The Witch Hunter

The Witch Hunter It is and when a wealthy mill owner falls dead across his horse Sir John de Wolfe the county coroner declines to hold an inquest The man was considerably overweight had been complaining of c

  • Title: The Witch Hunter
  • Author: Bernard Knight
  • ISBN: 9780743449892
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is 1195, and when a wealthy mill owner falls dead across his horse, Sir John de Wolfe, the county coroner, declines to hold an inquest The man was considerably overweight, had been complaining of chest pains, and showed no signs of injury A clear cut case of death from natural causes But events take a sinister turn when a straw doll is discovered hidden beneath the mIt is 1195, and when a wealthy mill owner falls dead across his horse, Sir John de Wolfe, the county coroner, declines to hold an inquest The man was considerably overweight, had been complaining of chest pains, and showed no signs of injury A clear cut case of death from natural causes But events take a sinister turn when a straw doll is discovered hidden beneath the man s saddlebag, a thin metal spike piercing its heart Convinced that her husband s death was caused by an evil spell, the victim s strident widow begins a campaign against witchcraft and the so called cunning women who practice it Soon Exeter is in turmoil, a hysterical mob is on the loose, and several local women are in danger Still, the coroner declines to get involved until his own mistress falls under suspicion Can Crowner John discover the real cause of the merchant s death, unearth the culprit, and save his beloved Nesta from the hangman s noose

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    1. A man falls off his horse, dead from an apparent heart attack. Until an effigy is found amongst his possessions which starts a period of mass hysteria relating to witchcraft. Crowner John is unbelieving and sets off to find out the real culprit. There's more mayhem with the sheriff and the death of a semi regular character. This series is always a good read and provides some decent escapism.

    2. I haven't read that many historical mystery type books before but have read a lot of historical novels. The setting for this book is Exeter in 1195, and the historical detail is brilliant, in the ale houses, cathedrals and manor houses, with the different trades and townsfolk the customs and suspicions of ordinary people. The mystery element is not over complicated - and in a sense there isn't much of a mystery as the reader knows more at times than Crowner John. Much more interesting is the ide [...]

    3. Enjoyable romp at a now familiar slow pace, having read several of his books. The witchcraft theme prior to the hysteria of the 1400s etc is quite interesting and novel and begs the question why did it take off in later years as much as it did. Enjoyable read.

    4. Life is too short to slog through a book you're not enjoying when there is such a vast amount of hugely enjoyable books out there. Therefore I'm throwing in the towel here. One star because I couldn't finish it.This book did have the fact that it's ultimately a crime novel against it, and I have no interest in those at all. I thought the fact that it was a historical setting, which I otherwise enjoy, would be a redeeming factor, but this was not the case. On top of that, I discovered, well after [...]

    5. #8 Crowner John historical mystery set in late 12th century Devon. A local tradesman falls over dead of an apparent apoplexy while riding his horse, in front of witnesses. But the man's widow insists that he was done to death by a witch's spell, the witch having been hired by her husband's arch enemy, who has been trying unsuccessfully to talk him into selling his lands off. A corn dolly effigy with a pin in its heart is found in the man's saddle bag, but even before that little artifact is disc [...]

    6. I first of all have to state that I did not know that this book was part of a book series. I therefore was very suprised to be introduced to the characters and story in a way that allowed me to get to like the characters and find my way into their histories without realising that these histories already appeared in earlier books (I realised halfway through the book that it was part of the series).I really enjoyed reading the book, after having dealt with witch hunting in literature and history a [...]

    7. The eighth in a crime fiction series set in the twelfth century, following the cases of Crowner John, a knight who has been appointed as the first coroner of Devon by Richard the Lionheart. This was the first I'd read, and will be the last even though I have another in the TBR pile, because it was a Did Not Finish for me.[return][return]Even though the elements of the story should have been a draw for me, I found it hard to get into, and the lead character hard to like. Things came to a head for [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book, and felt I could empathise with the main character if I kept in mind the context and time period of the book, for example I was not shocked by his blase attitude to two particular murders, although I myself would have been much more outraged! My only (quite large) niggle with the writing style is the blatant foreshadowing and repetition of certain facts which are peculiar to the historical period - useful to know, but we know now, there's no need to tell us 2, 3, 4 times!I d [...]

    9. Workaday mp3Read By: Paul MatthewsYear of Recording: 2004Year Book Published: 2004Genre: Historical FictionPublisher: W.F.Howes - Clipper AudiobooksSeries Name: Crowner JohnPosition in Series: 08Abridged: NoTotal Duration: 12hrs 52minsblurb - Exeter, 1195. When a prominent burgess and guild-master falls dead across his horse, Crowner John declines to hold an inquest as the man had been complaining of chest pains and shows no signs of injury. Events take a sinister turn, however, when a straw-dol [...]

    10. Can't really say much that I haven't said with previous Crowner John novels in the series. If you're working your way through the series then by book 8 you know what to expect from the main characters and the story. As always the historical background is the most interesting part, and reading about the attitudes to wise women and how they could suddenly be turned on as witches is very sad - however I did find it very convenient that Nesta suddenly happens to be one of these women when it hadn't [...]

    11. This series alternates between like and really like for me, there is always some element that keeps me from enjoying some as much as others and in this case it was the Crowners dithering over solving the mystery and the witch craft accusations. I'm sure it must have been typical for the religious to be such a large part of everyday life and for some to use it to their advantage, but I got tired of the mob and the lack of action from those who could have done something.

    12. The first part was slow but it got quite exciting just past mid bookHappily for me! Crowner John's nemesis, the sheriff his brother in law has committed the final crime and he is now banished.Those poor women who were victimized as witches were the downside, however that was the times and such a harsh era.Four more of the series left to read. I just love this author and this series.

    13. Another good book about the stern Coroner. Politics has never been far from the surface in the previous books but in this it seems to step forward a little further. An enjoyable read that takes the readers affection for some of the support characters in the previous books and uses it to wrench up the tension.

    14. 8th book in a series, and fairly standalone, so you dont feel you've lost out by not reading the others before.[return][return]Not the worst - or best - book I've read based in the Dark/middle ages. What I was very aware of was the foreshadowing that cropped up on a regular basis, and which was unsubtle enough to be noticeable. The story progressed happily enough despite this however.

    15. As per the usual with Bernard Knight it was very enjoyable. Frightening to think how easily in those days people were branded as witches and persecuted/killed on nothing other than heresay, resentment or jealousy. Have just finished my ninth Bernard Knight book - all very good reads

    16. I've read a couple of other books in this series, but not in any order. Thoroughly enjoyed this particular story. Marred only by a couple of silly mistakes which should have been picked up during proof-reading.

    17. Another excellent chapter in the story of Crowner John. A great standalone tale and we see the sub-plots from the earlier tales also come to a satisfying climax. It will be interesting to see if this is the end for that character or simply a change of direction.

    18. Excellent story , includes it all mystery suspense, passion betrayal & a large dose of historical content.Only one criticism the monk from the castle, the author calls sometimes Ralph instead of Rufus the description appears to be the same man. The other Ralph being the castle constable.

    19. Too long. The story was good, but could have been tightened up a bit. The historical setting and details were interesting. I found it particularly fascinating how similar the legal procedures were 800 years ago.

    20. This was a letdown from Figure of Hate. It wasn't nearly as good as the first one, but I might go back at sume point and try it again.

    21. This book in particular touched my heart. It shows the hatred some have for their fellow members. Also admired Crowner John, a practical human.

    22. I listened to this book. Not aware that this was number 8 in a series. An ok book to listen to. Witch hunting craze in medieval England as a disguise for much more prosaic motives for murder

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