Great Feuds in Science: Ten of the Liveliest Disputes Ever

Great Feuds in Science Ten of the Liveliest Disputes Ever The dramatic stories of ten historic feuds How they altered the course of discovery and shaped the modern worldHall Hellman tells the lively stories of ten of the most outrageous and intriguing disput

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  • Title: Great Feuds in Science: Ten of the Liveliest Disputes Ever
  • Author: Hal Hellman
  • ISBN: 9780471350668
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • The dramatic stories of ten historic feuds How they altered the course of discovery and shaped the modern worldHall Hellman tells the lively stories of ten of the most outrageous and intriguing disputes from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries Bringing the cataclysmic clash of ideas and personalities to colorful life, Hellman explores both the science and the spirThe dramatic stories of ten historic feuds How they altered the course of discovery and shaped the modern worldHall Hellman tells the lively stories of ten of the most outrageous and intriguing disputes from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries Bringing the cataclysmic clash of ideas and personalities to colorful life, Hellman explores both the science and the spirit of the times Along the way, he reveals that scientific feuds are fueled not only by the purest of intellectual disagreements, but also by intransigence, ambition, jealousy, politics, faith, and the irresistible human urge to be right.Unusual insight into the development of science I was excited by this book and enthusiastically recommend it to general as well as scientific audiences American ScientistHellman has assembled a series of entertaining tales many fine examples of heady invective without parallel in our time NatureAn entertaining and informative account of the unusual personalities and sometimes bitter rivalries of some of the world s greatest scientific minds Publishers WeeklyA fascinating new book which details some of the most famous disputes of the ages Courier MailDry science history turns into entertaining reading without sacrificing historical accuracy The Christchurch PressGreat Feuds in Science is wonderful history, as the reader learns how scientists had to fight with religious leaders and other scientists to get their work recognized, accepted, and even get the credit for it Bookviews

    One thought on “Great Feuds in Science: Ten of the Liveliest Disputes Ever”

    1. I like the idea of this book, but the execution was a bit lacking. As the title promises, this book covers ten famous disputes from the history of science, from the persecution of Galileo to the recent allegations of Margaret Mead having been hoaxed. While the disputes themselves may have been lively, this book is not. Everything is presented very matter-of-factly. Part of that may be that, for at least most of them, the debate is long over, and what was once controversial is now all but trivial [...]

    2. its kinda difficult to like a book when you disagree with the author on some rather large issue ie the theory of evolution vs creation (for me). I was expecting to see the issue being unravel by the author in a rather unbias fashion, but i didnt think that was the case with this one. however, it may probably be worth reading; it is certainly amusing and interesting to know real the person behind the big names in science such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Galileo Galilei, etc. They are certain [...]

    3. Exactly what it says on the tin. Sometimes that's nice, of course, but a clever title wouldn't go awry.The feuds here run the gamut, from genuine scientific disagreements to squabbling over who will get credit for inventing/discovering what and when, to societal and religious meddling in science. The choices obviously won't surprise anybody who knows much about the history of science. There's no new ground being broken here. It is, however, a fairly interesting read, especially if you're the sor [...]

    4. I would say this book is an OK overview of some issues in the history of science. Good as a launching point for further reading rather than as a satisfying treatment of the issues.

    5. It's a good read, it shows how things we take for granted had (and some still have) lots of controversy surrounding it.It really brings the world of science closer to us and demystifies it quite a bit.Still, I felt the author was very biased in some chapters and this took a lot from the reading experience.

    6. Immediately after finishing this I went online and subscribed to National Geographic, I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in the world of science: geology, anthropology, astronomy everything was fascinating. Shocking was the realisation that while I was reading about historical arguments from way back in the mid 1700s, the same arguments are still being levelled at science and scientists today by the ignorant and belligerent Religious Right.I had to shake my head in despair. A great read highly [...]

    7. Nothing like some popular science to make one feel informed and smart!In Great Disputes in Science, Hellman goes through what he considers to be the 10 greatest scientific disputes of all time. All of them are given in concise chapters, keeping the actual hard science to a minimum, and just focusing on the story telling (and gossip!) of what happened. Some of these disputes are more well known (like the Scopes Monkey trial, Galileo vs. the church, or basically everyone vs the church) while other [...]

    8. A great mix of science, history, and human insight.The scientific treatment is understandably light, hopefully if anything that just encourages the reader to pursue their own studies; certainly, sufficient references are given.The choice of feuds is interesting. Some are classic and expected, others surprising (e.g. Freeman v.s. Mead). In some cases it seemed the author was leaning slightly toward one side of an issue with his wording -- not just in terms of the science, but in terms of preferen [...]

    9. very interesting. i'd love to give it to people who don't seem to understand what science is. It's not a long list of absolute facts and rules that have been handed down from generation to generation. Nor is it a boring field with people quietly fact-checking each other. no, it's people trying to figure out what's going on in the world, and people getting jealous, and truth sorta kinda winning out, as long as you wait long enough. and, come on -- that's cool!(why am i not in the sciences? no no [...]

    10. Most of the feuds in this book, as compared to the rest in the series, are direct but don't seem as heated for some reason. Definitely a solid selection of controversies except for the discussion on squaring the circle, which seems like it should've been in the math feuds book. Most of the middle discoveries build on each other, evolution, geology, plate tectonics, fossil dating, etc which made following slightly easier. Overall, not a terrible way to learn about the major developments in scienc [...]

    11. In explaining scientific arguments, Hellman has to provide enough scientific and historical background to make the dispute clear while simultaneously keeping his explanation understandable to laymen. He does a pretty good job. I can't be objective about this book: I know some science too well and others I find horribly intimidating. For example, I found the chapter on calculus and philosophy (Newton vs. Leibniz) to be a bit obtuse, but the chapter on Darwin very simplified. My bias is clear! I t [...]

    12. The book is informative, but dry. Particularly in the early chapters, Hellman introduces many characters in a short period of time, which can make the book hard to follow. Also, it's difficult to say that these extraneous characters add significant value to the discussion. Still, the book succeeds in giving the reader an appreciation of the difficulty that new scientific theories (and the scientists who develop them) face before they can become widely accepted.

    13. I was familiar with most of the discoveries, but not the bit about dinosaurs - fascinating back stories that you won't find in textbooks!

    14. I had a hard time getting through it. I expected it to be much lighter than it turned out to be. Really, feuds should be more exciting than this.

    15. I have read this book numberous times, and it never gets old. I just loved it! It combines my love of history and science.

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