Alaska Virgin Air

Alaska Virgin Air Fairbanks Alaska Adventure below zero Bears moose husband school dropout of an ex Yikes Abigail Vertuccio has three goals in life One Don t let people find out about her infuriating habit of seei

  • Title: Alaska Virgin Air
  • Author: Izzy Ballard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fairbanks, Alaska Adventure 40 below zero Bears, moose husband school dropout of an ex Yikes Abigail Vertuccio has three goals in life One Don t let people find out about her infuriating habit of seeing the future Two Stop seeing the future Three Get as far away from Fairbanks, Alaska as she can She thought she d succeeded when she hopped in her ancient moFairbanks, Alaska Adventure 40 below zero Bears, moose husband school dropout of an ex Yikes Abigail Vertuccio has three goals in life One Don t let people find out about her infuriating habit of seeing the future Two Stop seeing the future Three Get as far away from Fairbanks, Alaska as she can She thought she d succeeded when she hopped in her ancient motor home, Big Ellie, and hit the road Only now she s back Grandma s orders to help run the family rural air service, Alaska Virgin Air Home only a week, Abbey stumbled onto a plot to destroy the family business Never one to leave matters to the experts, she and two of her zanier friends orchestrate a counter attack of stakeouts and spying that has even the Alaska State Troopers rolling in the aisles Despite all her efforts, she s batting zero on the spy front Someone s trying to kill her As if that isn t bad enough, things with her ex are alternately heating up and scaring the hell out of her At this point, she has only one question What are the chances she ll end up in someone s bed, married again, or just plain dead Okay Two questions What the hell good is being clairvoyant if it never seems to work when she really, really wants it to Raves for Alaska Virgin Air In her debut novel, Izzy Ballard has created a heroine who not only is clairvoyant, but sassy, sexy, and warmhearted the kind of best friend we all wish we could have Alaska Virgin Air is a comic romp through a northern landscape rich with quirky characters, the adventurous culture of Bush flying, and romantic intrigue Snappy dialogue, strong characters, and plot surprises make this a compelling read for those who like their mysteries served with humor Sherry Simpson, author of The Accidental Explorer Share intrigue, adventure and romance on the last frontier with an engaging set of quirky characters that include our Alaska born, independent minded heroine, Abigail Vertuccio, her man magnet mother, her airline owning rock music roadie grandmother, revenge seeking British royalty, their spoiled man child and enough handsome charming save the day bush pilots that add the icing on this easy to devour book Alaska Virgin Air is a comic mystery told with wit and assurance at keeps you engaged to the very end Pat Walsh, co author of Catch and Release To anyone who enjoys Janet Evanovich and is fascinated by Alaska, I recommend Alaska Virgin Air Juanita Helms, former Mayor, Fairbanks, Alaska e Alaskan setting and the snapping dialog will appeal to readers Library Journal Alaska Virgin Air is a fun filled ride of humor, intrigue and romance Readers will enjoy following its clairvoyant heroine, Abigail Vertuccio, as the tries to save the family air taxi business while navigating her way through mysteries that surround her family and friends in the Last Frontier Laurel Bill, author, Aunt Phil s Trunk

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    1. 2½ stars - I rounded up because some of my feeling about this book is that I thought it was a mystery and it turned out to be chick lit. There was a small amount of mystery involved in trying to discover who might be sabotaging the family business, Alaska Virgin Air, but it was primarily about the relationships between the main character and her friends, family, and men. Overall I thought it was enjoyable, and didn't notice the troubles with the writing other reviewers have mentioned (except at [...]

    2. I am only at around page 125 of this 586-page book and am seriously considering just ending the misery there. I despise the main character (Abbey), the narrative is horrendously disorganized, there is inconsistent behavior among characters (of which there are legion!), and there, decision made. Stopping right now before I poke my own eyes out. I'm sure there are those who would enjoy this book, but I'm not one of those.

    3. I gave this book 3 stars purely because it was able to make me laugh out loud. Unfortunately, there were many flaws in this book that made it hard to follow. It is never a good thing when the reader becomes confused while reading and very bad when they do not care enough to go back and reread it to clear up said confusion. This book falls under that category. That problem combined with really stupid decisions by all the characters in this book made for an annoying read.

    4. This was a fun read with kooky characters. Abby's grandmother guilts her into coming back to Alaska and running the family airline for a bit. Abby has commitment issues probably due to her very free spirited mother. Abby and her friends all seem to be having relationship issues that are mostly cleared up by the end of the book.

    5. With a title like Alaskan Virgin Air (AVA) I wasn't expecting to read a great mystery or a book that would require me to "think" a lot. This book met my expectations and I enjoyed it. Take AVA to the beach, to the pool, or anyplace you want to relax and just read. I've heard the term "chick lit" used lately and guess this book would qualify. It made me laugh out loud, brought back memories of some of my Italian friends, and just plain entertained. In response to some of the other reviews; yes, s [...]

    6. I gave this 3 stars as I did laugh out loud about that many times. The story would be more enjoyable if it had not been so disjointed. Some of the characters were extremely immature. I also feel all the references to Sicilian's Rules was annoying and ridiculous.Though the above comments seem extremely negative, don't take it that way. These are just comments that I feel made the story a 3 star rather then a 5 star read.The storyline, if the author had focused more on Abbey and the issues with th [...]

    7. The story was entertaining and scattered with bits of humor throughout. The characters were likable, too. But there were some writing issues that just made it hard for me to stay connected. Some things werent believable, descriptions of events were vague and I had no idea what really happened, and everything was tied up with a convenient bow at the end. Also, the heroine kept commenting about how being clairvoyant was a death sentence, but the author rarely used it for any meaningful purpose. Sh [...]

    8. I'm giving this book two stars as the characters were difficult to follow at times and the storyline was just a comedy of errors. Between business takeover, smuggling and british spies in Alaska, it became too forced. There were a few times I laughed and I did manage to finish it so it, so it earned the second star.

    9. A fun book to read. The good: The charactersey made me laugh. The Bad: Too many things going on. Would've been better if the story focused just on the main character (Abbey) issues with being thrust into running her family's airline and maybe finding romancee other stuff just muddied the plotline waters. Other than thatfun book to read.

    10. This is a fun light read. However, it wasn't a book that I couldn't put down. I liked the character of Abby, but there are actions I just couldn't relate with her. Characters would appear and there were times that you weren't quite sure of the point of having them. Those are the critical points. Overall, it was an easy read, predictable, and enjoyable.

    11. Totally enjoyed this book. Usually when Alaska is a setting for a book, it's one cliche after another and I spend more time rolling my eyes than enjoying the book. This was very well done. the characters outshone ALASKA. One little critisism when was the last time you went to the Howling Dog and saw that many hunks crammed in there? LOL, I live in the 'banks.

    12. Based on the cover, I expected a light-hearted, entertaining read. It was. Though the plot is a little thin in spots, I found the characterization holds up and the sense of place is strong. I recommend it for what it is--entertainment.

    13. It is a fun, frenetic read. If you thought you were a commitment phobe, Abbey has you beat. Add in her quirky friends, her opinionated mother and all the misadventures and you have a crazy read that keeps you laughing.

    14. Cute story, great heroine, super supporting characters. I really liked that I had no idea what was going on with the "other" love interest until the end of the book, and that the heroine didn't wiffle waffle back to himSorry, I guess that was a spoiler.

    15. Light, funny, and a good, quick read. Love the zany cast of characters and zippy dialogue. the lines of Janet Evanovich and Donna Andrews. Ms. Ballard had me chuckling out loud.

    16. Really great contemporary romantic mystery. Not cozy; she puts a doozy of a sexy night in there not with the Hero, either.

    17. I love any story set in Alaska. So excited to read this one,and it was kind of a letdown. Interesting story just not very well laid out.

    18. This book was okay. Definitely mystery-lite. More romantic comedy-of-errors than anything, but not badly written.

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