Cacciatori di vampiri

Cacciatori di vampiri Generazione dopo generazione uno dei discendenti della famiglia Gardella deve accettare il destino della stirpe e diventare cacciatore di vampiri Questa volta la prescelta Victoria diciottenni ancor

  • Title: Cacciatori di vampiri
  • Author: Colleen Gleason
  • ISBN: 9788854109612
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • Generazione dopo generazione, uno dei discendenti della famiglia Gardella deve accettare il destino della stirpe e diventare cacciatore di vampiri Questa volta la prescelta Victoria, diciottenni ancora da compiere Mentre la sua vita si snoda tra la folla delle sale da ballo e le strade solitarie illuminate dalla luna, il suo cuore conteso tra il pi ambito scapolo diGenerazione dopo generazione, uno dei discendenti della famiglia Gardella deve accettare il destino della stirpe e diventare cacciatore di vampiri Questa volta la prescelta Victoria, diciottenni ancora da compiere Mentre la sua vita si snoda tra la folla delle sale da ballo e le strade solitarie illuminate dalla luna, il suo cuore conteso tra il pi ambito scapolo di Londra, il marchese di Rockley, e il suo enigmatico alleato, Sebastian Vioget E quando si ritrover faccia a faccia con il pi potente vampiro mai esistito sulla terra, Victoria dovr compiere la scelta estrema tra a e dovere Ambientato tra gli splendori e le ombre della Londra di inizio Ottocento, il libro una storia di sangue, di soprannaturale, d a e morte.

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    1. So this is about a family of vampire slayers who live in the Regency period - where the females had the long gloves with very short sleeves and their boobs out and hair put up with curls (and tons of hair product, whatever they used in those days). Victoria is 19 and the biggest stress in her life to date is whether her dance card gets filled up at her debut until she has strange dreams and finds out she has been selected to be the next family slayer in a long line of slayers spanning generation [...]

    2. I started The Rest Falls Away with some misgivings. Away opens with a cheesy ceremony, some cliché about destiny, and a series of infodumps through a wise aunt, teaching the audience along with Victoria Gardella, vampire hunter. However, once we're up to speed, there seems to be a spirit of, "Now let's get to the good stuff!" as author Colleen Gleason moves us swiftly into plotty goodness, beginning with Victoria's coming out ball, where she begins her vampire -and husband- hunting careers with [...]

    3. January is vampire month for me and Karly.I love vampires, but a vampire-hunting debutante and a Jane Austen-era setting had me doubtful at first. I hate "chosen ones" even more than insta-love and I one-starred Pride and Prejudice. However, this freebie quickly sucked me in and it turned out to be quite an enjoyable read!For a while there didn't seem to be much of a plot—just Victoria going to fancy events and making excuses to leave early so she could stake vampires, all the while trying to [...]

    4. 3.5 Regency-set vampire story that surprised me. At first, it felt quite a bit episodic, going from one scene to the next, speeding to get us to the point when Victoria takes on her role vampire slayer. Once there, the narrative found its rhythm and allowed us to enjoy following our heroine trying to juggle her two lives, often with a good dose of humour, going from balls and the duty to catch a rich husband of excellent social standing, to killing vampires and foiling the plans of Lilith, set u [...]

    5. Victoria Gardella is ready to make her debut in society. At the same time, she finds out she's a Venator or a Vampire Hunter. Looking forward to some action and freedom offered by her new role she jumps in readily to accept the challenge. She has her aunt and another Venator, Maximilian Pesaro, to guide her through her new duties. But things get complicated when she meets and becomes attracted to the Marquess of Rockley. He's innocent and ignorant of her night life and wants to marry her. Can Vi [...]

    6. The Rest Falls Away is all about girl power. Victoria is a great heroine who goes through so much and walks through the fire to come out on top. Victoria’s calling is to be a Venator, which is a vampire slayer who must sacrifice her life to eradicate the world of these evil undead beings. Victoria has been waiting for this moment to be welcomed as the newest slayer. But poor Victoria has her mother to put up with who wants her only daughter to have her coming out in London to find a husband. V [...]

    7. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, meets Jane Austen. A lot of frocks, debutantes and dance cards mingle with the undead. Funny, entertaining, a little off the well beaten track of the usual vampire romance lit. Nice, even with some drama strewn in. There are different types of vampires. Your run-of-the-mill recently undead, the older Guardians and the very old and scary Imperials. The silly bit about it - you can tell the difference by the colour of their eyes. But otherwise a good read.

    8. Initial ThoughtsThis was fun! Victoria is trying to find a good husband while she is taking on the role of vampire hunter. It was entertaining watching her trying to balance both sides of her life. Of course, I found the vampire parts to be the most interesting but I liked the idea of her living a double life. Review copy provided by the publisher via Edelweiss. Full review to be posted soon.

    9. Vampire-hunters in Regency England, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer by way of Jane Austen.Victoria is the latest daughter of the Gardella family to begin having the dreams that indicate that she has a destiny to fight vampires, a destiny that she can choose to pass up, but one that she decides to pursue thinking it a great game. As she risks more and more of her life in the pursuit of this game she begins to realize it's anything but.This was a fun paranormal romance that owes a lot more to Buffy th [...]

    10. Light girly and fluffy but entertaining enough to blitz through the series in a few weeks. Due to Victorian setting and comedy element reminds a bit of Soulless but admittedly not as sophisticated and funny. Weaknesses: YA level writing - too simplified and naïve at times, and character depth. (gets better later in the series)Strengths: fast moving engaging plot, good balance of action-adventure vs romance, comedy element, well done fight scenes.I wouldn’t look for original ideas or any deep [...]

    11. Hmmmmm. This is another instance of 'I hate the protagonist, but the story is quite good'. Do with that what you will.

    12. Victoria Gardella Grantworth is called on the eve of her debut to London´s society to accept her family legacy to be a vampire hunter, a so-called Venator. Mentored and trained by her old aunt Eustacia she´s supposed to follow into her steps as the head of the Venators and destroy their arch-enemy the vampire queen Lilith the Dark. Victoria embraces her fate to be a vampire hunter fully but she has also to follow her social callings and find a suitable husband. When Phillip de Lacy, Marquess o [...]

    13. I wanted to love this book. I mean, it's a good story. Buffy set in Regency England--what's not to like? I usually give a book 50 pages to interest me, but I gave Gleason 100. Even after she referred to a horse as a stallion in three consecutive paragraphs only to call him a gelding in the fourth, I kept reading. Eventually, though, the story didn't enthrall me enough to lift me past Gleason's awkward prose and wooden dialogue. A girl can take only so much of someone writing forsoothly. I skippe [...]

    14. My daughter bought me the full set of these books a few years ago and I've read them many times I'm currently working my way through them again which has prompted me to write a review.I love a good series and this is one of my favourites, if you like vampires and romance then this series is a must. This first book is about Victoria discovering her legacy and it introduces the main characters for the series including Max and Sebastian.

    15. 3.5 that I'm rounding up. A bit of a shaky start for me, but this turned into a gloriously dark and enjoyable vampire huntress tale!

    16. The author has billed her first novel as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Pride and Prejudice" and seeing as these are two of my all time favorite stories and settings- I was all over it!I read it in one sitting, because after the first chapter I had to see how it all played out. Actually, it was around page thirty-about the time Ms. Gleeson laid out her idea of how the vampires came into being. (No Bram Stoker rip off this!) After I read it, I heard that familiar voice inside my head say "Oh, th [...]

    17. The first book in my personal clear-off-your-shelves-by-the-end-of-the-year challenge is completed. Yay! I was not a big fan of this one, which is disappointing, but it is nice to cross a series off of my ridiculous TBR. RTC.

    18. If I could give 2.5 stars, I would, but given the choice between "it's okay" and "liked it," I definitely have to stay with "it's okay."My main beef with this book is simply styleor rather, the lack thereof. Not everyone can be a gifted writer, no, but I felt like I was reading a teenager's second or third "novel" on some sort of free internet publishing site (no names named). And even saying that might be insulting to some of those teenagers who tell a lesser story in a damned more compelling w [...]

    19. I triedI really tried to get into this story. I put this book down and went back to it three times. Unfortunately, even though I love the concept (an historical romance meets Buffy The Vampire Slayer), I was just unable to feel anything but frustration and boredom.The story moved so slowly, it nearly drove me mad. It felt like the same sequence of events kept playing out repeatedly over the first 150 pages. The action did end up picking up towards the end (which is why i was finally able to give [...]

    20. At the start of The Rest Falls Away, Victoria is arrogant and naïve in embracing her calling as a Venator. Her induction into the hunting elite is handled almost too easily. Vampires poof to ash with practically a flick of a well-turned wrist. She stubbornly maintains a duality--dancing debutante vs. ruthless killer--and she seems to get away with it.But as the story unfolds, the dichotomy takes its toll. And that's where Victoria becomes interesting.Gleason lists Jane Austen and Joss Whedon as [...]

    21. Victoria is a normal young lady looking forward to her debut into London Society - until she discovers she is the latest in her family to be chosen as a Venator or vampire hunter. She has the choice to accept her calling and become a Venator or to deny it and have her memories of the existance vampires taken away. Thinking it will be a big adventure and she will have more freedom than most young ladies she decides to accept her destiny and is given a vis bulla - an amulet that will give her the [...]

    22. A few days ago I found this book, and it immediately jumped ahead of all the other books I have waiting. I had never even heard of this series, or this author, and since it's a best selling series, that was kind of different for me. Reason? Because I really wish I had heard of this series before! It was just so, so good.Victoria Gardella is a member of the ton, otherwise known as the high society of London. It's the time of Jane Austin, she's nineteen, and is getting read for her debut. She begi [...]

    23. This book was a fun intro to the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the 1800s. By itself, I would say the book was moderately entertaining. I like the world it is building, and thought this was a good introduction to the characters. Victoria, our heroine, was admittedly a bit TSTL in the beginning (not totally, but definitely a little) - charging into a big confrontation alone because, hey, you're a badass baby vamp slayer who has been in training for A WHOLE MONTH is maybe not the best plan. [...]

    24. Sometimes I think maybe I shouldn't rate books. Or at least some books. This is maybe more of a two, but I'll read more, so I guess three.The worldbuilding in this isn't bad (not terribly original, but I generally don't care about that in this genre), but the process of worldbuilding isn't good. It's all, "Okay, you're the Chosen One. Moving on . . ." except you actually don't even get the scene where she finds out she's the Chosen One. That's all exposition.Which, in a way, is what makes me loo [...]

    25. I wanted to like this more than I did, but it was just too inconsistent and far-fetched for me. The inconsistency was resolved - the beginning gave the feeling that perhaps the author was going for tongue-in-cheek with the opening behavior of the heroine, but then it became obvious that it was meant to be a serious approach to staking vampires. But that led to the far-fetched aspect: here is this young debutante carrying stakes to ton events so she can poof any vampires that show up. Actually, I [...]

    26. So this was my read for 'in-between-work' and I rather enjoyed it, but there are also a few things I thought could have used a little more convincing as for the emotional part. This occured more in the middle Part of the book, but I thought some of Victorias feelings felt rather rash and more like a crush than really the deep feeling of love the reader is supposed to believe she feels. So although she is supposed to be a kickass female character (which she is partly) I felt like her emotional st [...]

    27. What I found really annoying about this book was how a newbie vampire hunter can easily defeat an imperial vampire or even a guardian one I mean they've lived for a veeery long time and for them to just "poof" was kinda bizarre! It's as if these really old vampires just stood there and allowed Victoria to stake them! Nop uh uh! Didn't like that! This wasn't the best vampire book I've ever read, or the worst! It kept me interesting and I really wanted to know what'll happen in the end! But then, [...]

    28. Victoria is the Buffy in Victorian times! (Or whatever that specific era is called. I can't get any of them straight.) This was a great first new book. I admit, I was pulled in by the cover and because my DH pointed it out. When I found out the author is from Ann Arbor, I had to buy it to support her! Great new vampire series for me.

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