! Very interesting infected, fast paced plot, and engaging characters keep the reader hooked. I can't wait for the next book to be released!

    22. Great continuation of the story, it was very action packed. And I love action packed. I was thinking this was the end to the series, so imagine my surprise to find out that the story is continuing. I can't wait for book 4

    23. I thought this book was great! I ended up reading it in two days which is a lot faster than usual because I don't like reading that much, I bought this series thinking that it wouldn't be very good but I definitely recommend to anyone who hasn't read this yet, it is worth every cent!

    24. Can't get enoughLoving this series more,and more. It's an insane ride, suspenseful, and very intense. I am looking forward to reading even more

    25. Getting scared book 4 then?Book 3: Salvage opened and ended with questions that book 4 will answer. Getting scared for book 5? Will that be my Christmas present,?

    26. More like 2.5 stars; I liked it, but just thought that it wasn't as good as the first two. Don't want to spoil anything, but I felt like there were unnecessary additions to the plot.

    27. Three downOne to go. The Skulls and their metamorphosis is a little strange, but all in all, these books are well written and holds ones interest.

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