The Day of the Pelican

The Day of the Pelican Laura Ingalls Wilder AwardMeli Lleshi is positive that her drawing of her teacher with his pelican nose started it all The Lleshis are Albanians living in Kosovo a country trying to fight off Se

  • Title: The Day of the Pelican
  • Author: Katherine Paterson
  • ISBN: 9780547406275
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • 2013 Laura Ingalls Wilder AwardMeli Lleshi is positive that her drawing of her teacher with his pelican nose started it all The Lleshis are Albanians living in Kosovo, a country trying to fight off Serbian oppressors, and suddenly they are homeless refugees Old and young alike, they find their courage tested by hunger, illness, the long, arduous journey, and danger on ev2013 Laura Ingalls Wilder AwardMeli Lleshi is positive that her drawing of her teacher with his pelican nose started it all The Lleshis are Albanians living in Kosovo, a country trying to fight off Serbian oppressors, and suddenly they are homeless refugees Old and young alike, they find their courage tested by hunger, illness, the long, arduous journey, and danger on every side Then, unexpectedly, they are brought to America by a church group and begin a new life in a small Vermont town The events of 9 11 bring challenges for this Muslim family but this country is their home now and there can be no turning back.A compassionate, powerful novel by a master storyteller.

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    1. 3.5 stars----Picked this up, hoping to get through a couple of the shorter things I had not sure what to expect. Didn't realize this was also the author of "Bridge to Terabithia" (love the movie but haven't gotten around to reading the book yet) so that was a nice surprise.This wasn't easy get into at first (though that could have been me not sleeping well and having trouble focusing too) but after a certain two events happened I began to sink into the story more and got swept along with the fam [...]

    2. I wanted to put it on the shelf of "Historical Fiction" and then realized that, hmm it is really a book of more or less current events in the world that the young readers are still living. 9/11 happened when the current 5th graders were 2 or 3. So, the "historical" part is recent, so recent that I wonder how we can best discuss the story with young readers.Paterson did a fabulous job turning such complex political and national picture into something easy to understand and identify with for its i [...]

    3. Combining Paterson's gift of writing and the tragic truth of the Serbian "cleansing" of Kosovo makes this book a must read. I highly recommend social studies teachers to incorporate this book into their curriculum for Eastern Europe studies. Of course, I always thought that history and geography would be more entertaining with narrative fiction. Anyway, it might take the low level readings a minute to get use to the names, but the story is action pack making it a quick read. I also that it was i [...]

    4. Determined to stick together when war came to Kosovo in 1998, 11-year-old Meli Lleshi's family left their apartment over the store first to camp in the mountains, then to crowd into the family farmhouse before fleeing to the Macedonian refugee camp which they left for a new life in Vermont. As she has done so often, Paterson creates such a sympathetic and realistic main character you can't hep but wanting to know her story. From the opening scene, when Meli's uncle arrives to tell the family the [...]

    5. This masterful tale of one girl's journey from childhood across a war-torn landscape easily stands with Paterson's body of work. Meli and her family are forced to flee their home- first to the mountains, then to a refugee camp in Macedonia, and finally to a small town in Vermont- in order to survive as Kosovo goes up in flames. Though the harsh realities of war are muted in the narrative, there are veiled references to rape, torture, and genocide that will be picked up by older readers. The stre [...]

    6. This is the worst book ive ever read. From the confusing impossible to pronounce names to the bad storyline. There are way to many charcter to remember them all. The story is not interesting and is boring and i dont want to keep reading. I would never recommend this book to anyone as I dont want to cause them the pain of reading this trash

    7. I am loath to admit how little I know about this war that took place while I was an adult. Katherine Paterson writes of a family of Albanians caught up in the war in Kosovo. Life changes for Meli, a thirteen year old girl, and her family the day she draws a picture of her teacher, resembling a pelican, at school. Rather than waiting to walk her home, Meli's older brother goes home alone and is captured, thrown in jail and not released until several weeks later. Upon her brother's arrival home, M [...]

    8. A book inspired by the true story of a refugee family from Kosovo that came to Paterson’s Vermont town. This family inspired her to write a touching and informative novel based on their experiences fleeing to safety. This book’s title is very inspiring as that it demonstrates how quickly in life things change and how one small mistake can take you down an unexpected journey. This story begins as the main character, Meli draws a silly picture of her teacher and gets in trouble for giggling th [...]

    9. The Day of the Pelican by Katherine PatersonAfter the Holocaust the world said, “never again will people be slaughtered because they are different.” That's never happened since, right? I wish that was a fact, but it's not. Every decade it's revealed that human beings kill other human beings because of their race, religion, tribal membership, who knows why? We still do this. In fact, thousands of Albanian Muslims fled Kosovo as recently as 1998 (you were alive then!) because Serbian Christian [...]

    10. Meli Lleshi is 12 years old when political unrest is stirred in Kosovo Albania. The Muslims are no longer safe. While in school, she draws a pelican that resembles her teacher and is told to stay after class. She figured that her brother, Mehmet, would walk home and spread the news but he ends up going missing for two weeks. He returns bruised and battered and with a hatred for the enemy. Meli’s parents escape to the mountains. When Father deems it safe to go back home, they are shot at and le [...]

    11. This was an unexpectedly great book! It's about the Lleshi family living in war-torn Kosovo. The story starts with the main character's, Meli, brother getting kidnapped by some Serbs. Meli blames herself but it's really not her fault. He is reclaimed by the lovable character, Baba, the patriarch of the family. They all become refugees because it's way too dangerous to stay home. Meli has to be strong and brave and help her family move to their family member's cottage, then to a refugee camp and [...]

    12. Even though I was in high school/college and studying European history during the conflicts in Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, and Kosovo in the 1990s, I knew very little of what happened there beyond the facts of a genocide (mass killing of people based on their race or ethnicity) and the U.S. and NATO airstrikes. This book brought a sad episode in history to life. There is no better way to learn history than a first person account, fictional or real, yet the book feels like the story of Meli and her [...]

    13. I picked up this book to read because of a friend/co-workers blog. He had written that an author had gotten in touch with him about his work and experience living in Kosovo. We were both missionaries, he in Kosovo and I in Macedonia. The author then dedicated the book to him. Needless to say when I found out it was Katherine Paterson I couldn't wait to read it. I love her other books; Jacob Have I Loved, Lyddie, and Bridge to Terabithia.I like how the book paints both the Serbs hatered for the A [...]

    14. Katherine Paterson's THE DAY OF THE PELICAN lends a human face to the 1998-1999 unrest in the former Yugoslavia. Meli and her family are Albanians persecuted by the Serbs under the reign of Milosevic and forced to flee for their lives, leaving everything they've known except for one another. Their journey is a perilous one with twists, turns, and hardships that will have young readers holding their breath. Even when the family seems to be starting a new life in a safer place, new challenges aris [...]

    15. There is a whole genre of books like Ann Frank - this joins them, except it is fiction - and Katherine Paterson has done it again. Meli is an Albanian living in Kosovo as the civil war of 1998-1999 overtook her comfortable life. She and her family escaped to a mountain camp, living in tents even as the snow fell and trying to keep her brother from joining the KLA. The book is appropriate for middle school readers, even tho they'll have no memory of the war itself. Paterson writes from her experi [...]

    16. This is the story of a family Albanians living in Kosovo who have are being persecuted by the Serbians and forced brutally from their home in 1999. Suddenly they become homeless refuges forced to live in a tent in the mountains. They survive the ethnic cleansing attempts that the Serbs submit to these people. Finally a church sponsors this family and they end up in Vermont. But their persecution doesn't stop there. This book really opened my eyes up to the plight of the refuges living in this wo [...]

    17. The reading level and length of this novel lends itself to middle school, yet the plot narrates the tragedy of an Albanian Kosovar family who survive the ethnic cleansing of 1998-1999. Its value as historical fiction extends well beyond middle school. One branch of the family immigrates to Vermont a year ahead of 9/11. The novel ends after showing how the family perseveres through the scrutiny they receive as Muslims after the attacks of September 11, 2001.The novel's strengths are its historica [...]

    18. This b00k was short, but moving, with enough realism and heart to keep me turning the pages. I've been a little swamped this past week, so reading it took longer than expected, but I truly enjoyed both the characters and the narrative weaved by Katherine Paterson. It actually took me a while to realize she was also the author of Bridge to Terabithia, the book that was, for many my age, our first introduction to sudden and tragic death as children. I wasn't surprised that she was also able to wor [...]

    19. The Day of the Pelican was an exciting novel that kept me reading. It all started when Meli and her friend Vlora were a school and drew a funny picture of her teacher as a pelican. When their teacher saw the note, he made them stay after school. Mehmet was tired of waiting to walk the girls home. Everone expected that he had left and gotten home earlier but they were mistaken and they soon found out that he was missing. The family began looking everywhere for him. The events that followed includ [...]

    20. Loved this! It is a hopeful, but realistic account of Albanian Kosovar refugees, written for a younger audience, but with great value for adults too. I would classify it as historical fiction despite the fact that it is set within the last twenty years. It provides a glimpse into the messiness of ethnic conflicts and the refugee experience without losing its way in bitterness or paralyzing the reader with too much grief. It speaks to the durability of children, both to be able to endure great tr [...]

    21. This book will be lodged in my memory for some time. It reminded me of A Long Walk to Water. It is so profound to read the story of a family’s experience from homeland to refugee camp to resettlement. It makes me sick that anyone has to experience the atrocities of war firsthand.If the greatest work that fiction can do is increase our empathy for others by helping us walk a mile in their shoes, I believe this book can do a lot of good to its readers.

    22. In 1998 Kosovo was a country divided between the Serbs and the Albanians. In this coming-of-age story, Albanian Meli Lleshi grows up in the context of persecution and ethnic cleansing that is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.The Day of the Pelican opens with Meli’s older brother, Mehmet, disappearing on the way home from school. The family fears he has been kidnapped or killed by their Serbian oppressors. When he finally returns weeks later, Baba (their father) decides they all must seek safety out [...]

    23. In 1999, author Katherine Paterson's church sponsored a family to come to America from war-torn Kosovo. One of the members of her church mentioned to Katherine Paterson the idea that she could write a book about a fictional Albanian Kosovar family and the circumstances that they would have faced in their turbulent country near the turn of the twentieth century. The result of this idea is The Day of the Pelican. It's rare to find historical fiction written so soon after the events it describes th [...]

    24. A young reader faces several challenges when picking up this book. To begin with, the worst, most difficult writing is in the first few pages. Paterson faces the challenge of introducing the reader to a different culture and way of life, and she doesn't handle it gracefully. The writing is often overwrought and complicated. There are too many unfamiliar names, both of people and of things, right off the bat. She finds her rhythm when she is able to write about things happening, but I would not b [...]

    25. "The Day of the Pelican" is a realistic fiction/ historical fiction book by Katherine Paterson. It won the Laura Ingles Wilder Medal in 2009."The Day of the Pelican" tells the story of a 12 year old girl, Meli Lleshi, and her Muslim family in their homeland of Albania. Meli is confident and content in her life until one day on the way home from school her 15 year old brother, Mehmet, is kidnapped and held prisoner by Serbian soldiers. Mehmet escapes his captors, but as tensions begin to rise bet [...]

    26. It’s Battle of the Books Friday. This book, The Day of the Pelican by Katherine Paterson is not on the current list, but has been recommended for the 2011-2012 school year. Description: Meli Lleshi is convinced that her drawing of a pelican resembling her teacher started it all. Meli’s family are Albanians living in Kosovo, a country trying to fight off Serbian oppressors. On the day of the pelican, Meli’s brother Mehmet is abducted by the Serbian police, mistreated and dumped in the wilde [...]

    27. I really enjoyed The Day of the Pelican. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a middle grade book, rather than YA, but as I continued reading I saw it was actually for older readers. Meli was a great main character, and her personality shone throughout the novel. Her brother really bothered me, and at times I just wanted to yell at him, but overall I really liked most of the characters. It was interesting to see how they grew. In the beginning of the book, Meli was just thirteen, and [...]

    28. This book was very okay. I've read other fictional accounts of this time period that discuss the whole thing a lot better. The author never delves into WHY the conflict is happening (probably because it is written in 3rd person, but focusing on Meli). I would hate to use this book in class, because it COMPLETELY goes against the "show, don't tell" rule of writing. There are also way too many secondary characters- this book would benefit greatly from a family tree and a map of the area on one of [...]

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