Throat R A Nelson takes us on a supernatural thrill ride a modern day vampire story set on a NASA base and filled with space and science intrigue Seventeen year old Emma feels cursed by her epilepsy until t

  • Title: Throat
  • Author: R.A. Nelson
  • ISBN: 9780375867002
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
  • R A Nelson takes us on a supernatural thrill ride, a modern day vampire story set on a NASA base and filled with space and science intrigue Seventeen year old Emma feels cursed by her epilepsy until the lost night She s shocked to wake up in the hospital one morning, weak from blood loss When her memories begin to return, she pieces together that it was a man a monsteR A Nelson takes us on a supernatural thrill ride, a modern day vampire story set on a NASA base and filled with space and science intrigue Seventeen year old Emma feels cursed by her epilepsy until the lost night She s shocked to wake up in the hospital one morning, weak from blood loss When her memories begin to return, she pieces together that it was a man a monster who attacked her a vampire named Wirtz And it was her very condition that saved her a grand mal seizure interrupted Wirtz and left Emma with all the amazing powers of a vampire heightened senses, rapid speed but no need to drink blood Is Emma now a half vampire girl One thing soon becomes clear the vampire Wirtz is fierce and merciless, feared even by his own kind, and won t leave a job undone.

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    1. Gave this one over 200 pages, but not much happens. The world-building isn't very complicated/convincing, the heroine isn't particularly interesting, and villains who are merely mindless killers are pretty boring. yawn

    2. I am always baffled when I read a book that is so extremely looooonnnng, as this one is, and left wondering how on Earth this thing was ever published. And not just indie published, but by a major publisher. I'm floored. This book is in need of a massive edit -- I'm talking 300+ pages could be done away with and the reader would still get the gist of the story without having to sacrifice things they can't ever get back -- like braincells and time. The last 10th of the book is pretty good, but it [...]

    3. Seventeen year old Emma feels like her life is falling apart. Not only does she suffer from epilepsy, she was recently attacked by a vampire and was forced to flee from her family. An epileptic seizure interrupted her vampire transformation, but even though she does not drink blood and can stand to be out in the sunlight she does have many useful vampire powers and strengths. Unfortunately, she also has a permanent connection to the evil vampire that bit her. Emma knows that her only choice for [...]

    4. Yes, I knowme of you are already saying "Oh, great, another vampire book." BUT, this is and, I swear, completely different than those love triangle, white-faced hunk vs. tight ab werewolf people. This is actually a FANtastic story that adults will truly love.Emma Cooper is our main character's name. When Emma was thirteen she ran away from home, trying desperately to outrun the curse that was trying to wipe her out. During her escape, Emma learned one very real thinge world is a big, scary place [...]

    5. This book was so bad I didn't even want to finish it. I literally got 190 pages in and said, "I'm just gonna skip to the end." So I did. And I really didn't miss out on anything. The book started out pretty strong, and I liked Emma's character--though for some reason I kept forgetting her name. She doesn't really seem like an "Emma" to me. I usually like R.A. Nelson as a writer. He comes up with some unique plots and characters, but this book just didn't cut it for me. After Emma gets attacked b [...]

    6. So, I did enjoy it as much as before in some senses, but I did notice a few more plot holes and was slightly more annoyed by Emma this time around. I still do believe that it is an entirely unique spin on vampire mythology and I appreciate that more than ever. In the five years since I first read it, I've still read nothing even remotely resembling it. I found the complete lack of resolution with the Sonnen vamps more glaring in its gaping hole (i.e. utter lack of existence) at/before the book's [...]

    7. One of the perks of being a book reviewer for a website like this is we get access to books, often ahead of schedule. Throat, by R. A. Nelson (released January 25th, 2011) was one of those books, and not one I would have necessarily read on my own. It is called Throat for goodness sakes, which immediately made me think of vampires (and I wasn’t wrong), and the cover is a girl bending her head back. None of this seemed very unique or exciting. But I read the blurb, wanting to give this book a c [...]

    8. Going into this, I thought it would be pretty ok - only to discover I would be continuously annoyed, bored, disappointed, and exasperated in equal measure. The beginning of the book was interesting - because of that I was willing to overlook the lack of depth / sentences longer than six words. But once she was headed into the woods to get attacked and accidentally half-turned? Utter disappointment. The entire novel felt like a shallow glossing over what could have potentially been really interes [...]

    9. I can not say that I enjoyed this bookI tried, I really didI mean the cover drew me in from the moment I first saw that this was an upcoming release at the time and I was so siked to read this, but, it really disappointed meIt's definately an original take on the whole vampire loreI liked that the emphasis was coming from german folklore which was something I had never read before, but, the story just didn't draw me inI couldn't get an emotional connection to the heroine of the story, matter of [...]

    10. Emma suffers from her "curse"- epilepsy. She has continuously had to struggle with it all her life, and, after an extremely embarrassing soccer game, she escapes in her mother's car, dying to get away from the humiliation. Along the way, her car gets stuck and she encounters Wirtz, the evil vampire.He drinks from her as she has an epilepsy, therefore she is not wholly transformed into a vampire, nor is she still human. She's half and half, which is extremely rare.She manages to get away from Wir [...]

    11. Reviewed by Joan Stradling for TeensReadTooEmma's epilepsy has ruined her life on more than one occasion, but she'll never forget the time it saved her from being killed by a vampire named Wirtz. She's grateful to be alive, but she soon learns she'll never be the same.Emma has the abilities and powers of a vampire, but without the curses of drinking blood and avoiding sunlight. It's a great feeling, until she realizes it's put her in danger. The vampire who bit her isn't about to let her walk fr [...]

    12. This book was a very interesting book to read. Even though it was yet ANOTHER vampire book, I really enjoyed it. I loved how the author put so much detail into this book to make it so amazing. The main character, Emma, really helped the book come alive. The author wrote out her thoughts about what was happening and how she felt about it and what she would do. I would recommend this book to someone who likes vampire books, but who also likes some action with a little bit of romance mixed in. Over [...]

    13. A fabulous, kick-ass ride of a story! Emma suffers a grand mal seizure when she's attacked by centuries old vampire with not even a memory of a soul left in him, and a penchant for making sure when he takes an individual's blood, he takes ALL of it! The seizure startles him into dropping and leaving the "damaged" girl, not realizing that this girl is still alive and has been transformed by his violent and violating act; transformed enough for her to become someone she no longer knows, and someon [...]

    14. ThroatBy: R.A. NelsonPublished~ January 25th 2011Genre~ Horror/Fantasy The Setting is a small town that nobody has ever really heard of. He protagonist, Emma, is an outcast teenager with epilepsy, a seizure disorder. She refers o he disease as ‘the curse’ and blames everything on it. Soccer is everything she cares about and the only reason that her doctor lets her play is because it keeps her mind active. Until a popular stuck up girl and her go for the ball at the same time, and Emma’s he [...]

    15. I'm gonna be honest - I finished this book sitting straight up in bed at 2 am, eyes racing down the page, heart pounding, butt-cheeks clenched, shaking fingers flipping pages like mad. R.A.Nelson is a master of suspense and the end of Throat will leave you breathless. If you're a paranormal junkie, this book is for you. If you're a lover of realism, this book is for you, too. Nelson's main character, Emma, is a real-world gutsy girl dealing with the anxiety of epileptic seizures that isolate her [...]

    16. I really liked the idea for this book. A girl with epilepsy is bitten by a vampire. While the vampire is feeding she goes into a "tonic clonic" which messes up the whole process and she becomes half-vampire. Actually, she's more like a third in my book. She doesn't need to drink blood and can go out in the sunlight, but she's super duper sensitive to light and can see in the dark, and she's super strong now and can run like crazy.The vampire that turned her, Wirtz, is a 'bad' guy and gets pissed [...]

    17. I picked this book up at my schools library I was in between books and had no idea when I would be going to the library next so I dropped by quickly before my first period.This book was a new book at our library displayed front and center when you walk into the room. I grabbed the book without even reading the inside flap.This book is told through the character Emma. Emma is seventeen and suffers from epilepsy. One night after an attack from her epilepsy she steals her mother's car trying to get [...]

    18. This was an interesting book. It was just so long. I mean, seriously. It's a 400 page book, and 250 pages of it is her eating with her boyfriend. That got really old, really, really fast. That was basically the only fast part of the entire novel actually. The beginning wasn't half bad (the beginning being up to the point that she starts eating with her boyfriend). The end wasn't terrible either, mostly because the fight scene was pretty cool, and, well, the book was ending.I wanted to like this [...]

    19. Seventeen-year-old Emma has a curse. Her epilepsy…has cost her friends and derailed her dreams; she can’t even legally drive. The curse is ruining her life—until the night it saves her. Emma wakes up in a hospital, weak from blood loss…she pieces together a brutal attack by a…monster—a vampire named Wirtz. His feeding was cut short by Emma’s grand mal seizure, enabling her to escape, but the curse did more than save her. Now Emma has all the…powers of a vampire, without the need [...]

    20. Seventeen-year-old Emma has suffered from epilepsy all of her life. When she is attacked by a vampire, she suffers from a seizure, and the seizure somehow fuses the two together in a way that neither understands. Emma does understand that she is putting her family in danger by drawing the vampire - Wirtz - to them. In a moment of fear and anxiety, she decides to run away from home and ends up finding a place to hide out on the grounds of a NASA base in a nearby town. One night she is so hungry t [...]

    21. Emma is a 17 year old girl with a "seizure condition" (as she calls it). One day after having a seizure on the soccer field after being maliciously smacked by one of her teammates, she runs away and is attacked by a vampire: Wirtz. In the middle of his feeding, however, she has another seizure, and when she wakes up a few days later in the hospital, she discovers she has become part vampire. In addition, she has a connection with Wirtz's mind, and she knows he is coming for her, so she runs away [...]

    22. So throat is actually a pretty interesting take on vampires. It's about a chick, Emma, who has epilepsy and got pissed at a chick on the soccer field for head butting her right into a seizure, about two days before she hasn't had a seizure in 6 months, long enough for her to get her coveted license. Once she has the seizure she blames it on the chick who hit her and punches her, steals her moms car, and wrecks it. She finds this creepy looking house and well the rest is history. Now this guy who [...]

    23. A fictional Mystery Novel that draws you in with its beautiful yet scarey cover. A beautiful blond girl hangs upside down while exposing her throat to an unknown mystical creature. 17 year old  Emma seems like your average teenage girlbut one strange thing about her, shes thinks shes cursed.  Emma sufferers from epilepsy,because of her condition she doesnt have a normal teen life.  What she doesnt know that her epilepsy is nothing compared to what she must face after a supernatural creature c [...]

    24. I will admit that this is a strange book that actually got my attention. What got me hooked was the plot. The characters were a little hard to grasp. Some seemed unbelievable while others you can get right away!Emma is not your normal teenager. She had epilepsy and the things of the world seem far for her. She struggles with finding who she is or where she fits. After having everything she has worked for blown up in her face, Emma runs away crashing the car. But not before a vampire named Wirtz [...]

    25. Throat is a strangely inventive storyline that captured my attention immediately. The idea of a young girl with epilepsy that is attacked by a vampire was very original and interesting. It was quite a journey to explore that world for this young girl after having discovered a she carries vampiristic characteristics while still human. More interesting was the actual account of her trying to medically find an explanation for her symptoms. In most stories this is avoided at all costs. It was nice t [...]

    26. Yet again, another vampire novel with good vampires and bad vampires. Emma plays soccer, has a bad temper, and suffers from epilepsy. After a soccer game during which she lost her temper, injured another player, and would probably be kicked out of the league, Emma takes her mother's car and wrecks her car near a river. She was then attacked by a brutal vampire but does not fully remember the attack when she regained consciousnessuntil he appears to her and threatens her family. She begings to no [...]

    27. In the beginning, I expected the usual vampire story with romance and sparkles but I was pleasantly surprised by Throats twist to the popular genre. It's rare to find a teen novel that portrays a male vampire as an actual villain instead of a sex god. The scene where Wirtz literally dropped out of nowhere with malicious intent got me hooked. Ok so the vampire bites the girl, she runs away and they later meet up and it's happy ever after, right? Wrong. Instead the leading lady (Emma) ends up with [...]

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