The Great Fire Of London In 1666

The Great Fire Of London In In the London citizens saw one fire where thousands died and than one fifth of the population became homeless This book tells the devastating story of disease and losses

  • Title: The Great Fire Of London In 1666
  • Author: Walter George Bell
  • ISBN: 9780837147741
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In 1666 the London citizens saw one fire where thousands died and than one fifth of the population became homeless This book tells the devastating story of disease, and losses.

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    1. 2003 Folio Society Edition. Another excellent work by Walter Bell. Well supported with appendices including letters (contemporary accounts) from some residents of London describing the fire, maps, and paintings; Lieve Pieterzoon Verschuier's imaginative reconstruction being one of the most impressive. Conditions seemed perfect for such a blaze to begin and be sustained. The Mayor, Bludworth, on seeing the fire at an early stage was reported to say 'a woman could piss it out', and then refused to [...]

    2. Ever since I read Dirty Old London: The Victorian Fight Against Filth last year, I've wanted to know more about the London of the past. It just seems like such a juxtaposition for this city to have been one of the most powerful seats in the world, and yet also one of the most nasty and unsafe ones at the same time. This book is about the Great Fire of 1666, which is distinguished from it's many predecessors only because those didn't basically wipe out the entire city.Now this particular book was [...]

    3. Princess Fuzzypants here:On Septmber 3rd (my purrday) 1666, the City of London was changed forever. A small fire started in Pudding Lane and turned into a conflagration that destroyed most of medieval London.The hot dry summer and the strong winds did not help. Nor did the claustrophobic streets of wooden buildings built so tightly together that two carts could not pass each other at the same time without getting stuck.Plague had ravaged the city the previous year and there were those quick to a [...]

    4. The Great Fire of London in 1666 was originally written in 1920 by Walter George Bell, who makes the observation that the fire served to rid London of the last vestiges of its medieval ecclesiastical and monastic roots toward commercialism. The fire began before sunrise on Sunday, September 2, burnt through the city for four days, and left more than 100,000 people homeless by consuming 13,200 houses with 373 acres burnt within the city walls. No doubt residents must have felt accursed having esc [...]

    5. A Folio Society reprint of a book from 1920, edited by Belinda Hollyer. It is still, she claims, one of the best books on the Fire, and I can see that it is. I particularly like the details of the aftermath of the Fire, and the rebuilding of the city. Bell was the first historian, I think, to insist that much of the received wisdom, for instance that hardly anyone died in the fire and it only took three years to rebuild, was completely wrong.It's interesting that the writing sounds somewhat arch [...]

    6. I had no idea this book even existed. Bell presented a well researched volume on the Great Fire of London in 1666. He took pains to refute the claims made by previous work, using primary sources and his narrative is very well written. I'm still processing all of what I read. I'll definitely be adding this book to my personal collection when it becomes available.

    7. The chapters dealing with the fire itself were good, but I had trouble slogging through those that dealt with the aftermath. It's an interesting read just for the author's voice. Historians in 1923 were very obviously emotionally attached to their subjects.

    8. Found this book in a second hand book store. A bit dated but a very concise account that brings the event to life.

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