Westward the Dream

Westward the Dream As the U S descends into the Civil War photographer Brenton Baldwin travels west with his sister Jordana taking pictures of the developing lands and in search of their sister Along for the trip is y

  • Title: Westward the Dream
  • Author: Judith Pella Tracie Peterson
  • ISBN: 9780764220715
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • As the U.S descends into the Civil War, photographer Brenton Baldwin travels west with his sister Jordana, taking pictures of the developing lands and in search of their sister Along for the trip is young Caitlan O Connor, who has just arrived from Ireland Will they make it to California to find their family despite the danger that looms ahead And can early romance groAs the U.S descends into the Civil War, photographer Brenton Baldwin travels west with his sister Jordana, taking pictures of the developing lands and in search of their sister Along for the trip is young Caitlan O Connor, who has just arrived from Ireland Will they make it to California to find their family despite the danger that looms ahead And can early romance grow into love in the face of trials and tragedy

    One thought on “Westward the Dream”

    1. I feel that I have been cheated. The book ends, and nothing is resolved, the ribbons are still not in a bow, they are flying free. Which leaves me dissatisfied. I liked Jordana, she was a free spirit. I even liked G.W. yes, he did behave like a child when disappointed. But his pride was dealt a hard blow and who doesn't act like a kid now and then? I also liked a minor character Captain Richard O'brien. I would like to hear more of these characters. Unfortunately, since there was five points of [...]

    2. I just finished​ Westward the Dream. I gave it 3 stars though I wanted to give 2 in the middle (most of the time.) Interesting main idea and everything, but it was SO long, slow, boring! I thought the book was less than 400 pages, but it seemed over 500!Okay, some places I wanted to give 5 stars (like in the action parts) and I loved everyone's thoughts and feelings. They seem so real, but the problem was there were like half a dozen perspectives. Was kind of hard to follow sometimes. Also it [...]

    3. There were two major stories in this book1) Caitlan, an 18 year old Irish girl is sent away from a potentially dangerous situation to America where her much older brother is living. A letter to Brenton and Jordana Baldwin (brother and sister, who's parents are in Russia for an extended work related stay) let them know she will be arriving by ship soon, to NYC, where they live. This was such a surprise, but they soon become fast friends, even though the difference in their social status is huge. [...]

    4. I was on a Tracie Peterson feast, reading all I could with her name on it. Although I did enjoy this story and will probably read the rest of the series, it took a lot longer to read and I didn't enjoy it quite so much as some of her other novels/series

    5. AwesomeI couldn't come up with a better word for this story than awesome. Once again I was swept away in the world that was related. I'm looking forward to reading the next book :-)

    6. Traveling West!Very enjoyable reading. Definitely a part of a series, but also complete as a stand alone book. Clean, well written, interesting!

    7. From what I recall, this book follows an independent and daring woman, her sensible brother, and their sister-law (from Ireland) across the states from the east coast of the states, toward California - so that the sister-in-law can reunite with her sister.It was clean and wholesome, but I was disappointed that it came to an abrupt conclusion with multiple unanswered questions. In my opinion, each book in a series should be able to stand alone and contain some type of HEA. This book does neither. [...]

    8. Great ReadI really enjoyed the historical content around the time of the civil war, what was happening in the West, and the progress of trying to get a transcontinental railroad going. The characters were intriguing and I didn't want to put the book down at times. :) I want to read the next one.

    9. Good book butSuch a cliffhanger! Clean book, a little predictable, but overall a nice light read. I got this as a free book and it was worth my time to read it. Not sure if I'll purchase the next one yet

    10. Bad endingI was enjoying the story when all of a sudden it stopped. There was no conclusion. I am sure everything will be resolved in the next book, but the abrupt end was very disappointing.

    11. Couldn't put it down!I chose four stars because I reserve five star for extraordinary, This is the first book by these authors I have read. Very well written book of Civil War era of the Baldwin family. Characters are interestingoryline reflecting events of that eraok of faith!

    12. ExcitingThis was a great first book in this series, but it ends a bit incomplete and I'm anxious now to continue the series to know what else happens. Highly recommend this book!

    13. Westward the dreamVery well written about the escapades of a brother and sisters journey lacrosse the country during the warLooking forward to the next book

    14. Judith Pella and Tracie Peterson have done a wonderful job collaborating on this Christian western romance. We are introduced to the Baldwin family and their adventures in the building of the West in connection with the transpacific railroad. In this book we learn to love each of the members of the Baldwin family as well as their extended family. The female protagonist that stands out for me is Jordana. We see her emerge from an adolescent into a woman. The authors did a superb job in her charac [...]

    15. This book is quite hard to review while I like all the characters & how they care for each other, I find there is actually little to no plot at all. Other than 3 people going west and 2 more couples in this book, plus a lot of railway history included (which I don't mind), nothing much was going on.I'm not saying I didn't enjoy reading this, because I did. And I want to know more about Jordana in the 3rd book.But I'm disappointed with the lack of drama/action, when this book could be so good [...]

    16. I loved the characters and found them very easy to relate to. I was a bit disappointed at the ending, but I know this is a series so I would need to read on to find out what happens with the characters. At times the book lacked depth, I wanted to read more into the people and their thoughts/emotions. In addition, I felt like the timeline moved so quickly, I was left feeling like I missed things here and there (perhaps that is just because I love details so much). Over all, a great story and fun [...]

    17. Too long without a directionThis book only deserved a three star rating, because of how long it took to get through this story. Only one exciting part about three quarters into the book, and it truly did not make up for the plodding into this tale. I understand there are more books in this series, but this person will not pay or read them. I only read Christian fiction similar to this book, but there was not enough references backed by biblical passages. I was mildly disappointed.

    18. It was cute, not my favorite of Pella's books, but I liked it enough to plan on checking out the sequel from the library. I think the high lights of this book was definitely the historicity of the railroad that started out in California and the process of getting such a project started - it was very accurate historically and she did a good job weaving in fictional characters.

    19. For most of the book, I loved Victoria and Kiernan's story more than Jordana's. It was just sweet and all that sort of thing. But after the Bushwhacker attack on Caitlan and Jordana, I started to like their story more. All in all, a great book if you don't mind the point of view switching between characters every few chapters.

    20. The Baldwins travel west to find their sister leaving behind the Civil War in the east. They take with them the sister of their brother-in-law who just arrived from Ireland. Along the way Brenton takes pictures of the west to send back to business men who are thinking in investing in the building of a railroad.

    21. Very GoodThis wasn't quite what I was expecting, but it was an adventure. A very good adventure with Brenton, Jordana, and Caitlin traveling west, meanwhile another story is playing itself out with Brenton and Jordana's sister and brother-in-law. I would recommend this book. I do enjoy reading books by Judith Pella and Tracie Peterson.

    22. SO POORLY WRITTEN. I just can't. Two chapters is all I could take. So slow.Soawling. The characters--meh. I could not stay in their heads. Can't do it; there's nothing I enjoyed about it.I would give it one star, but I feel like that's unfair, since I only gave it two chapters to impress me. So three stars it is.

    23. Adventure and Romance Aplenty!From a strict boarding school of highly intelligent young Eastern ladies and daily news of the War Between the States in the East to goldmines and railroad pioneers in California, Westward the Dream has it all. Very well written, clean Christian romance.

    24. This book just moved along way too slow. I realize this is part of a series but the book ended with WAY too many unresolved conflicts and issues with the characters. It also had some content that was just downright unrealistic or inappropriate Such as Victoria getting friendly with another man (which she did admit was wrong). I enjoyed parts of the story but I won't keep reading the series.

    25. Westward the DreamWhat is not to like. This story was so very good. I felt like I was in every scene. They are such good writers and you feel every pain,joy, and excitement the three went through.

    26. This is a very well written bookI really like the way this story is told. It is a wholesome story without it taking away from the humanity of it. The hardships and desires crest challenges and are concurred. Well done.

    27. Excellent Historical FictionThe only reason this isn't getting a 5 star is because it was left without closure. They do that to make you go get the next one in the set but I never do! Make each one a mini novel and I'll read them all.

    28. "The weaker sex"Very good. Great struggles for 4 woman of different ages and social standing when the railroad was still an idea from California meeting up with the east coast railways

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