Algonquin Cat

Algonquin Cat Bestselling illustrator Hilary Knight returns with this charming story of Hamlet the uncommonly intelligent feline who lives at the Hotel Algonquin a New York haunt of literary and theatrical person

  • Title: Algonquin Cat
  • Author: Val Schaffner Hilary Knight
  • ISBN: 9780440000730
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bestselling illustrator Hilary Knight returns with this charming story of Hamlet, the uncommonly intelligent feline who lives at the Hotel Algonquin, a New York haunt of literary and theatrical personages.

    One thought on “Algonquin Cat”

    1. It’s astounding that I’d never heard of this book until my friend Elizabeth told me and some other members about it. It’s a gorgeous and charming book. It’s exquisitely, beautifully written.The illustrations are special. They’re expressive, detailed, accurate, and sophisticated.It’s a wonderful book about Hamlet, a cat living in the Algonquin Hotel, a hotel that caters to writers, actors, and other members of the artistic crowd. How cool is that! Hamlet is portrayed so well. When n [...]

    2. "One of my favorite children's books of all time - I even named my cats after this book![return][return]I love the internal life of Hamlet and the other cats, the way they can communicate through dreams, even to cats in other times and places - and the illustrations of the dreamscapes (and real places) are gorgeous. And the visualizations of the human characters as cats (or dogs). I especially liked the way Hamlet disguises his helpfulness so the people won't figure out how smart he is and put h [...]

    3. Great writing on "cat language" and custom is what makes this charming, adorable book a keeper. Sweet illustrations and plenty of 50-cent words make this a cut above the average children's book. I would have loved this at age 8-10 or so, and it's a great find for kids who love cats, or who have an interest in writing or acting. The book's a bit dated (mostly in terms of language), but not in any way that detracts from the delightful story. A great depiction of a classic New York hotel and its vi [...]

    4. I got this book primarily for the Hilary Knight illustrations (he's one of my all-time favorites!). The story, however, is entertaining -- a good read/mystery and is a gentle introduction to the eccentric, flamboyant and fascinating folks who made up the legendary Algonquin Circle (of which, incidently, Hilary Knight was a member).

    5. This was a cute book about The Algonquin cat, Hamlet. It was written in 1980 and is very dated. It is categorized as Juvenille, but I don't think it is really a child's book. It is a cute book for an adult to read, although I found it a little boring. I wish someone would write a newer version with the current cat, Matilda.

    6. A very charming and delightful book, but not as significant/powerful as other reviews suggested it was. Maybe because this is something I never read as a child? I still enjoyed it and an grateful for its central message.

    7. My copy arrived and the illustrations are just about the cutest things I've ever seen--plus, this kitty totally reminds me of our spunky princess-of-the-universe calico, so that helps! ;->

    8. Cute idea, lousy execution. The whole thing is both overwrought and confusing, as all the human characters rather run together.

    9. What cats are really doing when they sleep all the time. Charming story of Hamlet, a cat who lives in the famous Algonquin hotel.

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