One thought on “Occult Detective Quarterly #1”

  1. Sometimes you wonder if you have something special on your hands—something that will be, if not famous, then at least a name to conjure with in the right haunts. Occult Detective Quarterly #1, edited by John Linwood Grant and Sam Gafford, is just that sort of magazine.For my own bottle of champagne smashed against the hull, this review will look at every piece of fiction in some depth, and peel back the layers of this excellent first issue.My particular favorites were those by David T. Wilbank [...]

  2. Very enjoyable debut. Ghost, monsters, occult detectives of many kinds. Interviews and reviews. It's got all your Occult Detective needs!OCCULT DETECTIVE QUARTERLY #1 delivers on its premise and promise of well occult detectives. If you don't know what classifies an "occult detective" well - they're those heroes of fiction who investigate, expose and battle the occult - whether that be ghosts or monsters, other strange happenings, strange people, stranger creatures and things beyond the ken of [...]

  3. I wasn't sure what to expect with this particular magazine, but by all measures it exceeded my expectations. Each story was written to quality prose standards, and rather than a tedious retreading of existing ghost-hunter tropes, there was a great deal of inventiveness in the settings and styles at work here. The Edwardian and Victorian eras do show up here, but we also see noir-infused 40's or 50's America, pre-modern England and Scotland, and modern day New Orleans and Los Angeles. All-in-all [...]

  4. Well this was bad. I am not normally a fan of short stories but I thought these pulp inspired ones would be at least interesting. Oh was I so wrong. Bad writing & bad plotting made this a torture to read. Avoid this one and save yourself the minutes of your life you would waste reading it.

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