Nest of Vipers

Nest of Vipers Undercover agent Sarah Jensen is sent to investigate a billion dollar conspiracy whose chief suspects are a government banker the Mafia a merchant bank She is hurled into a vortex of deceit betrayal

  • Title: Nest of Vipers
  • Author: Linda Davies
  • ISBN: 9781857978032
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Undercover agent Sarah Jensen is sent to investigate a billion dollar conspiracy whose chief suspects are a government banker, the Mafia a merchant bank She is hurled into a vortex of deceit betrayal murder

    One thought on “Nest of Vipers”

    1. It was an ok first novel, but could have been better with an editor.It's strengths came from the authors personal knowledge of the financial trader's worklife so that the office details rang true, but an analysis of a more mundane life in the City with it's tradeoff and ethical issues could have been more deep.Instead, the author turned it into a mystery, but the crime was a little too simple, based on blackmail and insider trading, not complex financial manipulations.The characterization suffer [...]

    2. I thoroughly enjoyed this densely written book set in England, about a City trader named Sarah Jensen. Discovering some fraudulent trading she is then recruited by the intelligence agencies to help untangle the corruption. The real strength of this book lies in the detail of the background with the crazy world of these brokers revealed and all their risky transactions with enormous sums bought and sold in seconds. There is plenty of tension in Sarah's normal life, and she doesn't need the stress [...]

    3. For the first time, I know what people mean when they say a book is badly written. I finally know EXACTLY what the difference is between a well written, good book, and a horribly written book. This one is the latter. It took me ages to read because it was no fun at all. The story itself was great - cool concept, interesting, exciting. But the writing ruined it all, seriously.From now on, I will appreciate well written books even more.

    4. A very interesting diversion from the stuff I usually read, full of many twists and curves as the title might suggest. Very satisfying read from a first time author -- looking forward to what the topic of Davies' second book will be.

    5. An utter abonimation of a book. The plot is thinner than wet paper towels, badly and boringly written with uninteresting cardboard characters. Makes you wonder how such garbage gets published

    6. in the city, risk is a way of life - sarah jensen is about to risk hers sarah works as a foreign exchange trader and is a very good at her job. she is then approached by the governor the bank of england to work undercover in a top bank where they suspect a large amount of illegal trading thru access to events about to unfold on the financial markets. h/e if she is discovered she will be on her own sarah discovers that the fraud goes much deeper than they suspected and realises that she may be ou [...]

    7. This was a work-related read for me. The past couple months I’ve been opting for fiction that has to do with money-laundering and fraud instead of the non-fiction. Mostly, this is because its summer and I think I’m entitled to read fiction in the summer. On my own, financial thrillers wouldn’t be my first choice of reading material because I like to stretch my imagination a bit more while reading and these suckers are usually too true-to-life. The ending was incredibly lame. The author spe [...]

    8. I liked this book, it was exciting, and personally I didn't want it to end, but at the same time I wanted to see what was going to happen in the end. This book was really well written, and is very long, but it's an enjoyable book. It also has a very exciting ending. Linda Davis is an extraordinary writer, and she writes down every small detail, just enough so that you know what is happening, but not to much. I just wish I could read more of it

    9. Not so hot.Nest of Vipers features Sarah Jensen, a young, gorgeous, exceedingly bright (When are we going to have a book about an ugly, old not-so-bright heroine?) currency trader who is asked by the British version of the Federal Reserve President to go undercover at a trading house and see if they are using inside information to make millions of pounds. Much trouble ensuesRead more at: dwdsreviews/2010/

    10. I read this book some years just after it was released. I found it exciting, different and thought it was well written. I enjoyed it so much that I read it a second time, sent an email to the author to tell her I enjoyed it and always looked forward to when one of her new books came out. So i thoroughly recommend it.

    11. Holiday reading. Picked at random off a shelf. Pretty much exactly what I expected. Nice to have a light read after the last book drained me.I didn't hate it, but it's definitely not my kind of book.

    12. I was curious about this book because the main player of the story works in the same field as I do and how to make a thriller out of that? The first half of the book was so so but the second half took a turn for the better. An ok read, not spectacular. Giving it 3,5 stars.

    13. Plot was very interesting, especially since I knew very little of the stock markets. Tension was lacking but still an enjoyable read with interesting characters and a drawing curiosity about how it would all end.

    14. Very Good; Brilliant and beautiful funds trader is recruited to take part in a scheme to figure out who is doing insider training, but when she's double crossed she seeks revenge

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