The Secret Horses of Briar Hill

The Secret Horses of Briar Hill There are winged horses that live in the mirrors of Briar Hill hospital In the mirrors that line its grand hallways which once belonged to a princess In those that reflect the elegant rooms now fill

  • Title: The Secret Horses of Briar Hill
  • Author: Megan Shepherd Levi Pinfold
  • ISBN: 9781406367584
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There are winged horses that live in the mirrors of Briar Hill hospital In the mirrors that line its grand hallways, which once belonged to a princess In those that reflect the elegant rooms, now filled with sick children It is her secret One morning, when Emmaline climbs over the wall of the hospital s abandoned gardens, she discovers something incredible a whitThere are winged horses that live in the mirrors of Briar Hill hospital In the mirrors that line its grand hallways, which once belonged to a princess In those that reflect the elegant rooms, now filled with sick children It is her secret One morning, when Emmaline climbs over the wall of the hospital s abandoned gardens, she discovers something incredible a white horse with broken wings has left the mirror world and entered her own Tucked into the garden s once gleaming sundial, Emmaline finds a letter from the Horse Lord He is hiding the wounded white horse, named Foxfire, from a dark and sinister force a Black Horse who hunts by colorless moonlight If Emmaline is to keep the Black Horse from finding her new friend, she must collect colorful objects with which to blind him But where can Emmaline find color when her world is filled with gray

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    1. Sometimes a book feels like it has always existed. It’s not that it’s predictable nor unadventurous, merely that you can’t shake the feeling as you turn pages that it is familiar — you’ve read it before or just known that it existed for so long that it feels as if you had.The Secret Horses of Briar Hill was that way for me. Other blurbs for it compare it to The Secret Garden (it does have a secret garden) or The Chronicles of Narnia (it does have tiny British children in big houses), [...]

    2. There are winged horses that live in the mirrors of Briar Hill hospital 4.5 stars. The Chronicles of Narnia meets The Secret Garden in this enchanting and deeply felt story of friendship, hope and courage.The Secret Horses of Briar Hill is everything a middle grade novel should be.Majestic, magical horses dwell the Briar Hill hospital. To its patients, they are invisible, but Emmaline sees them in the mirrors everywhere she goes… and now one has found her way in the sundial garden.But she need [...]

    3. i definitely enjoyed reading this book, but like Rooftoppers, i have a feeling it would have been something i enjoyed even more if i had read it when i was a little girl, one of those books you read during those soft, impressionable whitebread years, which stick to your soul and become a part of who you are. i have a lot of those books, the most important of which was Island of the Blue Dolphins, and while this is nothing like that in theme or tone, it gives me the same impression of having that [...]

    4. Emmaline May has a secret: there are winged horses living in the mirrors of Briar Hill. Once the home of a princess, Briar Hill is now a hospital for sick children whose parents are fighting in the war. When Emmaline sneaks into Briar Hill's forbidden garden, she discovers a winged horse who cannot return home to the mirror-world until her injured wing is repaired. Only Emmaline can see the horse, so she alone must save it, but a creature of darkness prowling the skies and her own failing health [...]

    5. This book is too sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He hands me a blue ticket. He uses the tickets so the Sisters will know what treatment we need each week. There are three colors: Blue for patients who are well enough to go outside for exercise and fresh air. Yellow for those who must limit their activity to indoors. Red for the ones-the one, because it is only Anna-too ill to leave their bedsThat's all I have, it's too sad! The author's note is sad too. But it is what happens or happe [...]

    6. Now available! 4.5 stars. Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature:Emmaline knows a secret: Briar Hill, a Shropshire mansion turned into a children’s hospital during World War II, has beautiful winged horses that live in the mirrors of its elegant rooms. They move in and out of the mirror-rooms, walking through doorways, nosing half-finished cups of tea. But only Emmaline can see them, and she keeps the secret to herself. She knows the boys like Benny and Jack will tease her mercilessl [...]

    7. This bookis book! It does something to you. All the emotions, from joy and true happiness to almost unbearable pain, all of it is so worth it! At war times, sometimes your own fantasy and magical world can be your saviour. And that's exactly what this book is all about. It's a mix of true facts and wonderful fantasy, created by Emmaline, one of the sick children at Briar Hill hospital. Since the war is upon them and dark days lay ahead, they try to find laughter and joy wherever they can. Be it [...]

    8. This book is so incredible, everything from its innocent and nostalgic premise to its vibrant themes of escapism and magic. It's definitely one I'd recommend to anyone who loves great stories. :)

    9. Actual rating 4.5The images within this book are evocative, gorgeous, and just downright perfect, with occasional double spread images that help to fill out the picture. But the words in themselves will reach right into your heart and pull on those strings. In truth, my feelings about this book actually grew overnight, between staying up late to finish the last few chapters and sitting down to write this review the following evening.Upon closing this book, I felt there were too many things left [...]

    10. Whether I believe the horses in this book are truly magical or just a figment of imagination from the main character's mind, the impact is still the same. I loved this book! And I loved reading it!The Secret Horses of Briar Hill is an evocative, profound middle grade novel that reminds us of hope despite the tragedies this world brings. It's a enchanting tale of friendship, of love, courage and determination to push through with life. It's a great novel that stays with you for a long time and wi [...]

    11. I've never rated one of my own books before, but this one has a special place in my heart. I'm giving it five stars for that beautiful cover, for the blood, sweat, and tears between the pages, and for all the many people who helped and inspired me along the way. Thank you all, and happy reading.

    12. Beautiful book! Set during WWII, a young girl at a hospital for tubercular children in Britain makes a startling discovery: there are winged horses you can only see in the mirrors of the hospital. But are they real, or a product of a fevered brain? And is it the horses who need her help, or does she need theirs?Very much reminded me of books like The Secret Garden, which Shepherd cites as an inspiration and childhood favorite in her Author's Note.

    13. Some children’s books are simply wasted on children: The Little Prince, Outside Over There, The Polar Express, The Book Thief, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, the Harry Potter series, Flotsam, The Magic Thief and its sequels.Add to that select list Megan Shepherd’s The Secret Horses of Briar Hill.Like so many English children during World War II, Emmeline May has been sent to Shropshire; however, unlike those other children, Emmeline and the other children at Briar Hill hospital has not been s [...]

    14. Trapped in a hospital, surrounded by children inflicted with stillwaters, Emmaline keeps a secret: she can see winged horses in the mirrors. When one of those winged horses arrives injured in her world, it’s up to Emmaline to protect it – but how can you protect something so magical when you’re barely able to stand? The Secret Horses of Briar Hill pushes the boundaries of magical realism, leaving readers entirely uncertain as to whether or not the magic is in Emmaline’s heart or in her h [...]

    15. Gorgeous middle grade that reminded me of The Secret Garden and The Fall (an amazing, slightly trippy film directed by Tarsem Singh that I also recommend). The voice and pacing was perfect. The story was heartbreaking, and Emmaline May is a character I think many younger readers will adore.

    16. Reseña completa: letraslibrosymas.⦁ La ambientación: se desarrolla en la segunda guerra mundial, un enclave que ha dado historias desgarradoras y muy buenas, pero aquí Megan Shepherd solo lo ha utilizado como marco de acción, porque la verdadera importancia está en la protagonista y su lucha interior (por la enfermedad que padecen) y la guerra es una manera de ver las consecuencias para los más pequeños. Una estrategia que funciona a las mil maravillas para regalarnos una perspectiva di [...]

    17. ”I have a secret.But I’ll tell you.There are winged horses that live in the mirrors of Briar Hill hospital.”Synopsis: A little girl stuck in a hospital dares to make us cry with her visions of horses haunting the halls and mirrors of the rooms and corridors she dwells in.Biblio-BabbleIt’s a Hard Knock Life: Emmaline has tuberculosis, known to her as the still-waters. She lives in a converted mansion that was transformed into a hospital along with other children who have her condition. I [...]

    18. The book is really makes me feel happy and inspired. This book is a rollercoaster of emotions that make me love it. The main character is supposed to be helpless but she overcomes so much. Even though she's really young she lost so much but still hopes and believes in the beauty of the world. Her struggles make this book real and relatable that made me enjoy it. I predicted a little bit of the plot but I was still shocked sometimes. When she endures the grief of her friend really made me love he [...]

    19. Megan Shepherd has such a great writing voiceI instantly felt that it was her writing, when I picked this up. a lovely story, perfect for kids but lots of deeper meanings for adults as well. I loved it!!

    20. I can't begin to tell you how happy it makes me to have been able to read and review this book so early, when it isn't even out until October. It means the very most to me. Thank you so, so much to Anna for sending me this print ARC for review. <3 Simply the most gorgeous. This cover is truly something special. I adore it.I'm unsure about how to review this stunning book, though. Because I didn't love it. But I liked it so so much. The writing is gorgeous. The characters are so interesting to [...]

    21. I didn't make a single note on this book, didn't save a single highlight. That's unusual for me; I usually take full advantage of my Kindle's abilities to augment my memory. Then again, I don't really need notes in order to remember this book. I'll remember it for a long time. It's a sweet, sad book set in the middle of WWII about a girl sent to a mansion deep in the English countryside that has been converted to a hospital. They're quarantined there, with an alarming disease – which is why Em [...]

    22. This was a genuinely nice story. The length was perfect for a Middle Grade, too. So many of the MGs I have read lately have been too long. The story dealt with war, sickness and death, but still managed quite a bit of Magical Realism whimsy. The historical elements seem to have been well researched.Another aspect I appreciated with this book is there was no adult thinking. Too many MGs as of late either have the MC thinking and acting like an adult, or are heavy on the adult secondary character [...]

    23. Gostei do clima da história e das lições de coragem, imaginação, amizade, perseverança e a importância de ver a beleza do mundo mesmo em tempos difíceis, mas algo me impediu de realmente amar esse livro. Desconfio que seja a teimosia de Emmaline - ok que ela precisa salvar a égua, mas ARGH PARA DE FUGIR DO HOSPITAL.(Me dá uma agonia ver essas histórias com crianças que saem em aventuras tipo esta aqui e Em Algum Lugar nas Estrelas, porque elas estão sempre em perigo e os adultos par [...]

    24. Oh, this book. I borrowed this on a whim from the library, and I'm so very glad that I did. Megan Shepard has woven a beautiful tale in The Secret Horses of Briar Hill. One that manages to mix fantasy and reality in a way that is both heartbreaking and sweet. I fell in love with Emmaline from page one, and I honestly wish that her story had gone on a little longer.The writing in this book felt so familiar. Like an old friend, that I hadn't picked up in a while. I'd most easily compare this to so [...]

    25. "I have a secret. I won't tell Benny and the other boys. They are like dogs in the night, snarling at anything that moves. I won't tell Anna either, even though she is nice to me and shares her colored pencils.But I'll tell you.This is my secret: there are winged horses that live in the mirrors of Briar Hill Hospital."Review to come.

    26. I really enjoyed this book, but it was so so sad!!! I can honestly say that I feel really ignorant for not knowing all that has happened in history. Children going to live away from others because they have TB so others don't catch it from them. Leaving their families and homes behind. According to the Author's note this truly did happen back then. I've been very interested in World War II since I was young and never even knew about this happening. I loved the winged horse plot of the story and [...]

    27. I’ve always liked Megan Shepherd’s work, but the first indication that I had that The Secret Horses of Briar Hill was going to be something truly special, was when I described the book to a coworker’s thirteen-year-old daughter, and I watched her eyes light up.The idea of winged horses seemed magical to her, and I quickly learned that she was right. Because The Secret Horses… is a magical book, and I can easily see this book becoming a new American (and likely, global) classic.In a short [...]

    28. I finished this in a couple of hours and I absolutely loved every second of reading this!! The writing is wonderful and I love Emmaline with all my heart! From the first page, I loved her and I couldn’t wait to read the 228 pages ahead of me. She’s such a precious girl! You can’t possibly don’t like her. I loved the concept of this and younger readers will too!! It’s also good that I takes place while a war is raging, to let kids know that this happened in reality. I think it’s very [...]

    29. "Perhaps they never die at all. I quite believe that myself, and it is a comfort, don't you think? That there is a place where no one ever grows old?"Have you ever read a book and realized it's exactly the type of book you wished you wrote? Well this is mine. "The Secret Horses of Briar Hill" is one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read! On the page it's about a children's hospital during World War II where a little girl claims to see winged horses in the mirrors. Ultimately though, the s [...]

    30. I lent this book to my 9 year-old niece to read before me, and her initial response was a skeptical "I don't usually read books with pictures." An hour later she was hugging it to her chest. So: Five Stars from her (clearly a tough critic), and I'll update my review when I've finished. :)

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