The Gay Divorcee

The Gay Divorcee Phil Davies should be happy He has a flourishing bar in the heart of Soho and in six months he will be marrying Ashley There s just one problem Phil has been married before years ago To a woman In

  • Title: The Gay Divorcee
  • Author: Paul Burston
  • ISBN: 9781847442086
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Phil Davies should be happy He has a flourishing bar in the heart of Soho and in six months he will be marrying Ashley There s just one problem Phil has been married before, 20 years ago To a woman In fact, technically Phil and Hazel are still married And what Phil doesn t know yet is that Hazel has a son a 19 year old son.

    One thought on “The Gay Divorcee”

    1. A generally fun read with a suitably emotional ending. There is however a bitter streak throughout the book, which is worthy of Bitchy Queen, the anonymous gossip blogger in the story, and is at times uncomfortable for its relentless negativity.

    2. I found this storyline really interesting; the characters, each holding their own secrets, each holding their own hopes and interpretation of the situation. It didn't seem to make a big deal of the gay characters; their relationships were no different than if they book had been about purely straight characters and I really liked that. It was just your usual hidden son who was actually in sight story. I particularly like Ashley- or hated him, one or the other. Seeing his character made the book s [...]

    3. Phil is planning to get married to his young, gorgeous boyfriend Ashley but there is one problem: Phil was married in his teens to a girl, and has never been divorced. And in fact, unknown to Phil, there's another problem: a child, now grown up. (That's not a spoiler - it's in the GR description and on the back of the book.)I fell on this with delight in the library. I wanted to love it. And I did like it. I had some issues with it, but the characters saved it for me. There were certainly a few [...]

    4. Despite the fact that the cover is littered with praise, I can't say this book impressed me - there were times where I just wanted to throw it out of the window. It contains a vast amount of revelations, and most of them were blindingly predictable, which tends to make me both feel clever and really dissapointed. Mostly the latter, I must say. The book starts off with a prologue, which feels scrabled and confusing. Something quickly retold in order for the rest of the story to make sense. Then t [...]

    5. A really good read. The drama builds throughout with new revelations and tension. And the characters all feel real. They aren't there just to support the main protagonists but have lives of their own which affect the action and their interactions.This is more than just a relationship story, it's also a bit of a mystery with the phantom blogger appearing throughout. And it covers a range of relationships, mother/daughter, mother/son, father/daughter, best friends, gay partners and all kinds of ca [...]

    6. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book: loved the entertaining plot, some tasty twists and a refreshingly natural narrative style. There's an interesting tension and contrast between London's Soho and Wales, some wonderfully colourful descriptions of the gay scene in London, brilliant, cutting humour and some lovely fast-moving writing. The sub-lots work well and add real depth. This book is one of those satisfying and well-crafted reads that left me wanting to read more of the same. I'm glad I [...]

    7. An enjoyable, sometimes very predictable, soapy romp through the interminably bitchy, drink and drug fuelled lives and scene of a handful of London gay lives. Paul Burston of course knows his stuff but it does reinforce a ton of stereotypes and reinforces how glad I am that I was always a homo on the fringes of the scene and never within it. But it's a great summer read when you don't want anything too demanding.

    8. I thought it was fun and gave me a glimpse of the gay men's scene (which is not the same as the lesbian scene). Not a very demanding read, if you know what I mean, but you won't put it down until you get to the end. A nice mix of characters -- some deep, some superficial -- and a happy ending for some (the deserving ones!) which is quite uplifting after all the drama in the gay world.

    9. Bought it while on travel. I couldn't leave it for a week. Clever, sensitive, well written, funny and entertaining. I'll leave it here for my mum to read.The Gay Divorcee

    10. It was a fun, quick read while on vacation.but it seems to rely on stereotypes that makes the characters lack complexity and be more like caricatures. So we laugh, but is it really fair to do so?

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